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Found 7 results

  1. Inspired by @Angus MacDuff and also actually quite common sense Give an unarmed basic cutter to every bigger ship as a tender/ship's boat. Players can launch the cutter in the OW to enter shallow ports which they normally can't visit or to simply check the ports shop when the wind isn't in your favor and you want to safe time. No resources or trade goods can be taken by the cutter. Only a limited amount of repairs and rum (If you are able to find a port that has them 😒) and maybe even doubloons? While you are on your cutter, your main ship isn't moving and an easy target. If it gets attacked during that, then AI will take over in the instance. So it is a very risky move. The cutter can't attack and can only join battles, in which your main ship is involved to allow you to get back on board somehow. For that the main ship must always count as a fleet ship and follow your orders. Therefor a new command is probably needed otherwise good luck with trying to get back on it. Is it reasonable or does it take away the need to sail shallow ships too much?
  2. Opinions appear to vary on this but it seems like sailing into the scenery should be potentially costly. Speed dropping to zero after hitting shallows/shoreline could initiate a five-second countdown timer. If the captain has not gotten clear within that period a battle window opens where three things happen. 1) You've run around and a damage mechanic goes to work on the hull. 2) A button appears to refloat the ship. The amount of damage done, and whether you get refloated would be probability calculations based on whether the wind is onshore or off, the amount of cargo in the hold, and timing intervals. 3) The sharks are invited. Sooner or latter a hostile AI shows up. And crossed swords appear in open world inviting other players to attack / defend while you are trying to refloat.
  3. Current shallow mechanics can be defined as followed : - shallow warning is systematic and automatic, - ships immediately stop, without any damage nor beaching. Shallows are of no danger for NA ships. Primary functions of the current system seem to be : - to prevent ships to sail through lands, - keep off large ships from some areas, - and create a path into ports (simulating RL entries into ports) . Could we expect someday shallow mechanics where : - detection isn’t as systematic or as accurate as now or would be (partly) manual, - shallows / sandbanks are a danger (shipwrecks, hull damage…) ?
  4. Had a quick search for weather suggestions, came up blank (assume there are some though)... Thoroughly enjoying the game. I really like sim games and realism in my games, I'm especially fond of the Arma series, so map reading and navigation was a skill that could really turn the tide of a battle. I've a couple of suggestions for adding realism to the Open World. I would like to see areas of the Open World that have very different weather, including wave height, wind strength and tidal influences, some of these effects should be so strong as to actually damage, wreck or throw your ship off course. I also think shallows should be dangerous. wrecks should be seen on coasts or driftwood floating in the seas. Variable Winds would be really interesting in Battles, cutting winds entirely or making the area so dangerous for your Vessel than retreating would be more sensible than fighting. Masts and sails could be damaged unless you tacked? back on your sails. Tidal Influences would make for tougher time navigating, especially over larger differences. River mouths could influence the flow of water near their outlet. Shallows could damage your ship and you could be able to run aground. It might take some time to pull your ship back from shallows and initiate a repair. I think the addition of options likes these would make the Open World more realistic. I think it might lend some weight to navigation, make it more enjoyable to master and to make it feel like navigating an Ocean opposed to moving a ship icon around a map. Crosbie
  5. Hopefully this is is the correct category. I hope, with every fiber of my being, that the devs get rid of shallows. I recently just found myself in the port of Saint Nicolas with shallows on my left and right so ridiculously close together, and the wind blowing directly at me, that I couldn't get out of the bay. Not only that but this feature is more tedious than it is realistic. There are countless ports I have trouble accessing even though they have nothing around them. I once even had problems entering Bahia Honda due to shallows yet I was straight in front of it. Thoughts?
  6. In the Open world, global map, and related topics the idea of shoals has come up. I think it warrants deeper discussion, so I'm starting a new thread to pick up where tater and SirThorne have left off. I'm all for having to worry about shoals and the like, though I will note two challenges in doing it well on the open sea: time compression and map resolution. They're kind of twinned, too. For example, it sounds like the initial play area planned is the North Atlantic. This would probably include the Netherlands which has (and had) waterways that were somewhat infamous for their shoals -- to the point where even Dutch warships often had to be put into special cradles (called 'camels') to float them in and out of harbour. The problem is, I won't be sailing in real-time but accelerated at an arbitrary rate -- and the representation of my ship is going to be many, many times what it technically should be (otherwise I couldn't see it on the map!). So coming in to Rotterdam I'll be trying to thread a needle with an elephant flying at supersonic speeds. That's... not going to work so well. I can think of two ways of dealing with this problem offhand: 1) All approaches to harbour or anchorage happen in "real-time" at "real-scale."* This provides the necessary resolution to have meaningful areas through which only small ships could pass, and the necessary time to allow depth sounding, manoeuvre, etc. This comes at a price of -- probably -- frustrating a great many players. ("Ugh, I HATE the anchoring mini-game!") 2) Shallows are only representatively mapped, so passages through them (where available) are large enough that even a 1st-rate SoL can navigate through them with a little room to spare at map speeds. This is arguably more playable for the majority of people, but far less meaningful; you don't have time to sound for depth, so the shoals are bound to be arbitrarily safe for any ship below a certain size or class (say frigates or smaller). Neither case is ideal. There are probably others that aren't jumping to mind at this hour for me (I've not even finished my 1st coffee of the day). So, what do YOU think? Let's discuss! * By "real-time, real-scale" I mean whatever passes for the slowest game speed and highest resolution, as neither are likely to be absolutely true-to-life.
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