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  1. He did mention a timer for this effect: "two weeks pass." So alts would need to be recreated every two weeks.
  2. Um... Or you could just have nations with individual crafters choosing their bonuses at their shipyards. I'd rather not be a part of one big clan, maybe that's why I'm not...
  3. Are you going to actually discuss the solutions I presented? If you want, you could go make your suggestion in it's own thread instead of as a reply here.
  4. A good idea. What about nations that don't have capitals though?
  5. This is part of the reason I suggested changing how port bonus investments work here: https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/31540-observations-on-the-state-of-the-game-and-possible-solutions/
  6. If you cannot craft ships with port bonuses, it's going to be a really tough road to hoe. Hard to adapt when you don't have any ports left... You can use your DLC ships, but then, who takes them out for port battles? You can capture 3rd, 2nd, and 1st rates now, except their wood types suck and they have not port bonuses. I did not say it was impossible, what I was getting at was, the majority of players would probably not find that fun. I really like the last idea. Having a series of battles is an excellent idea. RvR mechanics would not allow for zerg nation to do
  7. Crafting and economy when another nation takes over. https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/31150-port-bonus-for-all-for-a-clan-set-crafting-tax-on-crafting-materials-pls-read/ What happens when an enemy nation captures your nation's ship building and crafting ports? Short answer, that economy ceases to exist. Long answer, your outposts remain, you cannot teleport to them, you cannot produce resources in them, all of your crafting materials are still in the warehouse (1000s of goods, possibly more than 4 Indiamen full), and you cannot use your level 3 shipyard to produce ships, which took many ho
  8. Yeah, Santiago was painful to watch. Especially since all my crafting was setup there.
  9. Or you could just block them in chat...
  10. Not necessarily... Bigger nations could screen out smaller ones or take the treasure first like what happens with the fleet wrecks currently. I like the idea though.
  11. That's true, but it doesn't have to be over bonuses or resources. It could be something like nation X has an admiralty mission to take xyz port and gets rewarded (rewards could be anything, like doubloons, reals, resources, books, chests, etc.), OR there could be a way to 'win' the game where X nation gets a certain number of points for port captures and number of ports held, if they get to a certain number of points first for most ports held or captured they get some truly special reward before the map resets and the round starts over.
  12. Appreciate your work! In the ship compare, White Oak - White Oak builds with Hull 4 the fire resistance jumps from 0 to 20%. On Caguarian - White Oak it only goes from 9 to 11%. Is that accurate? Doesn't seem to matter which ship is selected. Also, Hull HP doesn't update at all from the wood frame data.
  13. And now they patched it so rum and repairs don't give XP anymore. I think a rebalance of crafting XP earned is in due order. Sincerely,
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