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'Ocean' French 118 guns I-rate

Ned Loe

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Yeah i saw all those things and there is also other clues like the tournament reward (Ocean and Agamemnon (was modified in the NA files at the last patch and confirmed to be added very soon too)) and as far as i know Naval Action Craft never lies ^^ Last time it predicted the Santa Cecilia weeks before its release, i'm quite confident on the Ocean release btw but i wanna make sure and have a confirmation by Wind or another moderator :)

1. Santa cecilia is yet to be released :P


2. It will come soon thats all we know.

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Thx Olav.

How many babies do we expect to be born? She looks like pregnant. Sorry but I prefer the Santisima, far more smart thx to the paint scheme.

Are the stats correct? 9 cm more base armor than the Santisima, wtf?

I dont have the L'Ocean so i can neither deny nor confirm the stats

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It appears the gun layout is inverted, which surely contribute to the "fatty"impression.

If you look closely at the model posted by bungeelemming, you'll notice the lower gun deck starts more at the front then the middle deck, while it is the opposite for the in game model.

Add the black paint and you get the impression it is "fat" IMO.

Also, on the first ever screenshot of the stern shown on the Facebook page, I assumed the stripes would be more blueish instead of plain black. Can someone confirm if it is indeed the case?

Edit: looking at different models, bungeelemming model has one more gun on the lower deck than most other depictions of the ship (17 vs 16), that would explain the different gunport layout. I wonder which one is right or when was a gun added or removed.

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Well, maybe she'll look better with alternate paint schemes.


Personally, I don't mind her current colors. I think the problem is that she has quite the tumblehome, making her wide near the waterline, and she has a very rounded (blunt) bow. Put those two factors together, and her bow looks rather chubby. The rest of her looks fine, in my opinion.

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This one looks much better than current one. Hope devs try to get this paint scheme into the game or change the current one.

well before put news paint they should give acces to the Bp for all because it's boring to saw only special event in GB water and honestly do 4h of travel for get nothing is alway fun ...

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where does those black front plate of L'Océan came from? I know that those additional plate on front came from plans of Commerce de Marseille, but I cannot find pictures or models with those front plates planted black.



Commerce de Marseilles in its early colors.


Model of Commerce de marseilles at musée de la Marine

Neither of those two have black front, or distinctive front plate.


I want to ask, if it is hard to remodel entire ship and remove those front plate because Game-labs didn't have plans for L'Océan itself, could you guys just change basic paint of L'Océan to paint scheme of la Montagne(which is already in game), or paint shceme of L'Océan in 1806, which is presented on model at musée national de la Marine?



paint of La Montagne, painted by Philippe-Jacques de Loutherbourge, 1794. (This paint scheme is already in game as "montagne" pattern)


model of L'Océan at musée national de la Marine. (Similar to ingame 'Marseile' pattern in game)

By the description of musée national de la Marine, this model is made in 1811, when L'Océan is still active, based on the L'Océan after overhaul in 1806. So I think this is most hitorically acurrate model of L'Océan.

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