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  1. Landsman

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Yeah, still waiting for that one... should only be visible in battle tho, just like names.
  2. Landsman

    Mortar Brigs Overhaul

    Ok, thanks. Good to know. Have you come up with a perfect MB build yet? Yeah, sounds pretty annoying...
  3. Landsman

    Mortar Brigs Overhaul

    Mortars on 3rd rate seem like a good way to give the ship a place in game compared to Bellona. Right now I don't see why someone would build a 3rd over a Bellona. Do you know this for a fact or just feeling? Also do you think it is viable to stack gunnery encyclopedia and means of directing fire to have the buff twice?
  4. Landsman

    Mortar Brigs Overhaul

    Do you mean less heel?
  5. Landsman

    Mortar Brigs Overhaul

    @admin I'd also like to see Mortar Brig taking more skill to use / master with some better aiming mechanic... also do any upgrades other than mortar officer perk, mortar handbook and reload buffs improve the mortars? Nobody seems to know this 100%...
  6. Landsman

    Solo hunting is dead

    I and many others already suggested this many times but the carebears can't handle it, so the devs said no.... but I'd like to see the number of nations with safezones reduced at least ( still not going to happen, I know... ).
  7. Landsman

    Alts in enemy nation

    Yeah, can't imagine how many potential new players this one cost the game... don't think any of them would look back and I can't blame them.
  8. Landsman

    Alts in enemy nation

    Pretty much this and you can't blame them... who doesn't like some extra cash? The problem is when they promote buying alt accounts. I'd rather they get their money from ship and paint DLCs etc. ...
  9. Landsman

    NPC generated tax/income

    Yeah, we definitely need more a clan can do with their ports, especially to increase port income. Also I think the timer cost should scale with the amount of ports the nation owns. I like the new timer cost to counter zerging and just taking ports for the sake of owning it, instead of choosing the ports you want / need but it seems to hurt smaller clans / nations too much.
  10. Landsman

    Marines gray to gold.

    Mate people have even been banned for giving the game a negative review... I know I am so very important to you that you really want to know my IGN but it just won't happen, baby. What now? I can't make any sense of this You should really compare the quality of content in your posts and mine. I'm trying to reason with you and all you give me is gibberish about forum warriors and ingame names...
  11. Landsman

    NPC generated tax/income

    One of the best ideas lately. This would be the first step to some meaningful PvE content with more chances for PvP. Clans should get some combat news type information about AI ships that boost their port income getting sunk. @admin Could this be implemented after UI, tutorial etc. ?
  12. Landsman

    Marines gray to gold.

    Except for it is? If you make people lose marines with their ship, you will increase fear of losing in people and drive them to avoid combat / defeat more than they would otherwise. There is even hard evidence to prove my argument is very valid, since we had officer lives ( almost the same ) and it was removed for the very same reason. There is a claim, reason and evidence. It is a reasonable argument. Sorry but wrong again, it does and very much so. coward [kou-erd] noun 1. a person who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition,pain, etc.; a timid or easily intimidated person. Almost sounds like you don't like me </3 But why would I give a crap? Well, people keep quoting me and I simply answer. I would deem it polite?
  13. Landsman

    Spotting From Land

    20 ships sailing by a fort without anyone noticing? Somebody will hang for that...
  14. It's a greedy price for what you get but it really isn't a unusual price tag for it... seen games where you pay that for a faction / name / anything change every time. As long as the cash flows into the development of NA ( can only hope but never know ) it's a very fair price. I bought one even tho I don't really need it, just to support the devs...
  15. Landsman

    50 ships

    This would be really nice...