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  1. 1) harvest my forests. Mostly compass wood... means postpone ship crafting for another day [sigh] 2) check out contracts 3) read chats 4) sail to pick up stuff from the "bottle" shipwreck 5) check if there are any PBs... ok, now I see why my game lags so much... 6) log out
  2. Here, plans end up on Jan-Feb, probably Feb-March would be my guess for now.
  3. The biggest problem here is - we have ONE thousand online if we're lucky. About 700 on PVP1 prime-time. Server's limit is 2300 (maybe a little more, I cannot find dev's exact quote right now). That's why we had several servers some time ago. "Like a real economy" would work for 10k online on the same server. For 1k it's a different story. Be realistic.
  4. Many people would like to see this feature, but... http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/17044-unanswered-questions-on-the-patch-and-future-plans/page-2#entry327486
  5. Like many people suggested - make a fine wood craft-able from regular wood. Add an officer skill or crafter's level requirement if that's too simple. But no special buildings please. I also like the idea of using fine woods only for SOLs, 'cause crafters need to make some "excellent" ships nobody likes/buys just to get higher-rates BPs.
  6. 1. Economy - trading, buildings, hours spent to deliver goods. 2. Huge empty world - nothing to do, not enough people for such map. 3. Not enough ships to keep it interesting.
  7. Open world was a wrong move. Simply - 'cause online is not high enough for such huge map (and it will not be higher after the official release, so don't be over-optimistic. Everyone who loves age of sails already knows of this game, bought and tried it), It's fun to go from side to side of the map once, maybe twice. Then it's just empty and boring. Crafting? Well, I'm not playing now, but I am level 50 crafter. I've seen how much time and effort it takes to collect all resources, no wonder people don't want to fight and loose their precious ships, modules - and now also crew and officers. Or - they simply don't have time for anything else but collecting resources, grinding ranks and money in missions etc. What I miss is the Arena with several different maps, with islands and starting scenarios (wind, positions of the ships), a simple "store" with all ships but no upgrades and other stuff, no officers, craft and such. And don't compare it with World of Tanks - there was a great naval game years ago, called Age of Sail 2 (+Privateer's Bounty). That's what many people remember and have in mind when they mention "arena".
  8. Carriages (and parts they require) Coins Crafting notes Would be much better if you can, say, make coins directly from Gold and Coal, skipping those clicks for ingots (but including all hours and materials needed for ingots, as if "ingots are created automatically").
  9. Here is the explanation from devs. Briefly - it can differ per hour, but in any case you get a total of 984 lh per 24 real hours.
  10. Just one word - population. As I expected - nobody sells resources, everything produced stays inside a clan or a small group for crafting. Money can buy you nothing.
  11. I have a question, if I may... So is it a final decision - we will need to hire crew, buy food etc, rehire sailors? Will we have to do it after every battle - or is it a one-time thing, when you get a new ship? Will it be possible to buy/sell the estate at all? (I see the mentioning of "special item", I meant real trade, by the owner, like we buy/sell items in game shops - ships etc.) Or is it more like XP - once you have it yours forever? What happens if enemy takes the port where your estate is? (imagine you loose it 'cause 25-ish is a set number, or the same port can give endless amount of estates to, say, 2 nations constantly fighting for it) What happens to your "noble" rank then?
  12. ok. Then I (and I believe more crafters) will join BYOM rule And we'll see how you enjoy collecting and bringing materials to the capitals - all by yourself.
  13. you can compare stats here: http://navalaction.wikia.com/wiki/Ships Gros Ventre is a trader, Mortar Brig is just a brig (but much slower then Brig)
  14. the only ship actually having heel issue is Trinco. But for many players it's an advantage, not a problem And it makes stiffness even more useless and annoying for crafters. PS: Wish it would be random between build strength and speed if no option to choose.
  15. Please no. It will add nothing but a couple of annoying mouseclicks. You stated earlier why it's not needed.
  16. 1. Leaks - great idea but needs a lot of fine-tuning. For example, I don't have impression that "hole sizes now depend on actual ball size". They are all evenly dangerous. 2. Penetration and damage - live oak log is no different then fir right now, pretty much any caliber penetrates everything just fine. Shouldn't be like that. It used to be better balanced before the patch. 3. AI - ok for me, but has to be ok for new players too. Difficulty level that you can choose sounds like a good idea. 4. NPC ship capture - "many crafters are happy now" - I'm lvl 50 crafter and I'm not happy at all. My back-orders for SOLs are week long or even longer (friends only, I don't have hours for anybody else and anything else besides the SOLs). It's just sad that so many people have to wait and wait. As a result they lose interest and quit the game. And don't tell "those people need to lvl up their craft and make ships too" - it's just boring, not many people want to do/have time for that. I often see proposals like "take away teleport, we want to gank real traders". Well, my dear gankers, why don't you try being that trader yourself? "No, 'cause it's boring", right? Imagine, it's like that for everybody. I know NPC ship capture used to be a fun thing to do for many players. So why take it away? Make them expensive to repair after capturing instead or something like that.
  17. Thanks, we'll see what I get tomorrow crafting next ship Update: Teak Pavel with planking - one got Stiffness, another one Speed.
  18. what is that about? Could you please tell a bit more? I can confirm that you can get Speed on teak Trinco (crafted today):
  19. Traders Cutter as for me. Goes up wind as well as Lynx does, but more cargo.
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