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  1. Leviathan


  2. I've have stayed silent on this topic and this will be my only comment. I'm getting tired of the "TDA is dictating this and that to the US nation comments" over and over. This is not the case and we do not dictate to anyone except TDA members. In fact for the past several weeks we have been doing what we enjoy the most...sailing around and finding open world PvP. There have been no council decisions or demands to the US nation and especially nothing from TDA. When the East coast was first attacked by the majority of the pirate nation TDA was there trying to defend it along with some other
  3. Credit to the USS Constitution Museum for this "USS Constitution defeated both HMS Cyane and HMS Levant 201 years ago on this day! This was her last victory of the War of 1812 and the last time she engaged in active combat during her long career. The battle is depicted here in a mid-19th century oil painting by Ambroise Louis Garneray in our collection. ‪#‎onthisday‬" https://www.facebook.com/USSConstitutionMuseum/?fref=nf
  4. Welcome to all the new members that have joined us since early access. I have no doubt that you have chosen the right group and look forward to seeing you progress for a long time to come. I want to say thank you to all the veteran members for their continued service from sea trials (some earlier) to this current time. You play a vital role and are the backbone of TDA. What we do would be impossible without a dedicated and talented group of captains who are willing to work together. It has been a successful opening since early access, but this is only the beginning. I fully expect us
  5. Well done! Very interesting to see the information represented this way.
  6. It was a fun fight and nice to mix it up with the British again. The only negative to the fight was it ending at 4:30am and having to be at work 2 1/2 hours later. I don't think I can drink enough coffee today.
  7. Good catch. We'll see how it turns out. Perhaps the chasers are left for the "heavy"
  8. Truth be told, we let Grizwald take the helm last night. Just look at his photo below. There is no need for explanation of why we went off course...
  9. Well, we may have had a slight detour last night. Will resume scheduled activities shortly.
  10. Of the "gamey" names I've always preferred calling them guilds instead of clans. I just picture a bunch of ninjas on teamspeak plotting their next assassination every time I hear clan. I'd be fine with fleet as well.
  11. To this day I still imagine this is what MrDoran looks like (all in fun) Ah, good times back then
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