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  1. could be countered with proper ransom and abandon ship mechanics. A lot of these are in UA: Age of Sail. So at least the devs already thought about it
  2. So basically the idea is to get rid of ahistorical nations via implementing something that is even more ahistorical? This is kind of hypocrite imho. Making the game even more clan based and change the 4-5 major nations into mostly PvE nations or at least keeping them out of RvR and so limiting content to an even smaller player base that join the so called hardcore faction? I honestly don't see a necessity for all of this. Everything you want is already possible. Well, except for real control and modification of ports by the owner. That is a thing I also would really like to see, that the owner
  3. If you also want to use some variations maybe this can help. March: Like Salty already wrote "marschieren" is the correct verb. If you want to use it as a command (march!) it would be "Marsch!". Combine with forward like "March forward" it is: "Vorwärts marsch!" Double quick (Run): Rennen is the correct verb. You can use it also as a command "Rennen!". In the Bundeswehr you often hear "Marsch marsch!" as a general command to move your ass a little bit quicker :D. But I don't know if t
  4. Ok some say, that the current 2 min timer is not enough to always allow everybody who saw the battle starting to join in time. I totally believe that but isn't it more because we have to sail to those annoying small join circles instead of joining at the edge of something? Aren't they the biggest hindrance to get to a battle in time? We sometimes literally have to sail once through the whole battle area to join. So we first get rid off that again and then talk about join timers. Also the size of potential join circle is important. We had one in the past, which was way to small and allowed
  5. Giant pull circle like we had one day (as far as you can see) and on top of that a 30 sec timer (maybe even a minute) for the ones who magically saw their friends disappear into nothing. Those can join on the edge of the pull circle. And then it is closed. You fight what you see and you have enough time to somehow drag that giant pull circle over your friends if they are not that close to you (especially with our tiny tag circles where the enemy has to get very close first). Except you sail alone and meet a big hostile fleet. Those ganks can't be prevented. Not fun for you but just bad luck.
  6. This is looking very good and promising! I always dreamed a bit about a combination of naval action and UG for the land part. This is a good alternative.
  7. Inspired by @Angus MacDuff and also actually quite common sense Give an unarmed basic cutter to every bigger ship as a tender/ship's boat. Players can launch the cutter in the OW to enter shallow ports which they normally can't visit or to simply check the ports shop when the wind isn't in your favor and you want to safe time. No resources or trade goods can be taken by the cutter. Only a limited amount of repairs and rum (If you are able to find a port that has them 😒) and maybe even doubloons? While you are on your cutter, your main ship isn't moving and an easy target. If it g
  8. Reintroduction of 2 circle insta close mechanic (I also think this was the best yet) and after the crossed swords appear, players who didn't get pulled in but can see the swords have 20 (30 or 10?) seconds to reserve a spot to join within the next minute. After that it's closed for ever and the swords instantly disappear. If they should join at the edge of the large circle or we keep the 2 opposite join zones or introduce some totally different join zones is debatable. This way players, who see a battle starting but didn't get pulled aren't frustrated because they still have a chance to
  9. Ok, we will see. I definitely look forward to your proposed solo patrol zones and other PZ roe changes.
  10. Ehm, so this also means that the majority of ships used are Le Req and Hercules right or am I thinking wrong here? So why is that so? How many of the ships that sank Hercs and Requins were also Hercs and Requins? We have so many ships in this game and only 3 of them already make 55% of deaths on the server? There are a lot more who didn't sink too. I can't remember when I last saw a player in a Cerberus. Even Surprises are relatively rare (Granted that this can be a subjective observation and I simply don't meet them) While I agree that you can easily capture your PVP 5th rates, you ca
  11. Sounds like a good quality of life feature. And in general regarding alts. Is it a reasonable practice to reject good ideas just because it could also help players with alt accounts? In the end this can lead to a frustrated player base that don't get certain features that could improve gameplay. Players with alts simply won't care.
  12. Having to evade NPCs isn't what makes sailing less boring. Having to actually sail a bit more and fighting waves and the wind in general via adjusting sail area or trim with active rudder inputs is what would make it more interesting. Besides the factor wind there isn't much "sailing" in the OW. But I can also see that many don't what to constantly adjust and watch their ship during a cruise from Kingston to Aves. EDIT: aggressive coast guard NPCs in safe zones though sounds interesting. Or even hired and equipped by clans.
  13. So If I understand your statement right then this is a deliberate gameplay decision and there is no chance to get a correct height map for the region and additional cosmetic and visual features to bring beauty and variety to the Caribbean?
  14. Well, in a way you can say that the officers are just fancy names for books since they completely replace the book knowledge system. Yes they are needed to sail effectively but you can also sail a ship without them. This would be the equivalent to a ship without used knowledge slots. But officers shouldn't be hard to get. You ask the admiralty and they "assign" them to you. From then on they are yours and gradually gain experience by sailing and fighting with you and thus give higher bonuses from battle to battle. A player should be able to have several officers of one kind (multiple surgeons,
  15. Hello fellow sailors this will be a long reading. On the 28 August 2018 @admin posted this at the bottom of page 3 of the patch 26 thread I always had some thoughts about this and now want to share it and explain how I imagine a new officer and crew system could potentially look like. First of all I always thought that crew in this game stays to much on the sideline and has no real value other than being needed to crew a ship. Sure we have to pay a certain amount of reals to replace lost sailors but atm these are peanuts and nobody should have a problem to pay for crew. If you cons
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