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Update Patch 27 - Port Interface, New missions, Streamlined economy, Insurance, New currencies.:


Alternatively use the sheet as explained here.


This game is no different than other games with moving and shooting pixels: Speed is life. I set out to document each ship's speed characteristics in detail in order to enable you players to make the most out of your given fighting vessel.

Ships can have wildly varying speeds all depending on wood type and upgrades. The ships in this thread are made of oak or teak with no upgrades that affect speed, that means they represent the base speeds, with guns, of the ships we have in game.

Things will change to most, if not all, ships still, so this is a work in progress. Not all ships are in yet but that will happen.

The comparisons linked under each section are dynamically updated and you can highlight an individual profile by clicking on an item in the right hand list.

If you wish to discuss the topic of speeds, it's best we continue the discussion here

Thanks to:

maturin for his work to make the speeds what they are today, balticsailor for his ships and work on some profiles and manuva, generaljake and Schutzengel for ships. Give it up for Game Labs who have made this ridiculously good game and made it available to us!


Small ships






Comparison of small ships.

Medium ships










Comparison of medium ships.





Le Gros Ventre:







Belle Poule






Comparison of frigates.

Ships of the Line (SOL)








Comparison of SOLs.

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Very cool information.  Is it me or are some of these (the big rigs) a bit buffed up in terms of their actual historical speeds.

The big rigs? Did you mean to say brig rigs?


Because the smaller vessels have their speeds buffed pretty much across the board. It's the SoLs that are robbed (Santissima excluded), at least so far as top speeds go.

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Yep, and I'm so sorry. Cerb was not prioritized in the mad pre-wipe rush. And now I'm struggling to keep abreast of xp grind and the utterly horrible, horrible fight for resources the eco dudes loves so much.

Not gonna promise anything yet, I'm not out of the hole yet. But cerb and Niagara are eating at my conscience.

All I want is to fight other players and, seriously, maintain up to date speed profiles. But since the only way to get the good stuff is through crafting yourself and the only viable way of collecting xp is bullying bots I've taken on both these grinds simultaneously. Far too much for a fun loving guy like me.

It will get better, just bear with me as I suffer my way through the eco dudes' hell of time (and gold) consuming boredom they call heaven.

I will allow you to pull the cat out of the bag on me, maturin, it would only be just...

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I have been plotting some of these in polar coordinates in my spare time in the hope of creating a useful tool for players.  If you would like, I can complete the ships and update whenever you post new numbers.  Low resolution samples below:







Well, at least since the devs changed ship polars the shapes have changed from what they used to be.

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True maturin.

But shoklar's thing could be a more intuitive presentation of a ship's performance as an alternative to the oldschool X/Y graphs. It reminds me of the flight manual performance envelopes made for almost all military and civilian aircraft, I think it's cool.


Also, later on we might be able to make an overlay presentation of these, where you can look at several profiles superimposed over eachother. Then you will be able to quickly see the cerb thing from your post above.

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