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Found 11 results

  1. I would like to see the addition of areas that only allow the smallest / least powerful ships in the game ( Lynx, Trader Lynx, Cutter, Traders Cutter, Gun Boat, Yacht, Rookie Brig, Traders Brig, Mortar Brig, Privateer and Pickle ) to be sailed there to prevent them from becoming completely obsolete with the implementation of the new damage model and to give new players a place where they can practice PvP and RvR with fairly well balanced / equally powerful ( or rather weak ) and cheap ships. The ships in the list ( except for traders and mortar brig ) are barely used at all currently and with the new damage model it will only get worse... so much worse that it will become questionable why these ships even exist in the game. Those ships could be easily balanced around each other and the meme gun boat could serve the role of a tagger. How could these regions be implemented? Adding another "very shallow" depth tier would be the best way to go about it and the realistic explanation for it would be that those ships have less guns and thus less weight, sitting higher in the water, on top of being the smallest shallow ships to begin with. Rivers and lakes like Guacata would be ideal for such regions.
  2. I hunt all over the map and get most of my pvp out at sea. I try to avoid reinforcement Zone. However I have fought there if I can fight a suitable target to gank quiclkly and escape. But I think @admin should remove it. Remove the reinforcement zone and replace it with Capital zone. Make it less profitable and have gaps in it. Noobs and pve players can play with a small risk and lower profits and we have no crappy reinforcement zone because we can't attack anyone in this zone at all.
  3. Since we're considering new DLC's, I think the one which would give new players gunnery encyclopedia and ship handling books for some additional payment would be really useful. It would limit the gap between new and old players a bit. In the same time it wouldn't be "pay 2 win", since you can get those books through in-game actions. 5 ring book is less critical. Two mentioned above, especially ship handling, really make a difference in PvP.
  4. New players of course see and hear about the upcoming pb's and want to join. Well of course if they aren't an RA, can't sail a 1st rate, haven't been seen around, aren't a member of a friendly clan, didn't marry Hachi's sister, forgot to install ts, whatever (not picking on you Hachi) Of course they don't get to take part. The response comes back, oh you can screen, or get a clan and go flip a port... Well screening is important, though often it can be a real drag waiting... and offers no reward How do we get the new players 'involved' I imagine for many its a let down to realize you might be able to join in a few weeks once you level up and gain experience etc etc... How about screening slots for PB's, you enter the area (perhaps a circle same size as the reinf zone) a popup comes up asking if you wish to join the screening fleet. So long as you stay in the area (for at least half of the duration of the PB window) or get sunk, you get an 'honorable' mention in the Gazette or whatever. If a player gets on that list 5 times for the week, they get a reward perhaps a VM or PVP marks at the end of it. Now to make it a little more interesting an option could be to count the screening battle seperately from the PB. Example GB attacks a DK Port, GB loses the port battle BUT the GB screeners sink more BR than DK did in the screening battle. The GB screeners are rewarded but the DK screeners are not. Only challenge is how to handle players from other nations joining the fight... I see this potentially generating more pvp. Just ideas...
  5. TL:DR- Just read the numbered bits you lazy buggers @Banished Privateer Just gonna chuck this out there. I think the 3 combat mission limit isn't great for the game. Admittedly its broken in regards to hostility missions not being separate from combat missions but the current capital gank fest is silly. I feel sorry for any new player who ventures out in there brand new herc just to get smashed by camping "vets" looking for "fair" fights. The mission cancelling needs proper explanation for new players. The game really needs a hard look at what it wants to do with the New player/Capital area problem. I think the safe zone is good but badly implemented with to much attempt at pleasing both sides (new players- hardcore pvpers) and trying to strike a balance between the two is potentially impossible. My suggestion would be to force PVP away from capitals completely by increasing OW risk vs reward allowing the capital areas to be locked down correctly as they should be for new players. The problems that need addressing: 1:AI fleets tagged in capital zone create open battles but missions in zone don't. That's just confusing for new players and is causing many a seal to lose there shit as its not explained. 2:Missions for new guys (people with less than 50hours gameplay) can spawn outside the zone. Again new guys don't no what the "zone" is and that there about to get jumped by "vet" pvpers. 3:Capital missions provide the same rewards as missions anywhere else. Causes people to just work from caps which is shit. More risk more reward needs to be implemented drastically. 4:High level players still get the same rewards for kills at capital zones as they do anywhere else. (controversial comment I know) 5: RVR is lacking (we all know that and I wont touch on that) My suggestions/ ideas (open for discussion): 1: Any battle in the zone VS AI should close immediately. None of this confusing meta that looks terrible and illogical for a new player. Lock the zone down. 2: New players IE players that haven't completed the tutorial or passed arbitrary play time say 50hours only get missions inside the zone. They can still leave the zone and tag AI like normal and get killed by "vets" to there hearts content. 3:Capital missions and OW fleets inside the zones rewards should be massively reduced and I mean massively. It should be 2x-4x more money and XP for missioning from port outside the zone and loot should be better also. Force the players to move on by making it slow and painful to level in a capital. This could be done hard like mentioned prior or soft. Soft being once a certain rank is reached the reward reduction takes place thus allowing the new players a bit of monetary income until a certain point. 4: For those pvpers that go and sit in the zone waiting to be tagged the pvp rewards for both parties should be reduced. Kill the rewards force people out of the cap zones. 5: Fix RVR and PVP will shift again. See other suggestions for this Now all of this comes from a player who levelled up without safe zones and without doing missions (because they were shit). I see the benefit of the zone for new players. It gives them time to build. To get immersed and to dream of where to take themselves in the game. It is necessary for new player retention and it should be a area that captivates players. It should however not be a place for players to hide after a certain point, the balance needs to be struck. PS The tutorial is a bloody good start and has done wonders for new players and is genuinely impressive what it can do for a new player. We had a new guy join us last week and he's rocketing up through the ranks and really enjoying the game partly due to the fact we forced him to leave MT and because the tutorial was a challenge for him.
  6. If you wish your proposal to be added, please list it below. Discussion on actual proposals can happen within their individual posts.
  7. Might I propose the following decree: The regions on the coastline from Calcasieu to Concepción shall be deemed new player area. Within the new player area it shall not be allowed to attack any other player ship. As an exception to 1.1, the Region of Yucatan, plus the Counties of Belize and Comayaqua shall be deemed RvR and PvP training area for Spanish and English captains alike. Within this area only Spanish and English captains can capture ports or attack one-another's ships. This area shall not play any part in the Conquest Competition, regardless of ownership. Any kills shall not count towards PvP Leaderboards. Calcasieu to Concepción shall be deemed eternal Free Ports. New players can only choose Spain or Great Britain as their starting Nation. New players are extended Forged Papers plus a one-time redeemable Mercury (of TBD quality) on reaching 4th rank. To properly set expectations of new players it shall be communicated that we live an alternate history in which both mighty Spain and England have been pushed back west. As the years tick towards the end of the 18th century other nations and pirates have taken hold of the Caribbean. If these nations wish to regain their former glory then they need to build up strength and prepare to strike east. If any captain sees faults in this decree, then speak now or forever remain silent. Otherwise I'll petition the powers that be to make it so. Kontreadmiral Skully, First Envoy of the Free Empire === edit === - Added the Mercury redeemable to rank 4
  8. @admin I suggest bringing Ship durabilities back, but somewhat modified. Since there are 3 types of Port Battles i suggest the following: Unranked, 7th and 6th rate ships: 3 Ship Durability 5th and 4th rate ships. 2 Ship Durability 2nd and 1st rate ships: 1 Ship Durability That way, on lower levels, the loss of a ship is not quite as harsh and unforgiving. It would be more forgiving to new players, and keep them in the game longer. Also, i might suggest the loss of a percentage of the cannons, disabled during battle, say 25-30% of the cannons (barrels get damaged, carriages get shot to splinters).
  9. RCB recruited three new players last weekend, one a returning player the other two are brand new accounts. Mostly going to be doing PvE until they get the hang of things and level up a bit. To help us keep these players interested in the game, can you please consider letting us attack OW fleets together. As it stands on the PvE server, only one player at a time can take on an AI fleet unless the BR is stupidly stacked in the AI's favour. Training new guys up takes a lot of effort and it would be better for PvE clans if we could attack NPC fleets in groups. Missions are fine and all that, but some of the locations are just such a waste of time. A lot of our players have left since the group cant attack AI fleets, so how about it? It used to be a lot of fun, so can we have it back?
  10. I think we should use low level notes at all levels of crafting. At high levels of crafting, all notes should be used. low level ships require low grade mid level ships require mid grade and low grade high level ships require high grade mid grade and low grade for example, upgrade could use 1 high note, 2 mid notes, and 3 low notes. a santisima could use 4 high notes, 3 mid notes, and 2 low notes. I think it would be a great way to give new players a meaningful way to earn money and contribute to the economy in a meaningful way. This could help a lot of people get over the initial economic hump, help them break into crafting, and encourage player retention.
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