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  1. Forged papers testimonials/reviews

    "I'm a lumberjack, and I'm okay. I sleep all night and I work all day...." "Damn - wrong forged papers!"
  2. Didn't get victory mark

    What are the rules now for getting a VM? I have been away. Cheers
  3. Call clans "squadrons"

    cool makes 4 of us then
  4. Call clans "squadrons"

    Not sure if you are supporting the idea or rejecting it? That's not a criticism - I just don't know what you mean, so please explain for the thickos like me
  5. Why did players leave?

    Like you, I have been around since Sea Trials and have a similar number of hours.....isn't it a shame that players who have provided such long term commitment and support to the game's development have been made to feel excluded from the game they helped (albeit on a small scale) create? @admin and the rest of the devs....although you want, rightly, to make the game that you want to play.....don't forget you are not the only players. This is not a complaint about the sailing model (I'm up for the new model) or whether the mark system makes sense or not (I don't think it does)..... it is a plea for more content (adding new ships is not the content I mean), for more players, to allow more playing styles. You lose so much by not encouraging the solo player and by forcing everyone into a single style of play (be in a clan and make sure that all you do is aimed at PBs or don't bother playing the game). Isn't it a shame that players, who have given years to the game, are considered unworthy of consideration by the devs? Isn't it a shame that feedback and advice is ignored (at best) or rejected out of hand? Isn't it a shame that loyal customers are treated as nuisances rather than partners? Isn't it a shame that a great game has failed to be delivered despite the ten's of thousands of man hours of development and testing by the devs and the players? Look in the mirror devs and think hard about what you are doing to (y)our game.....are you totally innocent in all this? Are you? Really?
  6. Yet another kick in the teeth for solo players.....you guys really really don't want solo players do you? You only want players who are in the right cliques. The only way to be successful in the game is to kiss the arse of a few elite players who run clans for their own benefit and get the devs to do what they want. This is no sandbox game. Noobs be warned - if you don't want to slavishly follow orders and want to do anything else than exactly what you are told then be prepared for a game that has really lost its way. If you are prepared to be a drone and not do anything without getting permission then go ahead and waste your money. And before the fanbois shout.....I am a very experienced player with many thousands of hours in the game. Nor is this anything to do with the server merge. THE GAME USED TO BE FUN WHETHER A SOLO PLAYER OR A CLAN PLAYER BUT THOSE DAYS ARE NOW LONG GONE. And that's the saddest thing......the game is no longer enjoyable for a huge group of players.....a great game has been lost.
  7. Forthcoming patch 14 Part 3

    Aye.....always be afeared of getting caught on a lee shore......<shudder> Jack Aubrey is always going on about that
  8. Important: Server status announcement

    so.......when does this all happen? Sorry not going to trawl through 12 pages.
  9. My Christmas-wishlist for Naval Action

    Allow clans to "hire" up to a certain amount (e.g. 5) of players from different nations outside of the clan and invite them to battle groups, and join their Port Battles. In other words, they can be from any other clan or none or any nation.
  10. How to make players come back?

  11. How to make players come back?

    Oh dear I find myself agreeing with Christendom. Things must be bad for that to happen but he speaks truth. "Happy PVE players make happy PVP players. It's all about that casual content "
  12. How to make players come back?

    Agreed - and make various play styles possible - not everyone wants to be in a clan for starters
  13. Hostility is a failed mechanic

    "Out of the mouths of babes" Seriously, the game needs more players and you wont get more players without allowing for many more play styles (not everyone wants to be a part of a clan). You need to cater for the independent minded players just as much as for the players that like clans. Neither type of player is better than the other - both should be valued.
  14. Hostility is a failed mechanic

    Funny you mention that - I have been thinking something similar (in my case 3-3.5K hrs since just after Sea Trials) related to PBs etc. Back in the days of flags I, as a single player not in a clan, could feel part of and contribute to my nation's success. I could contribute towards the flag, I could escort the flag, I could screen, I could join the PB. I could feel part of a community enterprise without having to be in a clan (and feel constrained by that); I could contribute as much or as little as my time allowed and yet still feel part of the nation. Later, when hostility could be generated or mitigated by OW missions or PVP, I could still contribute and feel involved as single player. I could generate hostility, I could counter it, albeit in both cases on a small scale but I was helping my nation. I could join the screeners and be welcomed. I could even join the PB itself until certain people got all elitest and and hogged all the PBs to themselves. i could do all these things, be part of the nation and yet still be independent. I felt valued as a single player, I felt I had a place in the game. I was able to experience all aspects of the game, within my time constraints. And now...... you are FORCED to be part of a clan (and the right clan) to experience a PB. I dont like to be FORCED to do anything by anyone (I have never liked being bullied). NOW there is nothing in game (related to being part of a national effort) for the single 'unclanned' player. It matters not a jot to me if a clan wins or loses a PB because it is a clan matter and not a national matter anymore. I know many will disagree with me but clans should not be the only content in the game. The game needs single players and needs them to be able to take part in as much or as little as they want or able without FORCING a single play style (clans) on them. Clans should be 'optional' not 'compulsory'. Make room for the single player. Make the nations be nations again. Stop PBs being a clan only affair. Make hostility generation or flag creation (or whatever) a national affair again but where the independent player can contribute to a community goal without being forced to be part of a 'special club'.
  15. Hotfix for patch 13. Le Gros Ventre Refit + Swivels!!!

    Being stupid or not paying attention here.....what are you doing differently now to what you would have done before? I am a bear of little brain so spell it out for me please