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  1. Ok thanks for the clearifcation. I find it a bit odd that the conditions is given in percent, since sunken ships are integer and we a players don't know the runding rules you using. Here it seems to be rounded up, 12 * 0.7 = 8,4 , but i had to sink 8 TB and 2 CA to trigger victory. Maybe it would be better to give something like: sink 10 out of 12 ship or sink 10 TB
  2. I remember i had a the bc or dreathnough mission crashing just as i wached a large BC shell hit a one of the CL. So far i haven't had many CTD (about 3) while i finished all academy missions.
  3. Ok, somehow i just finshed the dd mission, but without reaching the given objektives (sink 70% of the enemy ships and 100% of the TB). After killing both CA and 7 TB i was running out of time, just befor the timer run out i killed TB Nr 8, never the less the mission was counted as a sucess.
  4. There are some things you can do to increase your over all accuracy. Easiest and often mentioned is to set you speed from flank to full (cruise speed), then you of couse want the good main / rear tower. Also you need to keep an eye on pitch and roll of your ship in the desginer, big values here give you an overall decresed accuracy. I often find that puting on secundarys / casement guns will increse roll alot those render all guns less effective. If you take damaging fire from long range you can also increase your deck armor for better protection from plunging fire. I found BC to be very effective: put on 4-5 double barraled turrets of the same main guns (bigger tend to be more accurate), around 80 mm deck amor, get to around 35 kn top speed. Skip all secondarys. Then pumble the bbs from medium range with HE.
  5. that is a very bold statement, any sources for that? Both the americans and the german had problems with the depth steering (torps were running to deep) and the detonators (impact and magnetic) at the start of the war, but where able to fix most of those. The german fixed the problems with the magnetic detonators by the end of 1943 and the americans stop using them. The magnetic detonators, while less relaible and affected my local changes in the magnetic field, did work.
  6. Did try the protect convey mission with 3 dds and 3 quad 21" Torp launcher, but the BC (bulkhead where on max though) was just dmg saturated after the first few salvos hitting it. Not funny to see 5-6 torps hitting it at the same time doing 90 to 120 dmg each. I think i hit that one with at least 20-30 21" torps and got him to down to about 20% structure. IRL it ofcouse mattered a lot what kind of torp (size of the warhead) with what kind of detonator (impact / magnetic) and what deep setting hit the ship. Deep running torp with (working) magnetic detonator devastated most ships since most of the blast power it hitting the weak underside of the ship and breaks it's keel. While shallow running torps with impact detonator hitting the torp bulge are way less effektive, since the bulges are designed to migrate the blast dmg and a lot of the blast is not effecting the ship directly.
  7. i came close to finshing it 2 or 3 times sofar out of maybe 20 tries or so. Sofar 3 or 4 dds with 5" and gun tech seem to go the furthist for me, but i run out of time or ammo or got hampert by eating torp when not baby sitting a ships. Personaly i find the low hit ratio very fustrating, leading me to play in to high time compression and then getting torped.
  8. Is it just me or are small gun basically useless atm? I was trying different things in the dds vs torp boat mission. But for the live of me the dds are not able to do much dmg vs the torp boats with their guns. I did try to maximise the dds stability and did try the 4" as well 5" guns (no mixing) with gun focus on the mission. I got pitch down to about 8 and only 0.8 roll. The best i manged to get was about 12% hit ration in battle (form about 45% base) vs torp boats. But even with lyddite II and super heavy shells my dds do almost no dmg to the tb, while the enemy CAs pick my dds a part. Sofar it looks like you have to have a good rng BB build to take apart the Tbs and hope for some lucky torp hits on the Tbs.
  9. An option to influnce the beam and the lenght, or at least the beam to lenght ratio might be good. Often i find that there is not enought room next to the main tower to place any good secondarys or the roll of the ship just increases to much (decreasing the overall accuracy to much) so i often go with out any secondarys.
  10. I did try to provke the crash for a crash report, but this time i manged to finsh the mission without problems. I will try again tomorow.
  11. Sofar this is the only mission that did couse the game to ctd for me aswell, tried it 3 time and it always crashed.
  12. I had the smiliar problem after updateing the game. For me the game ask for installing microsoft visual redistributable 2017, but i allready had it installed, so the installer only gave me the option to repair or deinstall the redistributable, if i chose repair and did restart the game tried to install it again the next try. So i tried removing it, then the game update run trough and it did start, but in the start menu i got the flooting ship (no water rendered). I then downloaded and installed the visual redistributable 2017 directly from the ms website and restarted the pc, now the game is working normal for me.
  13. Doctor Bloods Chest has 0.07 Boni (7%) but doesn't seem to add any to splinter protection, if you use it with oak planking you go from 10% to 11% protection, so i guess it might be a rounding thing there. As for the Rudder Half Time, if i got it right it is the time from no rudder to full rudder (or visa vi) and it should decrease with mods like rum ration but it does increase. For ex sample 3rd oak oak 5 s half time goes to 5.6 s with extra rum. If you take a Fir/ Fir trim (no rum) you get 5.2 s again by my take it the time should be shorter then with Oak/Oak.
  14. Many thanks for the great site. While trying around with the mods i noticed to thing that might need double checking, one the Rudder Half Time seems to go higher and not lower when adding improving mods and the splitter protection boni might have the wrong decimal (they all seem to add only below 1% boni, even when the in game stats say 5 or 7%). But keep up the great work.
  15. Naval Action legends failed, because it was setup to fail. Grinding Bots to unlock usable guns is no fun at all. Doing it again and again for every new ship, yeah big wonder not many player stick around for it.
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