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  1. Further update, its now showing in my main account as well. Thank you team.
  2. same for me, just checked. My alt (if I had one and am not saying that I do lol) does have it installed and available
  3. Wind Boosts for Trade Ships only Wind boosts should be visible and usable for trade ships only. Any fleet with a warship in it should not be able to see or use wind boosts. Justification is to encourage more open world sailing of trade ships and reduce the crazy ability of warships (built for combat) being able to chase down (unrealistically) ships build for speed and cargo runs. Exception could be LGVR. Speedy warships could in many cases still chase down windboosted Indiamen and LGV and without wind boost balance the scales for Tbrig fleets. I think this would also reduce the current s
  4. I'd like to see the option to repair fleet ships in a battle instance. This could be listed as one of the command we can give to fleet ships i.e accessed via the M/Map command key. Repairs could only be carried out if the fleet ship was actually carrying repairs.
  5. It would be nice if you could select what you wanted to take. In many cases, its only the books and specialty woods you want - the rest is rubbish and can be left.
  6. Yes, I fully agree with this. I was discussing this with Mrs Zorg last night and reminding her to be thankful that I am happily at home most nights sailing for His Majesty and not out and about, wandering the streets spreading disease 🙂
  7. I see this almost daily in GB Nation chat. Tlynx note is a great idea.
  8. Spotted this last night - worth a read and a laugh! https://www.gamepressure.com/editorials/my-favorite-pain-and-suffering-simulator/zc228
  9. My point was more in relation to warships than traders. If the enemy captures a (for example) seasoned woods 1st rate then that is a huge bonus for the capturer. I feel that as the owner/captain of the ship, its my decision to deny the enemy the comfort of my ship. It should still count as a kill for the attacker and credit as per normal to their hunt missions etc.
  10. Hi, following a situation today, I have an idea that I think could be useful. I was sunk in a crafted ocean by some marauding Swedes after the Great River/Prinz Port Battles earlier today. That is of course fair enough. If I had been in one of my seasoned wood ships the loss would have been quite annoying. Its not so much the loss of the ship as such but the fact of the enemy gaining hold of it and being able to use it in the future. I'd like to propose a scuttling perk. When enabled, your ship will sink within say 90 seconds. The enemy can still loot as per normal you but is unable to ca
  11. o7 Devs, thanks for the recent Trading Update patch. This has invigorated trading and I am seeing (and losing) more trade ships in Open World. Feedback from my trading mates is that this has brought new interest and opportunities into the game for traders and those ganking bast***s as well 🙂 I'd love to see the ability to load more stuff into our Indiamen. 4k hold capacity is great but (as always) I'd like more! Would there be an option for a book/combo book or Officer Perk to lift fleet or ship capacity by say 20%? Book could be 1 x art of rudder and x 2 art of cargo dist to make it rare
  12. I agree with this. Timing is also an issue that is mitigated to some degree by PB timers. However, you see instances where (for example in GB nation) for one reason or another captains aren't available to respond to a sudden attack or blitz. A recent example is the past week's activity in and around Georgetown and Santiago De Cuba. I wonder if another option might be that attacking players raise hostility over the course of a week and defending players run counter hostility missions. These could both be PVE but with the addition that PVP kills within an instance are weighted significantly more
  13. I disagree. Open world storms are useful for Traders allowing us a greater chance of sneaking in and out of enemy ports and avoiding the open world threats. I would agree however in having them available in battle. I well recall the EA battles with storms in them - they were a lot of fun and added to the challenge. #stormsrock #battlestormsrockharder
  14. Well, for context, we were in the PVP zone and saw 1 Rat being attacked by 2 Frenchies - thats is all you see when you are patrolling the zone. So, bearing in mind we love to sink Frenchies (I am sure the feeling is mutual) we joined on the Rat side. In PVP zone you have no option but to attack the other player so I am not sure what we could otherwise have been expected to do. Its the PVP zone - you go there expecting PVP. If there was an alliance, actions in the PVP zone can't reasonably be expected to impact on that.
  15. I'd like to see an option to purchase additional ship tows. I certainly appreciate the current free daily one and that has been a great help in avoiding unproductive game time. I would like to see this as a permit available from the Admiralty for a substantial cost in doubloons or marks. I'd suggest something like 10000 dubs, 1 Victory mark or 5 Combat Medals.
  16. Ah ok, I haven't spent any time on PVE server so wasn't aware of that.
  17. Hey there, each nation has its own Admiralty store. Off memory, if you are in a national port its the centre icon at the bottom of the screen. This is where you can also buy upgrades eg Bow Figures for doubloons and other stuff for doubloons or combat medals etc.
  18. I'd love to see some form of return to the (very) old open world days - ship combat on the open seas and those storms that we used to fight in. Those were really good fun.
  19. I like this idea and thank you for the time and effort you have put into developing it.
  20. Yes, this happens to me as well - Dell and using Windows 10/64 bit. I get it maybe once or twice a week .
  21. oh yes, we suffer all right- I normally play at the end of my work day in my office in Central Auckland. I'm on a fibre connection and my ping at best is 295-300. If I am at home (rural Auckland to be fair) on ADSL its normally around 400.
  22. Lots to like in this update, great job Devs. I am particularly happy to see some clan management tools at last. Huzzah! One thing I'd like to suggest as a tweak is the concept of ammo loadouts. I like the idea of limiting shot but I wonder if it would be more interesting and challenging if you had to decide what shot to load. Shot types e.g Chain, Standard, Double etc could be a craftable item which would open up more opportunities for crafting and income generation for crafters. If the shot also had an impact on your cargo capacity we could well see captains having to strike a balance be
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