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  1. Contracts should be player-to-player only, not auto-eat port resources. Secondly, why is Live Oak only a drop and not a plantation? This just reeks of Live Oak being far to good, which means Live Oak needs to be balanced with other wood types (whether that means Live Oak gets nerfed or other wood gets buffed). Why not have Live Oak plantations and control the supply by making it low yield resource for high labor cost? Then it's up to player if they want to buy Live Oak from others who sell it or prioritize their buildings and make their own live oak plantation. I'm all for having contracts in the game. But the way they work now as fire-and-forget contracts to auto-farm resources is just silly. It basically encourages AFK gameplay and also motivates people to write scripts to have bots deal with the market and contracts. Heck, even with my limited programming knowledge I could write something that checks the contract price and auto-overbid as needed. As for contract durations, how about contracts having a grace period where if you placed a contract for 3 days then once it is filled you can't place another contract for the same item in the same port for the same amount of time you placed the contract. In other words, 3 day duration contract = 3 days and no contract for that item in that port. Set it for 1 week, then 1 week with no contract afterwards. Anyways, that's all just brainstorming. Point is, the current system is really flawed and it doesn't take much thought to come up with something better. As for a market entirely player driven... well, first we need more players but that's another discussion. Secondly, if it's going to be player driven that means items and products are player created, which means everything should be available as plantations, mines and so forth. E.g. Live Oak and White Oak should be plantation items.
  2. Why are contracts allowed to automagically gobble up port spawned / dropped items? This is the absolutely most terrible AFK-design I've seen in a game since doing horse training in Black Desert Online (where you literally set your character to ride in circles for 8 hours while you were asleep in order to get any significant progress whatsoever). So spend one evening, sail around and set Fire-And-Forget contracts, then spend 2 weeks playing World of Warcraft while contracts just AFK-farm items? What absolute nonsense is this? Contracts should ONLY be aimed at players. Place a buy contract and then others PLAYERS ONLY can sell to you. Place a sell contract and then other PLAYERS ONLY can buy from you. This AFK-farming, bot/script promoting contract system... Get rid of it. Make it player-to-player only.
  3. I would really like to see an indicator on the compass to tell us which direction, relative to the ship, we are looking when using the spyglass. Especially in the Open World when trying to spot sails on the horizon. I often look around, spot a landmark or sails, then let go of LShift and "oops, where was it again??" and have to scout the horizon again. The only indicator in the game now is just how the camera moves relative to the waves. Sure this works, but it's not optimal. I would suggest something like this: The yellow lines indicate direction you are looking as a sort of "Field of View" indication. Would make life just a tiny bit easier on the waves.
  4. I just want a simple information tab when I look at Workshops that then explains to me a list over the things a workshop would produce.
  5. Well, again, nothing anywhere tells me this. Whether in the game, or outside of the game. All I get is bits of information here and there, either from asking in game or like you just told me here on the forum. Why isn't there a proper site, or in-game information, that tells us what each building produces and how to make it? Every site I looked up was just "How to build a ship". Well, I don't want to build a ship. I want to build resources and sell for trading. But there isn't a single website on the entire internet that holds this information.
  6. I came back after a long time and looked at the crafting, but this is really frustrating. I can't figure out what makes what, and how to make it and what is needed to make things. Example: How to make rum? Needs sugar. Where do you get sugar? Buy it from ports or make a sugar plantation. Also needs barrels. How do you get barrels? So far I have no idea cause NOTHING anywhere tells me how to make barrels. Also, after I have the barrels and the sugar... how do I combine this? Do I just craft it in my ship or a port? Do I need a work shop? Do I need some other building like a distillery? HOW? Literally no sites I can find tells me how to do this. I tried the WIKI page, and sure, it has Rum listed and shows that it needs sugar and barrels... but when I click on barrels... link just drops me on an empty page. I can not find any concise website whatsoever that explains how to make the different crafting resources for this game. Not in the game itself, and not in the wiki, and not in any other website. This is so frustrating I end up doing about 15 google searches and then just quit the game.
  7. I want it to be ready before May 17th... which is the Norwegian constitution day... and since May 17th 1814 is when Norway and Denmark split up and Norway went into a union with Sweden, I was planning to celebrate it by sinking Danish ships since while sailing under Swedish colors.
  8. I'm confused. First it was late April. Then it was rumored to beginning of May. Now the last thing I read is May 15th? I saw the curves on players as well and I'm one of those who left the game. I have zero motivation to continue playing knowing any and all progress will be swept away whenever the wipe hits. I'm sure there are many, many others who feel the same way as me. That said... I'm eager to play again. So is it final, May 15th? Or have I missed more information somewhere? I just want to sail again and SailAway on Steam doesn't give me all that I need... like gunpowder...
  9. Steam forums as well as reviews are generally a cesspool of completely misinformed or misguided behavior. I trust a game review from a homeless alcoholic more than I trust Steam. Half the negative reviews are in the category of "Couldn't skip tutorial so I quit the game. Sucks. Avoid! Pls rate my review!" However, glad to see the developers are alert enough and on the ball to address damaging reviews like the one that led to this thread in the first place.
  10. Speak for yourself. Seal clubbing new players is an "activity" looked down upon by anyone doing some actual PvP in that game. There are some who brag about how they ripped off newbies or podded them and the only thing they ever achieved was losing all respect and being put last for any ongoing event with the corporation or alliance.
  11. So seems nothing can be done so far as restoring what I deleted. I'm too demoralized from this and too overwhelmed by the hours and effort needed to get things back so I will be moving on from this game at this point. Good luck and strong winds to everyone.
  12. Just don't do the mistake I did and delete the wrong character. Double and triple check that you are on the right server before you delete the old character and create a new one. Labour Hours being reset means Labour Hours are set to 0 (you lose all the hours). So best to spend all the hours first before you make a new character, even if spending the hours is just stuff like getting resources out of buildings, crafting a bunch of notes or making a bunch of carriages for later.
  13. I appreciate that offer Elric. My intention was never to switch to Pirate on the PvE server though. I dunno how trading works from pirates on PvE to another faction on PvE. I had made a US character on PvP 1... then decided I rather wanted to play Pirates... so I wanted to change from US to Pirates. On the PvE server I am (well... was ) on the DK/NO faction and had no intention of changing that. Was hoping it would be possible to revert my PvE Pirate back to my PvE DK/NO. I know I don't lose the rank and crafting level, but I had many blueprints and had been working for a long time to get money and ships to put together the outposts and buildings and having the materials to be able to craft ships for friends too Right now I am just not touching anything in hopes something can be done. If nothing can be done though I probably need a break for awhile to try and find the motivation to start rebuilding everything...
  14. I could pull something out of a hat and blame a vengeful younger brother who logged onto my account or something, but I will be completely honest... this is completely my own fault, but can anything be done to restore the character on the PvE server? I was going to delete my character on PvP 1 EU and change it to Pirates to get started on that server. Character name on both servers were the same (same as here on forum) which is why this mistake happened. Once I misclicked on PvE server instead of PvP the damage was done... Instead of remaking the character on the PvP server I have accidentally deleted my character on the PvE server, which is where I had the most progress, crafting recipes, ships, warehouses, gold, outposts, buildings... well... basically everything since I started playing the game well over a year ago. Again.. I know this is entirely my own fault, and also that this is an early access/alpha game so wipes or changes are bound to happen and we may lose everything at some point. However this huge mistake doesn't just affect me personally but also others who invested time and materials to help me raise the crafting level to help build ships for them... so this is a huge setback for them too and I don't even know to begin to explain this to them... The magnitude of how bummed out I am from this once I realized what I have done can't even be put into words If anything can be done... please...
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