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    Current state of EU PVP 1 & USA

    A couple of suggestions that could help out the beaten up nations to rebalance the server. 1- Admiralty should help you out. Ships can be send to admiralty when you capture AI fleets. Nobody bothers in capturing AI fleets any more. The weight of having a good admiral fleet should be increased. How it should work i don't know; but it feels like a possible path that is not fully explored yet. 2- Nations should get supplies/fleets/ships whatever from their motherland at certain intervals when they need it or call for it. US has the benefit of the mainland they can use for their resources others have their European motherland. Strong nations can be denied help by their motherland 3- Motherland events like golden age, war, political disruption can slow or boost a nation or even tear up alliances or force peace. 3- As mentioned in this tread, allies system & diplomacy should be implemented 4- Pirates should not be able to benefit from this all, that's their downside A good mixture of these things can make the balancing dynamic and make it feel less artificially forced. But with respect to the strong nations that have the upper hand by their efforts.
  2. Neusdoorn

    Please post your major annoyances

    1. Closed battles and battles I cannot join Many occasions I'm sailing to the crossed swords only to realise that the battle is already closed or an epic fight I'm low level for. Make it distinguishable from a distance what kind of battle it is. 2. Pirates as a nation. Pirates have all the advantages of being a nation. They should not have the same advantages like nations and should be more competitive to each other. 3. Disorientation. When I come out of a battle/mission in open sea, I'm easily disorientated, same with loggin in after a few days when not close to a port or land. Which is ok, it doesn't have to be too easy, but a little help trough unique landmarks, lighthouses or a mark when you came out of battle/log out would be nice.
  3. Neusdoorn

    Little things you'd like to see

    I would like to have a bit more animation and things to do during long trips so you have something to look at. Like the ability to fish during these trips, be it for consumption or to sell at your next stop In open world there should be sea life and birds near coastlines. In a battle you would want to see sloops and debris floating after sinking a ship We need a tavern in each port to pick up quests and trading gossip, like you could buy a trading tip and get information what the latest most profitable trip was in the region. For the trading system you need to have some sort of lag on the information about the markets. At that time there was no such thing as real time information.
  4. Neusdoorn

    Improve NPC's number

    As a newcomer in OW I recognise the problem pointed out about the NPC's. I've been struggling to find good battles in my yacht and Cutter, I do see lots of 3rd rates and Frigates with an occasional trader. I would think that near your homeport you have lots of activity and lots of small traders going from port to port. The tradelanes should be more crowded. You would think that the number of small ships should be much higher then bigger one's. I feel there is nothing to do as a new player other than searching for battles and with the lack of small ships you need to team up. Going solo on a yacht, long distance sailing and grinding early ingame is an annoyance. Focus should lie on trading in small ships so that you can upgrade and then take on a battle when you're ship is not the smallest in the pond.
  5. Well I have Kerbal Space Program with Unity engine and have not experienced any issues so far. With Naval Actioncontrols were just fine a month ago, it's only since recently after a couple of patches that this came up
  6. This seems to be still an issue, even after deleting the registry multiple times. And additional to this, setting new key binds don't seem to work either. Like most of the guys here, I'm on a Belgian Azerty keyboard. This makes close combat very hard and therefore an occasional team ram is inevitable. Chatting is impossible, while aiming and continuously correcting my course and resetting rudder with Enter key+ESC I would greatly appreciate if this can be looked into in one of the upcoming patches.
  7. Something I came across on FB, thought this would fit here Translation from the Spanish text (there might be some errors) For centuries the English have been commissioned to exaggerate their achievements as a nation. First through literature and then through cinema and television have ensured that people around the world take for certain great historical lies in their favor . An issue in which the English quest for glory at the expense of rewriting history is evident are the geographical discoveries . The English propaganda told us time and again that Cook discovered Australia , New Zealand , Hawaii and many islands in the South Pacific , but delving a little more we realize that all these territories had already been discovered by Spanish and Portuguese centuries before that the English navigated those waters . And no wonder , because by the time Cook reached the Pacific , Spain had two hundred years making the crossing between Acapulco and Manila. Such was the Spanish dominion over the Pacific Australian researcher Oskar Spate calling him Spanish Lake . Google maps link
  8. Neusdoorn

    Lobby Suggestions

    I understand this is still Wip, but we should have a preview on who's currently in a PVP (light) room so you can easily join. Many occasions I have been in a 1vs1 PVP heavy with my Surprise against a Belona. It would also avoid that you have to spam the chat to let people know that a battle is about to start.
  9. Neusdoorn

    User feedback ship

    Just minding my own business gently sailing my Surprise in the Bermuda Triangle area when suddenly *shwoos* "The Bismarck" appears through a time warp window right in front of my ship.
  10. Neusdoorn

    Important! Chat. Politeness and such

    Yes, most defenately agree. When I was a newby, like 4 days ago others have helped me out and have been very friendly. I just want to add to this topic, that English should be used in chat.
  11. Neusdoorn

    POLL - Where are you from?

    I'm from the land where the battle of Waterloo was fought and I live close to the grounds where the battle of the Golden Spurs happened and near the trenches of the first world war. We're the beloved battlegrounds for other countries, lots of blood was spilled on our soil. We're not that big on naval history exept that we've brought forth Mercator, but i'm going to play my part in putting Flanders (Belgium) on the map of Naval Action.
  12. Neusdoorn

    Little things you'd like to see

    Yep, agree with the wildlife details, it adds value to unique locations you're sailing. Seagulls when getting closer to shore, penguins when in artic area's, ... Also my all time favorite game use to be Uncharted waters, where you could go out and explore exotic events/species. I still remember discovering the dodo in Madagascar and getting a huge sum of gold for it. Sailing deep into the Amazon river for Mercator and mapping out the area. And the ability to customize the interior of your ship. (storage size, number of space for sailors, supply size, armory, medic post, kitchen,...) It was originally planned for East India Company game by Nitro, but it didn't make it to the final game. this would make your ship unique and you'll feel more attached to it. Maybe this is a bit too much to implement on the ship models.
  13. Neusdoorn

    Keyboard Shortcuts List

    Thanks, very usefull at least now I can start shooting instead of ramming my teammembers while trying to figuring out the controls Any chance we would be able to customize the control settings? With an Azerty keyboard the W, S, A, D keys are always screwed up