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  1. Cecil Selous

    Moderation rules

    "feeling like talking to a wall" is not a really heavy insult in my opinion. It is a fairly common phrase used in german or english to express a slight frustration if you might feel that your counterpart in a discussion doesn't really listen to you and don't understand you or sometimes doesn't want to understand you. Heck, I use it often when I discuss or argue with friends. It is in no way a hostile insult or of a magnitude that justifies a permanent ban. @admin I think you overreacted a bit here.
  2. And that's how it should be. Getting reports about the enemy disrupting your trade or attacking your fellow nationals and sailing out to find and fight them. Revenge ganking in the form where it causes trouble and isn't liked by many, totally skips the part, where you have to find them. It also doesn't give the ones in the instance a chance to avoid it (other than not going there at all). Of course it is maybe satisfying to see gankers getting ganked, but I think that it is still a huge problem. Especially now that you have your most valuable lot in your hold and players spawn on their fleet ships in the exact same place where the battle started when they lose their main ship in the instance while their fleet could successfully escape.
  3. Invisibility that works both ways maybe. You can't be seen and you can't see anything too (if that is possible).
  4. While I agree with @Liq on that matter and not with you @admin, this picture accurately describes revenge ganking. This lion probably attacked a herd of buffalos and went after the weakest one respectively the easiest prey for him. His bigger and stronger buddies choose to run and not to help although if they would stand all together from the start they can prevent the attack or even chase him away. After a while they changed their mind and decided to attack that one lion (or his buddies in other cases). Usually the prey is already dead at that point. One difference though. Normally, not several hours pass between attack and counter attack. Ah, yeah, and the lion won't survive ... I start to believe that this historical setting isn't suited for a MMO or multiplayer at all if you want to keep it authentic or realistic. Not a good comparison imho.
  5. As I learned today, I have to do the weekly frigate challenge in a 4th rate. If this is true and I didn't overlook something, can this be fixed to 5th rate so we actually need to use frigates. Or call it 4th rate challenge.
  6. And 3 trader snows are easy money. A lot of traders I see don't sail in Indiamans all the time. I can imagine that for those traders this feature will negatively affect their playing experience. When I can attack a smaller tradefleet, I often try to get as much as possible but also often just have to arrange with the fact that I can only capture or sink one of them. The rest got away and escaped. They definitely earned it. Now I can possible just concentrate on the player ship from the start, knowing that the others will spawn outside with me and are ready to get tagged again. This is basically the same problem we always had with revenge fleets. Players who successfully escape have to get some kind of advantage and we should try to come up with solutions, which grant a notable advantage without making it too easy or a shortcut (like teleport to port etc.). The tiny invisibility timer isn't enough imho.
  7. Cecil Selous

    Pvp Rewards

    And that is the main dilemma with NA. That only a few wood combinations and few permanent mods are considered good ships that are useful. Even only 3/5 ships aren't worth to keep for some. Plus of course what Archaos said. You need one perk slot to capture and keep a ship if you don't want to lose your main ship. We once could send captured ships to port. This was obviously abused to teleport ships. Maybe there is a way to get a similar mechanic back. For example you can only send it back to the last port you visited. But on the other hand this would make it again possible to evade enemies by tagging small AI and change ships. I bet sending home ships via AI in the OW is too much to ask regarding the max number of bots and server performance but it sounds so good. The big downside to that is the risk to lose your prize again is also way higher because of low crew number and stupid AI. Again big argument against apparently the value of capturing ships as the highest possible reward. So in the end you just sink them again and take the immediate reward, which is lower but therefor guarantied. This is tricky to balance. The devs have the idea of giving high value to the ships themselves. A large part of the playerbase just want higher monetary rewards for sinking ships. EDIT: I don't know the content of explicitly pvp missions yet but they could be the way to higher rewards. Like you take one at the beginning of your day. Sink what you can sink and at the end of your day you claim the extra rewards from the admiralty for everything you could kill or capture that day. Doubloons according the the ships BR, rate, whatever. No missions for specific rates or ships. Rewards for everything that was a player. (Plus of course the standard rewards in battle) EDIT 2: this is somehow just the same as increasing the normal rewards for pvp battles. Well, then just increase the rewards to a reasonable level
  8. All this damn crying for more PVP is often extremely hypocrite imho. You want PVP? go out and find all those other guys who also cry for more PVP. Oh, what do you say? You don't get as much doubloons as some PVE trader hunters? So, does that really mean you just want doubloons and not PVP? And it better be easy, right? Hence ganking is so much loved in NA and other games of the kind.
  9. I found both white oak carrying traders on the complete opposite site of the map near Guayaguayare. That was either a really long haul or it is still kind of random where they spawn with certain goods.
  10. I attacked maybe 15 AI traders since the patch hit and two of them were full with white oak. One had pino ocote log and another was full with oak logs. The 3300 and something doubloon LGV was a nice bonus too. Others carried just a few trading goods due to the 100 weight limit and only one was empty. So I think it is a great change that trader hunting (AI or players) has a real economic impact now. Theoretically it should also generate options for pvp with the need to protect those ports and shipping lanes. But I can also see that it might be a problem when only a few traders carry the majority of the valuable logs. Merge the servers! Clans need dedicated PVE players now
  11. Small thing I noticed. If you have a custom paint on a ship it doesn't show in the port UI.
  12. I didn't pvp in the new patch yet but if it is right what RKY says, that you get 20k reals for pvp kill of a 5th rate, then it is way more rewarding than pve. Only regarding reals though except your enemy sails with a lot doubloons. Yesterday I took a L'Ocean out and sank a 5th rate fleet of 11 ships. Payout was "only" 26k reals. Regarding doubloons I don't know it now. Just captured 2 AI LGVs and one had nothing but the with first one I had luck and he had 3368 doubloons on board. This was a matter of minutes. And atm I care much more about reals than doubloons. Sure I am not a crafter so my demand for them is not that high but with old contracts, prizes and people not accustomed to the new values yet, reals are what I need.
  13. Cecil Selous

    Free Ports & PvP Zones

    Sounds reasonable but how? I can't think of a way to control this right now except maybe not allowing to dock with ships of the line. On the other hand with my suggestion it is still possible to blockade a free port to a degree. It would work for outgoing traffic which can be followed until you leave the small safe zone. It is more a quality of life feature for incoming ships that approach the port and have a slightly better chance to avoid getting ganked right in front of it. And like I said, free ports that work as trading hubs between nations can only really work if there is an actual purpose of trading with other nations. I don't see that right now.
  14. Cecil Selous

    Free Ports & PvP Zones

    I have a totally different opinion about the subject. It wrote about it before and it's kinda radical and I bet only few would agree but I still think free towns should be safe havens and not the most dangerous places around. Inside a small circle around free towns there should be no attacking allowed at all. And when I say small I really mean small. Maybe 1 and 1/2 times larger then the visibility range or even smaller and never including another port (La Tortue will be still a dangerous place but well). How often did I sailed home after a few hours just to find the typical waiting enemy player or group sitting in front of the free town. No way around it. With a small zone of total safety they can still camp the edges. Others have to plan and choose the direction of approach which they think is the safest. Free towns are meeting places and trade hubs for friend and foe (at least they should be imho besides the poor in game trading) with unrestricted access. Hell even pirates are allowed. Whoever commits violent acts inside a certain area around free towns gets exiled ("no business inside the continental"). The occasional bar fight is still permitted and won't be prosecuted Beyond that, it is free for all. Camping or blockading national towns is a common tactic in wars, nothing to argue against. But free and neutral towns should live up to their name.