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  1. NavalActionPlayer

    Basic Cutter Problem

  2. NavalActionPlayer

    Basic Cutter Problem

    Disagree on use of BCs being restricted to low rank players. Many I time I have needed (as a R Adm) to sail somewhere to open an outpost or collect a ship or whatever. Also, one's rank does not guarantee that one has a stash of Reals/Doubloons so there is always the possibility that the only ship one can get and use is a BC so you could end up with players being stuck somewhere with no way to do anything including fishing! Sure, look at the ROE for the BC in terms of tagging/being tagged etc but don't forget that the BC is the ultimate backstop in the event of losing everything - no matter your rank.
  3. I remember in the olden days that 'enemy' AI did tag and attack players. It was always scary to see ANY sail on the horizon whether player OR NPC that was not of your own nation. One had to take some circuitous routes as a trader to avoid the AI :). The upside was more combat even if 'PVE'. The downside was more combat! On balance I enjoyed having the challenge of dealing with the AI. Others had a different view, in particular that it caused delay on voyages and that, in many cases, it was easy to run away from the AI. Personally I'd bring it back. In the current patch I kind of like that the AI tends to sail closer to home, meaning we have to go out to find them. Others have pointed out that a better mix of ships in a fleet is needed wherever they are sailing. It's just plan wrong to see a bunch 1st rates sailing together without at lease some frigates escorting. Stop the sailing through land e.g. Bensalem. That's been a problem for years and years! Escorted AI traders are needed. Stop the 'cheats' for the AI or at least make them more 'reasonable'.
  4. @admin Please clarify on the following (I cant seem to find an answer already in this thread) re: books and blue prints: 1. Books - knowledge you have already from books you have 'read'/'used' is retained? Think the answer is yes. 2. Books - you have stored in your warehouse/ship hold etc but not read/used - what happens to them? Are they retained in storage or wiped or something else? 3. Blue prints - if you already 'know' a blue print e.g. British Gunnery Sergeant, will you retain that knowledge post wipe or will it be deleted and the blue print will have to be purchased/found again? 4. Blue prints - as with books, if you have a blue print stored but not read/used, what happens to them? Retained? Wiped? Or something else? Thanks
  5. Clarification on Books please: Will be books retained only if 'used'? In other words, what happens to 'unused' books in holds or warehouses?
  6. NavalActionPlayer

    Operations: Welcome to the Caribbean - suggestions

    You have started to identify a problem statement - 'new players do not have sufficient information to play the game'. So let's fix that. Most of the proposed 'solution' from admin does not address that basic issue. In fact forcing new players through hoops without the resources for them to learn 'how to go through the hoops' is pointless and does not address the root cause (new players lack of knowledge of how to play the game).
  7. NavalActionPlayer

    Operations: Welcome to the Caribbean - suggestions

    @admin What is the point of all this, except to make things even more difficult for players? What is the malfunction you are trying to fix because I just don't see what the problem is that needs this draconian 'solution'? In other words - state in plain English what the problem is and then let's debate if it is actually a problem before diving into complicated 'solutions'. On what you have said so far: What if I don't want an outpost in a Freetown? What if I don't want to join a clan (and why does it have to be on the leaderboard - that just means the big clans will get bigger and the small clans get fecked)? What if I am already in clan but it is not on the leaderboard? What if I just want to sail and fight and not build stuff or trade? What if I only want to trade? Why oh fecking why do you insist on forcing players to do things your way? Why cant you let players play their way?
  8. NavalActionPlayer

    Ports do not drop anything anymore

    What nationality are the traders delivering (apparently) C Tar to Cartegna? Also, where the heck is the stuff coming from if not Cartegna itself? It would be helpful to know the starting point of these traders!
  9. Stupid question - Is gunpowder a 'thing' now in game? Is it used to produce some sort of consumable or resource for ship building? I see there is a blueprint for producing gunpowder (not the special ones) and mines/caves for saltpetre (not the special ones) and sulphur are shown as buildings now....and needed to produce gunpowder.
  10. NavalActionPlayer

    Patch 27 - New Economy feedback.

    Compensation for the wiped buildings: Is this in reals or doubloons? How was the rate calculated? Has the compensation been made in the form of a redeemable or direct into the wallet? Reason for asking is that the only compensation I can definitely see is a redeemable for 6kDblns which I think is for a shipyard...I don't know where the compensations is for every other building.
  11. NavalActionPlayer

    Patch 27 - New Economy feedback.

    Ummmm….does it really cost 10 Dblns to move oneself to an outpost (I mean 'me' not one of my ships)?
  12. NavalActionPlayer

    Patch 27 - New Economy feedback.

    It may be coincidence but I got 6k as an untimed redeemable - I assumed that was for my shipyard. But if you only got 5k then there's something screwy with the conversions.
  13. NavalActionPlayer

    Patch 27 - New Economy feedback.

    Ditto Edit: Unless I am mistaken the Doubloons go into the port warehouse NOT the Captain's Money Chest. Seems counter-intuitive.…..and why have two different places to keep doubloons? Also Reals don't show in the Money Chest or Warehouse. I 'think' they are shown under your rank in the top right of the port screen. No idea how one uses them...do they need to go into the money chest or warehouse to use? @devs - I think you need to explain more clearly a) what players need to do to 'use' reals and doubloons and b) confirm when are the conversions/compensations etc have been issued to people
  14. NavalActionPlayer

    Things Which Are Bad Luck

    Changing the name of a vessel after she has been launched. Getting married. Watching your wife give birth. Killing an albatross. Looking back and waving to your family as you leave home to go to war. Only one of those I really believe in.
  15. NavalActionPlayer


    @admin Concerns: Solo players are not welcomed - no opportunities for them, no roles or 'career paths', forced into clans even if they don't want to join No RVR - before everything was driven through clans (and before the great wipe) RVR flourished, players felt part of their nations and there were national efforts; that sense of national belonging is dead now. Either reduce the role of clans or remove nations from the game. Make this a clan based game or make it a nation based game - what we have now is both and neither.....so 'falls between two stools'.