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  1. Now that Legends is here, can we please get rid of capture circles and go back to the more realistic attacking/defending forts?
  2. Being the devil's advocate, why are there rewards for PVE?
  3. What reason does someone who role plays as a true pirate (a trader hunter) have to play now?
  4. What I hate is having to craft effing repairs just to participate in a PVP battle. Bring back the old days where shops sell repairs!
  5. Players have AI fleets, players have forts, and now players have safe zones. Any player that likes to role play as a trader hunter has left the game.
  6. [BLACK] are the big boys of little tiny Global. If the servers were merged they would get their butts whipped.
  7. When this patch comes, will a set of forged papers come with it?
  8. Casual PvPers or PVP/PVE mix will also suffer as we have to replace ships more.
  9. War is expensive? Hopefully there will be enough dedicated econ'rs making money for their clans.
  10. @admin Please stick to your guns on complete removal of TPs. With partial removal of tps you are again trying to please everyone and that helps no one. Remember, the 300 players on the server and the vocal ones on the forums are the minority of players as many more have bought this game. If people want fast travel, let them wait for NA Arena game, or whatever you have in the works. Please stick to your guns.
  11. Steam doesn't allow alts. If they did you could play multiple copies of the game under one account. It's just people work around it with alts just like they do here.
  12. It seems like all the idiots that want forever open battles are those that feel it should be safe to hunt in enemy waters with rates. Lmao.
  13. Been playing since before the creation of PvP2 and being from North America, I am interested in creating a character on PvP2. However I am afraid of deleting my PvP1 character. If I delete my character on PvP2 does it effect the character of the same name on PvP1?
  14. Total Wipe Make resources more available everywhere (mainly for the next reason) Remove teleports between outposts so nations have to fight on fronts. If you want to build hostility at a distant port, you have to sail your SOL there. Remove pirate ports, let their starting port be La Tortue but let them raid ports which allows them to use the port for 3 days Add collections, like the rare fish which can be only found in certain areas of the map, which when completed can be turned in for rare ships, upgrades, paints. Bring expeditions, as suggested a couple years ago, for r
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