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Photos of Battle Damage - SCREENSHOTS WANTED!

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Captains and Admirals

We need photos of battle damage. We have a lot but - we know together we can find more which will make damage decals better for the game

We will start first.

Penetrating damage AP shell - caused Flash fire but did not detonate due to bravery of the crew (ship engineer burned hands to the bones to turn the valve to flood the magazine)

Grasing AP damage Soft superstructure

Non Penetrating AP shell hit 300mm belt


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Not quite battle damage, but here is a turret face that was intended for Shinano that was used in post war tests of American 406mm guns. I have yet to find any details on the range of these test shots, but I do have some data on the shells used and the angle of impact. 

For both tests, the obliquity was at near normal, and the shell used was the  U.S. Navy 2700-lb 16" Mark 8 Mod 6 AP with inert filler ("BL&P"). 

The shot shown in the image below impacted at a velocity of around 600 m/s/ 

Image result for yamato armor test shot

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Here are a for and aft pic of the Japanese armored cruiser Nisshin, 3 of her 8 inch guns were disabled and she took the second most hits after Mikasa in the Japanese battle line.





Another picture of the For turret


Turret of the Armored cruiser Azuma, a shell struck one barrel and warped it in an interesting cartoonish way.


Finaly an Image of the Russian Ship Orel


Fianlly a neat quote from Captain 2nd rank Vladimir Semenoff,

"It seemed as if these were mines, not shells, which were striking the ship’s side and falling on the deck. They burst as soon as they touched anything — the moment they encountered the least impediment in their flight. Handrails, funnel guys, topping lifts of the boats’ derricks, were quite sufficient to cause a thoroughly efficient burst. The steel plates and superstructure on the upper deck were torn to pieces, and the splinters caused many casualties. Iron ladders were crumpled up into rings, and guns were literally hurled from their mountings.
Such havoc would never be caused by the simple impact of a shell, still less by that of its splinters. It could only be caused by the force of the explosion. The Japanese had apparently succeeded in realizing what the Americans had endeavored to attain in inventing their “Vesuvium.”
In addition to this, there was the unusual high temperature and liquid flame of the explosion, which seemed to spread over everything. I actually watched a steel plate catch fire from a burst. Of course, the steel did not I burn, but the paint on it did. Such almost non – combustible materials as hammocks, and rows of boxes, drenched with water, flared up in a moment."

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more neat info
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Below are some images of battle damage from Jutland. First off is damage to HMS Warspite, allegedly from a 305mm shell. This is followed by images of other damages to Warspite. 

Image result for battle damage jutland

Image result for battle damage jutland

Related image


Next up is an image of damage to HMS Defender, also from a 305mm Shell: 


Torpedo damage to SMS Seydlitz: 
Image result for battle damage jutland

Below is damage, also to Seydlitz from 13.5 in guns:
Image result for battle damage jutland

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On the off chance you have not seen this, a large number of US war damage reports can be found here. Together they contain a few hundred detail shots of shell, bomb, and torpedo hits on carriers, battleships, cruisers, destroyers, and cargo ships, as well as extensive analysis of their effects. Many are internal shots, though.

The USS San Francisco report in particular has about 40 pictures of hits from 5 inch to 14 inch guns.

A few more not featured on the Navy site are here (just scroll down): http://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/WhatsNew.html

Some examples:


8-inch shell explosion damage on cruiser USS San Francisco.



Torpedo hit on cargo vessel USS Alhena.



Stern bomb damage on cruiser USS Birmingham.



Stern torpedo damage on carrier USS Independence.



Partial penetration on barbette by an 8-inch shell on cruiser USS Boise.

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