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  1. And now they patched it so rum and repairs don't give XP anymore. I think a rebalance of crafting XP earned is in due order. Sincerely,
  2. Or repairing. Having to repair in 1v1 NPC battles is just annoying.
  3. Yes! I've advocated for this already:
  4. I think boarding needs more overhaul than just this idea, but it's a good start.
  5. That's the issue, economy is not healthy, just take a look at the shops. In my opinion, there is a need for both. Not everyone enjoys economy/crafting, not everyone likes RvR. If one aspect of the game sucks, the others suffer because players don't stick around for long in a game they don't enjoy.
  6. I understood it to mean things like resources (forests, farms, etc.) not ship bonuses. Are port bonuses available after being taken off the friends list? That's not the point of this discussion, but our thanks to you, Gregory, and SNOW. I think you missed the point of this. With proper game mechanics there should not be any ability to "leech" at all. It should be player based investments, yes, but not locked behind clan friend list. This is what taxes are for. Clan that owns the port collects taxes (or should if they don't anymore). This points to the fundamental flaw of the current game mechanic. Big clans immediately take all ports and then expect other small clans and individuals to help, even though they might not be able to as much as yourself, especially if they play casually. If mechanic allowed players to pay for their own crafting developments / port bonuses individually, this problem wouldn't exist. Bonuses should be available to all who invest in it, not solely to those the owning clan picks and chooses. Here are my thoughts on how to fix this: 1. Port owners receive taxes from development costs and trades made on shop (this includes doubloons and reals). Clans that own the port can invest in defenses however they see fit. They should be able to set the tax rate between 5% and 50%. The lower tax rate incentivizes economic activity and the higher rate deters it. 2. Individuals and clans can invest in ports which generates revenue for port owner to use in defense. Individuals and clans that have invested heavily will naturally want to protect the port. 3. Implement the changes Anolytic mentions: Sincerely,
  7. This is a really good idea. Another well made point. I believe this is part of the reason why Pirates of the Burning Sea had map resets, i.e., ports returned to original nationality after a nation won the map, based on certain conditions. Probably need something like that so there is a "win" condition that resets port nationality. Otherwise, RvR becomes broken with the "front line" mechanic and it doesn't seem to have much of a point other than having large battles, especially when/if huge nations control most of the map.
  8. What about 1v1 fights? We do understand this and do work with other clans. We have maybe 3-5 active players at this time.
  9. This. Also, shouldn't be locked behind clan friend lists. Huge discussion/argument about this in the GB discord server. Basically, one clan decided that it would be selective in who would get access to bonuses and people that had invested setting up their shipyard in that port were effectively cut off from them. This is a bad mechanic that divides nation players and can be abused in the future.
  10. I've noticed actual speeds are based on weight. So thing's like cannons and hold items decrease it. The speed you see in the shop is the actual speed without any weight in the boat, i.e. no cannons, consumables, etc. I actually made a spreadsheet that calculates your actual speed based on weight in the hold and speed bonuses so I can see exactly how fast I can go at certain weights. But I digress. You are right, there are some inconsistencies with how speed is displayed on ships that are docked vs. ones you set as your main. It would be nice to see this rectified. Sincerely,
  11. What about small clans? We are trying to ally with bigger clans but seems there is a limit to how many clans can reap the rewards at a port. This is extremely limiting to smaller, more casual clans. Some of my clan mates don't think it's worth going out to PvP now as they get destroyed by bigger clans that have access to ship bonuses.
  12. Is your goal to increase number of players per coalition for RvR purposes? I don't like that coalitions will be forced. Essentially just making 5 nations with some flying different flags. Why don't you just remove some of the smaller nations and have all nations at "war" with each other, that way alliances can change organically, as it is now. Less confusion that way.
  13. Nothing is more unreasonably expensive than buying ships from crafters. Reals and doubloons is what I lack the most due to my PvE aversion. My crafting setup allows me to make ships for almost nothing and I occasionally help out fellow PvPers by giving them ships just as I have been given ships by other PVPers for free. It's unreasonably expensive because econ has never been great and the model keeps shifting. Certainly it will always be cheaper** to craft your own, otherwise no one would sell anything. **(in money/reals whatever we're using these days, but not time. It always takes time to craft, that's the trade off). However, with enough people to compete, the prices should generally become lower (i.e. be more competitive), but the market has to be fair and free in order for that to work. Fair and free meaning resources can be reasonably obtained, with some being more rare but not as difficult as they are now, i.e. less restrictions. Also, I think @TheLoneWolf mentioned earlier in this thread some suggestions that would work or help alleviate current issues, in my opinion. Yes, here they are: I think there are many reasons why economy has never been the greatest, but the leading reason has to be @admin just never really intended for this game to be economy based, and I believe it was originally brought in to satisfy the many requests for it. The economy/crafting system delivered for a time, but was never really quite there yet, and now, like LoneWolf, I am not sure where it will go. Sincerely,
  14. Just to add this to the relevant topic. Yes, 'fire as she bears' would be a nice option. The game engine would have to know which ship to target, either expecting you to aim the first shot and the rest 'fire as she bears' at the target or having a soft lock, could both be simple solutions. Having to aim each swivel would be extremely difficult and would often times be tedious, it should be automatic (once you assign crew) with the option to aim, in my opinion. Scratch that, keep it automatic. As far as I know, swivel cannon were used for close range and were very effective against boarders or crew on the other ship using round or grape shot. Pretty much useless against ship's armor. I think in addition to this, muskets (served out to crew) and marines should act as sharp shooters doing damage to crew within range of the ship (they are already in game, but they only count as boarding mods currently). Since marines are already assigned just have small arms fire start doing damage to crew within 300 yards getting more accurate as it gets closer, like so: 300 yards (extreme range very inaccurate) 100 yards (much better accuracy, 65%) 50 yards (accuracy, 75% or 80%) 10 yards (almost point blank, max accuracy, not necessarily 100% more like 90% or 95%) Should not be able to kill all the crew this way though, as some aren't visible, below decks, etc.
  15. I agree, but a smaller ship should definitely out maneuver a first rate. This sounds way too complicated. Personally, I think something like small arms and swivels are a better solution. You could effectively kill off his crew (potentially) without boarding if he is too close. I never liked determined defender in it's current state either; too much like magic.
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