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  1. I have to say as an engineer i am most intrigued by the ship designer and i can't wait to try this game. I looks very interesting sofar.
  2. Is it finally happening? I have been waiting for year on some mayor balancing and nerfing of mods and the like.
  3. I did send in my applycation aswell, i am curious to see how the dynamic world and the stealth mechanic will work in that setting.
  4. Yes it has always been that way for me as well as long as i can remember (i do play since sea trails).
  5. Of all the dlc i only bought the herc for less then 6 € and i only have one account i bought in dec 2014 for 36€. Atm i don't realy have much intention to spend any money on NA, although i spend over 4.4k hours playing the game. But i will wait and see how thing will develop till release.
  6. Oh no, see what you did there you even went to far for jodgi. Shame they didn't take the upgrade system form NAL and brought it to NA: OW. I have to say i like the artwork and love to detail in all the refit, upgrades and so on, but they should put more time and effort in balancing all that stuff properly....
  7. Sofar i only saw one Npc sail though the fort island just south of Amalienburg once, but i did make a F11 report about it.
  8. Ok relogging into steam did fix it for me aswell.
  9. And there i was sad i couldn't test the pandora and thinking it would only come out at release. I have the same problem, i bought the game dec 2014, but i have no pandora dlc.
  10. I am intrigued. It looks very promising so far.
  11. You can navigate by dead reckoning farly easy in this game, since there is no drift. We used to play the game with out map in the first ow test phase and you could still make landfall near the port you wanted to go to after long open sea trips, but there was also the lurking danger of getting lost (no trader tool back then). Sometimes i think all the qualtiy of live things (tp, trade tool, sextant perk, multi repairs in battle...) are makeing the game just boring.
  12. I would be up for some testing aswell, once some testers are needed
  13. All the Bp that were moved to the academy seem to be bugged now, if you double click on them you won't get the crafting window popup like with the other stuff.
  14. there is a cap of 10k doubloons on the testbed, most doubloons there go to the ships hold first, but i haven't test what happens if you get more (from like pvp that goes strait to the chest) and you have allready have a full chest (only on slot for doubloons in it).
  15. After collecting my reward for the weekly challange i noticed that the stack size for doubloons is only 10k, so you can't carry more then 10k doubloons with you in your chest and have to store the rest in you warehouse(s).
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