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  1. They all look nice but i'm loving the Black Chequer
  2. Leviathan


  3. Sorry to disappoint mate but TDA is alive and doing fine so you can stop with the blatant lying. It makes you look petty.
  4. Same here Chustler. I can't remember that last time I was in a PvE instance unless it was to cap a trader to move a ship. I only speak for TDA but I'm really tired of these delusions from people that have been here a handful of months. "You can use your illusion - Let it take you where it may..."
  5. Leviathan PvP 1 Master of Disaster - Ability to load double shot and double charge (once) for massive short range damage. Also a chance for cannon failure and loss. Let em fly! - Quickly let the sheets fly for maximum deceleration. Penalty to reset the sails to get moving again. Windcatcher - Mastery of the sails increases open world and instance speed Take Cover! - Crew drops to the decks on command and reduces crew loss from ball and grape for a period of time. Eagle eye - Reduced size of aiming arcs to allow for more focused fire Taskmaster - "inspires" the crew to decrease the reload for one round.
  6. He was meaning Central standard time. I logged on roughly around this time and the population was hovering around 200.
  7. So what about the frame spacing and structural superiority of the Constitution versus the Ingermanland?
  8. Is it me or has grape become significantly less effective after this patch? For the last week while testing the Rattlesnake I was able to take out sterns and had no problem killing crew with grape. After the patch I still take out the stern but only get a small fraction of the crew loss that I was getting before the patch. I'm not aiming or shooting any differently it's just that the grape doesn't seem to penetrate like it was even with the stern armor gone.
  9. This is only the first iteration. I'm sure elements may be adjusted based on feedback such as yours as we go. It's better to take small steps than to make it wide open initially and allow for a clans econ to get sabotaged.
  10. Sorry 2 Trincs 2 Connies 2 3rd Rates TDA 2 Connies 2 Trincs (One may have been another frigate) 1 Frigate The two that escaped were Mercury/Cerberus sized and we told them to leave as we knew we were out numbered and going to get demasted and not escape.
  11. It will be. Gold was the first thing listed in the first post.
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