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Thanks to Wicked Mouse for thus lovely keyboard layout 
Thanks to Ghroznak for this handy category break down of keys.
Right Click on the side you want to fire from to enter firing mode
Space bar for single ranging shot
Left click for full salvo
Shooting Controls 2
Hold ALT while in aim mode to be able to look around you without moving your aim. Remember to stop moving mouse before you let go of ALT.
[ and ] are for full left and right broadsides, respectively. More specifically they fire the full broadside straight out of the side of the ship with no elevation. (assume this means outside of shooting mode?)
Spacebar (hold and release, not in aiming mode) shoot at 0 degree angle (for low distances) - EDIT This seems a little strange, don't see how this could work)
Gun Deck Control
F1 F2 F3 F4 to lock a deck for firing (decks 1 to 4 that is, a red cross will be shown on the deck that will not be firing).
Press the key again to unlock the deck (red crosses indicate lock)
Double tap A or D for permanent left of right rudder setting, Tap once the opposite way from locked left or right and it will centre again.
Hold Rudder key A or D down to turn rudder temporarily. Let go and it will centre again.
Mast and Yard Controls
Tap W until you have the sail speed settings and right amount of sail canvas set
Tap S until you have ordered less canvas set to setting you want
Battle sails are activated by pressing "B" - same effect can be had by tapping W or S until you get to the same setting of course.
Manual Yard Controls
Q and E to adjust forward mast
Z and C to adjust rear mast
F to return to auto skipper
Hold Left shift is telescope
Scroll mouse to adjust it to the zoom you want while holding shift down
Boarding Ships
G Board ship at lower speeds (this option will pop up when you are close and slow enough to enemy ship)
X Capture ship after successful boarding (your crew will transfer to the other ship) or neutral ship with no crew
Press Enter to enter chat mode and speak
had to press ESC to get out of chat
TAB to toggle team chat on and off after pressing enter
Special Statistics
L = show shot damage
K = show sounds
Fire Mortar 
M to enter aim mode for mortar on mortar brig
Free Camera (could now be locked out for sea trials to avoid cheating?)
Home key disconnects camera to go looking for the enemy
Home key is spectator after dead
Z X up and down
Scroll for camera speed
Right or left click changes ship in dead free camera mode
P screenshot
F8 makes a huge 4K (3840 x 2160) screenshot, it may freeze your game client for a while.
TAB Holding tab down shows team status and side make up.
Ctrl H to hid interface

F11 bug report


How to reset Gun Batteries to default: thx Gman

I would add to this that to reset any gun battery to it's default position (such as broadsides to 90 degrees port and starboard, chasers straight forward and aft), aim your camera at said battery and, without entering aiming mode, hold down left mouse button. You will see the water highlighted with your current aim point. Continue holding down the left mouse button will swing your guns to default positions.

Also useful to tap the left mouse button to see what direction your guns are currently trained in.


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Press "B" to toggle battle sails "on/off" (will switch from your W/S sail setting).

"[" and "]" - fire the left or right broadside at pointblank (level) elevation and straight out the side when not in aiming mode.

f1 f2 f3 f4 to lock a deck for firing

press again to unlock (red crosses indicate lock)

Note that red crosses on a deck can also indicate:

-the deck is not able to fire at current aiming point elevation / range because the guns can't elevate any further. (You will see this frequently if you carry both carronades and long guns on a broadside).

-the deck is below the waterline due to flooding and/or heel.

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Here's my thoughts, after viewing the Beta.


The HUD should have three settings, toggled by the CTRL H combination.   There are three things/topics that a captain would need to monitor; sail settings, battle controls, and damage.  If I am sailing and not in combat, I don't need to see anything but the sailing diagram in the compass, lower left.  A final toggle would be no HUD at all; for just enjoying the view.

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you can customize the settings in the launcher.

When you start the game heres this little launcher with the resolution setup and all.

This thing has a TAB where you can change any key you wish.

But some of those keybindings are not functional. Like self destruct and such.


Also you may keep a screenshot of the standart keybindings since there is no default to reset to.

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[ and ] are for full left and right broadsides, respectively.

More specifically they fire the full broadside straight out of the side of the ship with no elevation. This can be useful, for example, if you sail between two enemy ships at very close range and want to fire into both simultaneously without entering aiming mode. The disadvantage is you get no visual indication of your field of fire.

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