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Found 8 results

  1. Hey, Can you move an account to a different steam account? I'm shutting down reserving the email I use for steam for work only and want to start a new steam account with proper email solely for game services. I don't wanna lose all my assets in game and want to know if I can move the account?
  2. I could pull something out of a hat and blame a vengeful younger brother who logged onto my account or something, but I will be completely honest... this is completely my own fault, but can anything be done to restore the character on the PvE server? I was going to delete my character on PvP 1 EU and change it to Pirates to get started on that server. Character name on both servers were the same (same as here on forum) which is why this mistake happened. Once I misclicked on PvE server instead of PvP the damage was done... Instead of remaking the character on the PvP server I have accidentally deleted my character on the PvE server, which is where I had the most progress, crafting recipes, ships, warehouses, gold, outposts, buildings... well... basically everything since I started playing the game well over a year ago. Again.. I know this is entirely my own fault, and also that this is an early access/alpha game so wipes or changes are bound to happen and we may lose everything at some point. However this huge mistake doesn't just affect me personally but also others who invested time and materials to help me raise the crafting level to help build ships for them... so this is a huge setback for them too and I don't even know to begin to explain this to them... The magnitude of how bummed out I am from this once I realized what I have done can't even be put into words If anything can be done... please...
  3. Cpt Blackthorne

    PvP2 - Spy List

    I propose this topic as a Spy List for anyone to contribute about Spies on the PvP 2 server. Please list the player's primary and alt names and nations with some sort of proof, i.e. chat log, multiple confirmations from other players, etc. This is not to be a name-calling/targeting post, but rather a sharing of information. I will keep this list updated from any comments made below. Post in the following format: IGN / Nation - Alt IGN / Nation - proof or suspicion Known Spies - Valid proof supported Suspected Spies - Speculative proof Note: if you have no valid/speculative proof, your submission will not make the updated list. Also, if your name is listed, please quote your accuser and make your case.
  4. Coriolanus

    Blueprints and player account

    Hi, i have a suggestion, i spent a lot of time, like a lot of other players, crafting trying to unlock every single blueprint and would be a pain to start all over again when the server wipe will come, i would like to know if there is a chance to connect the unlocked blueprints to the player's account like Rank level and crafting level.
  5. I was thinking about the change to the XP curve in Patch 9.7 today, and wondering what tools the developers have to identify the best shape of the XP curve. For example, how many players get stuck at rank 5 for a long time because the required XP for rank 6 is a big jump but their ability to gain XP doesn't go up as much? Is there a way to measure this? If you make an adjustment, how easy is it to measure the effect when you don't reset things? How are the developers going to test whether the new curve is in the right shape if there are no testers left at rank 1 to try the new curve and see? It occurred to me that in order to test how long leveling takes for a new player, you need the ability to reset your XP to 0. Very few players will be willing to do this for their entire account, but you could reasonably expect some players to do this if they could do it on a specific server only. So my suggestion is this: On character creation, allow a player to specify that for that character, XP (and crafting XP) should be stored in the server database and not synced to their Steam account. If the flag is set for that character on that server, XP is 'local' to that server and doesn't sync from/to Steam. If the flag is not set for that character on that server then XP is synced to/from Steam as before. This would allow players to keep their XP on their 'main' characters and still make new rank 1 players on other servers for testing purposes. Or they could even delete their main and start from scratch, knowing that they can regain their 'parked' XP by making another character with Steam sync enabled. And perhaps more importantly, it would allow players to do this via self-service rather than requiring admin intervention.
  6. My Question is do the Developers plan on enabling more Profiles again? Because I started as a Pirate (under the assumption that I can create more Profiles for other Nations), and now I´m scarred to go to the PVP- Server because other Pirates can attack me as well... Its out of Question that I delete my Pirate-Profile because i´ve played long enough to have a Belle pour (or what its called xD), yeah i know the earlier I start on another Nation the better but i cant overcome myself to delete it.... So am i able to switch to France for example without loosing anything? Or do the Devs plan to make multiple Profiles available again? (The second solution would be much more appreciated =D)
  7. Hi I don't know if anyone came across with this issue but i could not find anything on forums about it and decided to share. I was playing game for about a week now and visited few ports but when i have changed accounts on PC and started game again with same toon, all ports that i have visited was showing 'Not Visited' Also if you would change PC you probably will need to import some files manually. Unless this was already sorted before me here is what you need. Files you need can be found here: C:\Users\olduser\AppData\LocalLow\Game_Labs\Naval Action ( make sure that in folder 'Users' you set in options Show hidden files, folders and drives. You can copy all files/folders in there but for map markings you need file that starts with AD189... (at least that what it was on my computer) File type ' Data Base File'. Than go to your new users same folder: C:\Users\newuser\AppData\LocalLow\Game_Labs\Naval Action and paste. Make sure your game is off. PS if it was solved before me i am really sorry for repeating it. Otherwise feel free to edit this post and make it look nice. Sorry for my poor english
  8. I have searched (Perhaps poorly) for an answer on whether the game will have 1 account - 1 character or whether multiple characters will be possible to each account. If we have multiple characters, we could potentially specialise 1 a crafter, 1 a merchant, 1 Navy etc. Would multiple characters (I would guess) be forced to be part of a single Nation. Your thoughts ? or direct me at the Devs statement I can't locate please