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  1. Yeah, still waiting for that one... should only be visible in battle tho, just like names.
  2. Mate people have even been banned for giving the game a negative review... I know I am so very important to you that you really want to know my IGN but it just won't happen, baby. What now? I can't make any sense of this You should really compare the quality of content in your posts and mine. I'm trying to reason with you and all you give me is gibberish about forum warriors and ingame names...
  3. Except for it is? If you make people lose marines with their ship, you will increase fear of losing in people and drive them to avoid combat / defeat more than they would otherwise. There is even hard evidence to prove my argument is very valid, since we had officer lives ( almost the same ) and it was removed for the very same reason. There is a claim, reason and evidence. It is a reasonable argument. Sorry but wrong again, it does and very much so. coward [kou-erd] noun 1. a person who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition,pain, etc.; a timi
  4. 20 ships sailing by a fort without anyone noticing? Somebody will hang for that...
  5. Sorry, don't know this episode but +1 because it's a meme
  6. I meant when you are in fir ship and want to fight 2-3 enemies that probably run some heavier wood. Pretty hard to fight outnumbered when sailing a fir boat... assuming the enemy players have some basic skill... Yeah, but this isn't what I meant... I mean people that don't take fights even tho they have good chances to win and only sail fir boats so they can avoid any battles that could have been balanced and not a complete gank. It's perfectly fine and obviously logical to avoid a fight that would put you at a heavy disadvantage... sailing a paper rocket boat to avoid any fight that y
  7. Care to elaborate? You should be able to point it out then, right? You obviously have forgotten GL policy on bans. I haven't. Also we are all "hiding behind a name" - surprise dweebenheimer, it's the internet. Is your real name Grundgemunkey? What would you do if you knew my ingame names? Put a bounty on me? You think I'd give a shit what people think about me in a video game? Can you give an example of such a post? Because I'd really like to see one.
  8. Yeah, very fair point and maybe the only exception but then again why would you stoop down to their level and play their coward game? Can you fight 2-3 enemies in a fir ship if you meet them and have even a slight chance to win? Because I don't.... By choosing fir to chase cowards you lose your ability to fight real PvP players in PvP ships.
  9. I treat people how they deserve to be treated. You will find, that I respect people actually being able of having a sound and reasonable argumentation as well as actually contributing to a conversation / discussion but others.... well not so much. I guess it is a very basic human trait? Also take this thread for example. I said people already play like cowards in NA ( a mere fact ) and there is no reason to push it even further. Then this other dude felt addressed and acts like the average NA player doesn't play like a chicken, getting all offended... like what the F? Are we playing the s
  10. Every time I read "forum warrior" it sounds to me like people have no real arguments, know that I am right but hate it... also I have already been granted this title by someone else ( can't remember who it was ) but points for trying
  11. Yes, that's what I am saying. I didn't say I am better than him or anything ( bragging about being good at a video game is only for virgins with small dicks ). All I said was that this marine idea is useless, since it will make people even more scared to take fights when they lose their marines with the ship and that only cowards and gankers sail fir/fir ships. Hard to disagree, if you know the game mechanics and playerbase I guess? Then the dude got all triggered asking about my ingame name even tho it has NOTHING to do with what I said so I was simply mocking him about it. Pre
  12. Been sailing any fir ships lately or why so butthurt?
  13. Yeah, so true. Should just give you the reward automatically after maintenance.
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