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    Hugging exploit

    Ships of the line engaging smaller ships was scrubbish only during a major fleet action where there were other ships of the line to shoot at, and I'll note that those smaller ships also did not fire on the SOLs during that action. If the smaller ship became a nuisance to the larger one, you can bet your hat the SOL would engage it. Similarly if a 74 was cruising against the enemy, it would engage any enemy ship it can bring to action. There are numerous battle accounts where this was so. Bear in mind that many of the 74s, in heavier winds or seas, were capable of running down frigates and engaging them, and they did so whenever possible.
  2. Henry d'Esterre Darby


    This game is in testing and from time to time progress will be wiped. The only thing that is "safe" is your combat experience, which you still have in the form of a redeemable. There is also a redeemable for your crafting XP to date. It's not hard to get back on your feet by running a mission or two, but if you do not want your assets to be wiped you may want to wait until the game releases.
  3. Henry d'Esterre Darby

    Please Dredge Kingston/Port Royal Channel

    Here is the harbor chart. Looks like it's not possible to dredge that out. Harbors are often protected and not a straight in and out affair, this is what makes them good harbors in the first place.
  4. Henry d'Esterre Darby

    Insulting from Sayid

    All chat violations are to be reported by right clicking the offending text and hitting the "report" button. Tribunal is not a valid place for this. Reports are aggregated and chat bans are issued when enough people report someone. Thank you.
  5. Henry d'Esterre Darby

    Rare books DLC

    The Legends model has failed twice for this game. I suspect it's DOA.
  6. Henry d'Esterre Darby

    Key to sucsess

    Will there be some server run clan for this (I'll reference Eve with its various server-run corporations - some of which have very lively communities in them) or is the expectation that the player might be able/capable of forming their own clan to fulfill this requirement? I can immediately see where there will be some player pushback or despair at finding a decent clan - also a chance for nefarious players to potentially exploit newbies by leveraging this requirement.
  7. Henry d'Esterre Darby

    La Requin nerf needed

    Even if not, it is the standard practice from what I've seen to balance as needed. Should the balance go too far (I'm thinking about the Super Pershing incident with Wargaming here), the company should consider offering a refund or exchange to those that are interested. In the case of Wargaming, that refund was in the shape of in-game gold with which the player could buy another premium item or items. The refund doesn't necessarily have to be cash money. Be aware I'm a player moderator and my comments in this thread in no way represent Naval Action's developers. They're just my personal thoughts on the matter.
  8. Henry d'Esterre Darby

    La Requin nerf needed

    There is a long history of balancing premium ships (tanks, airplanes, etc) by the Wargaming franchise. Either through scarcity, or through actual changes in the product itself to make it more fair. I know the developers are looking at this, I know they didn't do it on purpose to "sell ships" (shame on you sir), and it was the community that allowed it to be the way it is when they failed to raise these issues during testing. Put away the rage, torches, and pitchrforks and provide actual data, and realistic suggestions to help these two ships fit properly into the game world (thank you to those in this thread that are doing this already).
  9. Henry d'Esterre Darby

    La Requin nerf needed

    A specialized title for your name might be fun and mimic history to some degree - Order of the Bath, Baron,, Lord, etc. That said, that's a whole different thread. Back to La Requin.
  10. Henry d'Esterre Darby

    Belize, a trap in OW, but not in battle

    Let's address the suggestion, not in game politics or who did what. Back on topic please.
  11. Henry d'Esterre Darby

    Bermuda Map

    No reason to be sorry. Mapping at the time was an art as much as a science. Perfectly and accurately mapping a landmass took a lot of effort and was often restricted to very small areas, such as harbors - there just wasn't a reason to map an entire coastline. Looking at maps from the period, you can see a huge variation in how the different islands and even Florida were depicted, with all manner of mistakes and problems. The NA map isn't meant to be a perfect representation of the NA world - it's meant to have all the charms and mistakes that would have been prevalent in a map at that time.
  12. Henry d'Esterre Darby

    Bermuda Map

    I'll bet there's no sea monster either! Literally unplayable! 🤣
  13. Henry d'Esterre Darby

    National Traits

    The issue is that no matter how well it might be attempted to be balanced, having nation specific anything can quickly (and inadvertently) create a "this nation/ship/skill combo is the fad of the minute". Then as a Developer, you spend all of your time chasing the latest OP FOTM and constantly getting bad blood with players for nerfs to their favorite combo, as well as bad blood from those that have underpowered combos. It's just not worth it IMO.
  14. Henry d'Esterre Darby

    National Traits

    Let's not. Real world political speech has no place on these forums - you have plenty of other places on the internet to do that. Thank you!
  15. Henry d'Esterre Darby

    In-game chat banned - explanations request

    Taking a thread massively off topic is also against the forum rules. Let's get back to the purpose of this thread. Off topic banter has been hidden.
  16. Henry d'Esterre Darby

    super slow ship

    Did you F11 it?
  17. Henry d'Esterre Darby

    I was wrong, sorry

    Think this has run its course. Locking per request.
  18. Henry d'Esterre Darby

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Cleaned up - let's keep it on topic for the game please.
  19. Why does this work for the US and not for Europe? Do Europeans not get to take days off, on the weekend or otherwise? This is a multiplayer game. There are many of them out there, and action happens around the clock. Just because you can not participate at a particular time doesn't mean that nobody else is allowed to participate. You've been given numerous good suggestions in this thread - recruiting players from other time zones, alliances with other nations with better population in other time zones, even defending the port when set to your own timezone in the first place. This one-sided "everyone else can do it but we can't" response baffles me.
  20. I'd still like to see a good chance of fire or some other mechanic to encourage players to use battle sails for.....wait for it.....battle. Tooling around at 14kts trading broadsides is a bit excessive. Past that, agreed on yard turn speed - feels too ponderous right now. A perfect world would have yard TS also affected by % of sailors assigned to sailing vs. total possible as well (maybe this is already in and I haven't noticed it though). Thinking on it, this has been in for a while, don't know why I didn't remember that. Watch the national flag on the after stay. When it's shadowed by the courses, you can see it flying "against" the wind - this is, I believe, another pretty good evidence of sternway.
  21. Henry d'Esterre Darby

    Connie be-all end-all

    hehe, Maturin is a great resource on the true historical properties of sailing ships, sail plans, effects of rudder on speed, etc. I've been involved with him for years on this project discussing how sailing works with the Devs.
  22. Henry d'Esterre Darby

    Refit availability and casual players

    Please don't reopen locked discussions, they're locked for a reason.
  23. Henry d'Esterre Darby

    Contract In Enemy Port

    Let's get back on topic. In short - Game Labs can not, with any reasonable reliability, detect alts. They can be legitimate accounts owned by roommates, parents/children, etc. Attempts to forcefully label or remove alts would, inevitably, catch innocent players and result in a huge mess. Discussing the effects alts have on features is ok. Alleging that GameLabs has a fiduciary interest in promoting alt usage is not. The line stands at accusing Game Labs of wrongdoing. Discuss alts and their effects on mechanics, avoid accusing GameLabs of fraud or other wrong acts.
  24. Currently, the code should not make it possible for you to, for example, encounter a Rattlesnake in a first level solo mission. Since ranks are different for each nation, it may be possible that you are choosing a mission of a higher rank than you are expecting. When choosing a mission, know the rate of the ship you are sailing right now (e.g. a cutter is a 7th rate ship). As you are looking at the mission, pay attention to the recommended rate for that mission - if you're in a cutter, you want a mission that says to bring a 7th Rate. If you're absolutely sure that you chose the correct rank of mission, that it was a solo mission and not a fleet mission, and you're still seeing a rattlesnake or multiple, higher ranked ships, please press F11 and provide as much detail as possible. I have personally sailed a large number of Midshipman Missions for 7th rates and have never seen an enemy ship other than a single cutter, or a single privateer.
  25. Many of you have left feedback in the other thread. There were a number of replies from Admin on that thread that I believe need to be read first before further feedback is given. Please read Admin's responses to the original thread below, understand them, think about it for a moment, and then provide good feedback on the event based on the newly received information about these events. Here is the problem with your post. The event ran as we thought it would - with only one exception.. People did not pvp we witnessed groups of varied nations sailing near each ignoring each other. People should have attacked players sailing away from the wreck spot. There were bright spots. Player Coraline Vodka (usa) captured a player LGV with 6 chests instead of rushing looking for her own chest. That was the intended behavior if you did not get anything. Someone got to the wreck first? No problem - take the chest away from him. Someone got there faster because he got the clue earlier. We set chest life for 3 hours to allow at least several battles for this chest. Instead everyone who was sailing to the wreck let everyone sailing from there away and thus missed the chance to a) pvp get the potential for awesome loot. 15 men on the deadman's chest.. That's the event. You have to fight for it! One out of 15 will get it. But everyone has the chance. Coraline Vodka did not get any from the wreck and took 6 from the player. (our chance is higher even. 1000 online 256 chests) Also the event is random. we don't choose the location. next time it can spawn right between cuba and hispaniola or near Barbados. In fact we dont know the location until 4 hours before the event. Its to avoid leaks. ps. sorry pve server. your time will come you will get NPC fleets to sink too. In your case - first one to get there will get the chest. But we have some ideas on how to make it a bit more interesting. so knowing now that chests are limited. will attack players who got there first? to take their loot away? yet it dropped every 10 mins on ALL SERVERS and was constantly linked to chat telling that something might happen before before 4.10 pm. (Everyone who read any detective books could figure out that if a fleet would arrive at 4pm you HAVE to start searching for it BEFORE it arrives). 4 hours before - gulf was given as a final clue on forum and was linked by many players (i personally seen it linked at least 4-5 times only in pirate chat). Every kid who could draw lines could figure out general location of the potential spot if he could just draw lines from all the towns given in the weather report. _________________________ We would like to be clear - no clues outside of the game will happen. I posted the weather report today only because we wanted everyone to have at least some chance + we wanted to give a very very clear clue. Notes started dropping 2 days before the event. Everyone who logged in after patch definitely know something will happen on Saturday. we are too busy developing, lost track on whats going on in the game industry. Other developers are sending couriers into player houses now and kindly invite them to play the game to find out whats going on with cakes and orchestras??? also. Dont dissapoint us! Thats an order We wanted to code future letters (with simple ciphers). We make the game for intelligent human beings. Future clues will be 2-10x time harder. Time and location is random. It can happen any time between 1 hr after maintenance and 4 hours before maintenance (to deliver a deadman's chest) It definitely can spawn in american prime time or late NZ/Aus primetime too.