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  1. good old pvp2 still going at it huh....just got back after a year break any decent clan still out there?
  2. Oh man i remember this clan its been while.
  3. thats a bummer.. has the game gotten any better with the new stuff they added?
  4. looks great gives me the Vietnam feel...good old days.....
  5. quick everyone hop on the bandwagon .....jump nations.
  6. saw that today and thought of the same thing...
  7. "The bigger Boat" "Boaty McBoat" "The Sea Hag" "Fortunatus trēdecim" "Fos ad Mare" just some of the ones i would use
  8. A healthy balance of both pvp and pve is needed imo.
  9. Hmm this is interesting i started mainly in pvp2 but made an alt in pvp1 because i couldn't make up my mind in the beginning...after few days i went full pvp2...but just recently i went pvp1 because of low pop and other reasons. With this in mind, my main question is, if they do a merge what will happen to those who have assets in pvp2 but also pvp1? ....but like you said you will discuss this after the next update. but ill keep this a stand by question till then.
  10. Could the possibility of ai fleets be disabled once you have started a pvp fight be an option? Also could ai fleets be a pve benefit for just big pve events or a massive pve battles/missions? just wondering.
  11. I still have my charter on pvp2 and i might be soloing for a bit too i might even switch sides to try out different nations...hopped over to pvp1 and i really dont know if i care much for it. at this point im just burnt out on the game plus lack of content.
  12. SOL is most likely going to disband most of the members including me are joining pvp1.......good luck on pvp2 Gents
  13. what sever do you play on
  14. ikr.... P is the ingame screenshot F12 is for steam and Print screen button is also another way.
  15. Hey you guys want to take more victory class ships the dutch have 6 of them.
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