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  1. Leviathan


  2. Sorry to disappoint mate but TDA is alive and doing fine so you can stop with the blatant lying. It makes you look petty.
  3. Same here Chustler. I can't remember that last time I was in a PvE instance unless it was to cap a trader to move a ship. I only speak for TDA but I'm really tired of these delusions from people that have been here a handful of months. "You can use your illusion - Let it take you where it may..."
  4. So what about the frame spacing and structural superiority of the Constitution versus the Ingermanland?
  5. This is only the first iteration. I'm sure elements may be adjusted based on feedback such as yours as we go. It's better to take small steps than to make it wide open initially and allow for a clans econ to get sabotaged.
  6. Sorry 2 Trincs 2 Connies 2 3rd Rates TDA 2 Connies 2 Trincs (One may have been another frigate) 1 Frigate The two that escaped were Mercury/Cerberus sized and we told them to leave as we knew we were out numbered and going to get demasted and not escape.
  7. I don't know if this is related or not but on recent occasions some people have been able to see the crossed swords but they cannot click on them while others can. It hasn't happened to myself but i've been with others when it's happened. It seems like a random occurrence so i'm not sure what the common element or cause is.
  8. I've have stayed silent on this topic and this will be my only comment. I'm getting tired of the "TDA is dictating this and that to the US nation comments" over and over. This is not the case and we do not dictate to anyone except TDA members. In fact for the past several weeks we have been doing what we enjoy the most...sailing around and finding open world PvP. There have been no council decisions or demands to the US nation and especially nothing from TDA. When the East coast was first attacked by the majority of the pirate nation TDA was there trying to defend it along with some other
  9. As Bommel said, just click/hold on the group and you can move it to whatever position you want. Personally, I drag mine to the right side of the screen above the battle map.
  10. I chose US because I am from there but also because it has never been an option to me in other games before. I also didn't want to play the most populated nation and figured the US would land somewhere in the middle. I've previously played pirate in all the games before this one.
  11. You can always use headphones to listen and then use the chat function to type when you need to. We have a few members that do this.
  12. There is no dura loss and you do not get any XP or gold from it. You join the duel room in your preferred ship and as soon as another captain joins in the same type of ship the duel will start.
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