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  1. I am intrigued. It looks very promising so far.
  2. You can navigate by dead reckoning farly easy in this game, since there is no drift. We used to play the game with out map in the first ow test phase and you could still make landfall near the port you wanted to go to after long open sea trips, but there was also the lurking danger of getting lost (no trader tool back then). Sometimes i think all the qualtiy of live things (tp, trade tool, sextant perk, multi repairs in battle...) are makeing the game just boring.
  3. I would be up for some testing aswell, once some testers are needed
  4. All the Bp that were moved to the academy seem to be bugged now, if you double click on them you won't get the crafting window popup like with the other stuff.
  5. there is a cap of 10k doubloons on the testbed, most doubloons there go to the ships hold first, but i haven't test what happens if you get more (from like pvp that goes strait to the chest) and you have allready have a full chest (only on slot for doubloons in it).
  6. After collecting my reward for the weekly challange i noticed that the stack size for doubloons is only 10k, so you can't carry more then 10k doubloons with you in your chest and have to store the rest in you warehouse(s).
  7. i managed to get 5500 doubloons from the line ship challange and 500 doubloons form the frigate one, but for me the rules and condions are not very clear for the challange. What i gathered from trying them, you need to kill the given amount of ships in as few battles as possible and for the ships you kill to have a high BR.
  8. You need to move the slider to the right, so the amout says 1 (at least)
  9. The same goes for the hunt / seek and destroy missions since they are not bound to rate, you can just go hunting with big ships in safe waters and do them easily. Like killing 5th rates or trincs when you are sailing a bellona is not difficult but gives you big rewards. My highst reward mission sofar was to kill 6 3rd rates (Bellona74) for two epic chests (one of them turned out to be a deadman chest), it wasn't realy difficult in a bellona and would have been easy in a buc or a 1st rate.
  10. You need to hover your mouse over the rate number to get a ship stat window for in shop ships.
  11. I still remember when we were leveling without the missions and people where caming the respawn point of good fleets and then all jump them to get kills and assits for exp, but i remember it more cooparative then much fighting about it (also it was only for the exp back then)
  12. I think the path to the teleport could stream linied abit or maybe a shortcut direct to teleport/managed outpost window?
  13. One repair is 100 HP per side, right? Putting total and relative amount of recovered HP per repair in could be usefull.
  14. you can use the dlcs, but you have to grind ship slots and skillbooks on the testbed (you need to make a new character on the testbed).
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