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  1. NavalActionPlayer

    Things Which Are Bad Luck

    Changing the name of a vessel after she has been launched. Getting married. Watching your wife give birth. Killing an albatross. Looking back and waving to your family as you leave home to go to war. Only one of those I really believe in.
  2. NavalActionPlayer


    @admin Concerns: Solo players are not welcomed - no opportunities for them, no roles or 'career paths', forced into clans even if they don't want to join No RVR - before everything was driven through clans (and before the great wipe) RVR flourished, players felt part of their nations and there were national efforts; that sense of national belonging is dead now. Either reduce the role of clans or remove nations from the game. Make this a clan based game or make it a nation based game - what we have now is both and neither.....so 'falls between two stools'.
  3. NavalActionPlayer

    Perk Reset Permit

    It should be rank dependent.....as it stands new players are penalised.
  4. NavalActionPlayer

    No More Contracts!!!!!!! Make Trading Great Again!

    Timber coming from plantations? You mean like how it used to be, when smuggling and trading and crafting were part of the game? When RVR meant something? When players could feel part of a nation and make a contribution, large or small? You must be smoking some funny baccy my friend
  5. Context: I speak from 3 long years experience since the end of the Sea Trials. I (and many others) have raised many times across the development life cycle the need for there to be 'content' for traders, crafters and non clan players just as much as for the PVPers and RVRers. Yet, here we are with young Jim T and others raising exactly the same concerns. "The proof of the pudding is in the eating."
  6. A belated welcome to the game Jim! Your views and feedback are reasonable, sane and sensible. Alas, you are not the first to make the points you make, particularly regarding trading and crafting not feeling like valued careers.....nor about the shrinking player base. Sadly, the devs have made plain by their actions, over several years, the game is being optimised for clan based players (only) fighting port battles (mainly) with some PVP (either in support of a PB or conducted by a few 'ace' PVPers who do little else than that but have some influence with the devs). Solo (non clan) players, traders and crafters are (at best) tolerated but devs make no investment in those areas.
  7. NavalActionPlayer

    A way to include new players in rvr..

    You are right of course. These sorts of ideas have been talked about over the years and even sort of used to happen way back when....but Devs have moved in a different direction....maybe they will change direction again.
  8. NavalActionPlayer

    Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    Ship Battle Rating Santisima 605 L'Ocean 580 Victory 515 Bucentaure 450 St. Pavel 395 Bellona 365 3rd Rate 355 Wasa 305 Agamemnon 300 Constitution 290 Wapen von Hamburg 285 Ingermanland 275 Indefatigable 250 Endymion 235 Trincomalee 230 Essex 200 L'Hermione 190 Belle Poule 185 Pirate Frigate 180 Frigate 175 Surprise 155 Renommee 150 Cerberus 140 Mortar Brig 80 Niagara 80 Mercury 80 Rattlesnake Heavy 80 Prince de Neufchatel 80 Snow 80
  9. NavalActionPlayer

    Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    But you cant redeem forged papers for later use - you can only use them there and then (I refer to the ones we currently have as 'redeemables' not the DLC)..
  10. NavalActionPlayer

    Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    But you cant redeem forged papers for later use - you can only use them there and then.
  11. NavalActionPlayer

    Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    Yes, every 30 days
  12. NavalActionPlayer

    Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    Thank you for the quick response. Incidentally, it is not showing on Steam in the UK yet. As at 09.59 GMT.
  13. NavalActionPlayer

    Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    So...is this DLC a one time purchase that one can use as many times as one likes (subject to the 30 day cool down) or does one have to purchase it each and every time?
  14. NavalActionPlayer

    A different look at Upgrading and Stacking Ones Ship...

    I like the concept. I think the order of precedence make sense in many ways.....the best (skilled) captain can drive his ship better than a poor (unskilled) captain but the major influence on ship performance (speed/turning/strength etc) is how well it is designed/built and out of what materials. Maybe swap officer perks and skill slots. A captain with a lot of sea time on a particular ship should be a bit more effective than a captain sailing it for the first time, even if the latter is a good captain. That would sort of address Maturin's point. In any case, I like the idea and commend it to the Devs.
  15. NavalActionPlayer

    Unequal battles