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  1. We used to do arranged tafalgar fight in ow and later in the battle rooms and they where a lot of fun. But since the port battles where introduced and the small battle room was removed that kind of fun seems to be dead in this game...
  2. I do remember the time we tested it the first time it they where just annoying and a waste of time. Typically a ship you didn't really want to fight to (big or small) tagged you when you where trying to get somewhere (and got good wind for a change) and where then easy to run from or sink. But normally they stole 5 min of your gaming for nothing.
  3. Almost 4600 h since Dec 2014 on my only account, lets say i have seen alot of NA changes.
  4. Doctor Bloods Chest has 0.07 Boni (7%) but doesn't seem to add any to splinter protection, if you use it with oak planking you go from 10% to 11% protection, so i guess it might be a rounding thing there. As for the Rudder Half Time, if i got it right it is the time from no rudder to full rudder (or visa vi) and it should decrease with mods like rum ration but it does increase. For ex sample 3rd oak oak 5 s half time goes to 5.6 s with extra rum. If you take a Fir/ Fir trim (no rum) you get 5.2 s again by my take it the time should be shorter then with Oak/Oak.
  5. Many thanks for the great site. While trying around with the mods i noticed to thing that might need double checking, one the Rudder Half Time seems to go higher and not lower when adding improving mods and the splitter protection boni might have the wrong decimal (they all seem to add only below 1% boni, even when the in game stats say 5 or 7%). But keep up the great work.
  6. I myself do the couple of trading missions resource hauls in a Fir/Fir very fast LGV with some speed mods. It is fast enough to out run most enemies (i got away from heavily speed build raider group of 3 Trinc + 1 Endy the other day) and i can fight lighter raider if i need/want to.
  7. I am not quite sure why mention me here (i am not a dev or close to them). But for me the solution looks more like decouple the max Lh stored from the crafting rank. Then you only need the crafting rank for building higher rate ships and then it makes some sense to craft some smaller ship first to get crafting rank. You could have something like labour organisation rank (or however you want to call it) that increases by using your Lh and raises your LH cap.
  8. Naval Action legends failed, because it was setup to fail. Grinding Bots to unlock usable guns is no fun at all. Doing it again and again for every new ship, yeah big wonder not many player stick around for it.
  9. 20% by default, but you can get it up to 40% with the right skill, upgrades and peaks.
  10. I have to say as an engineer i am most intrigued by the ship designer and i can't wait to try this game. I looks very interesting sofar.
  11. Is it finally happening? I have been waiting for year on some mayor balancing and nerfing of mods and the like.
  12. I did send in my applycation aswell, i am curious to see how the dynamic world and the stealth mechanic will work in that setting.
  13. Yes it has always been that way for me as well as long as i can remember (i do play since sea trails).
  14. Of all the dlc i only bought the herc for less then 6 € and i only have one account i bought in dec 2014 for 36€. Atm i don't realy have much intention to spend any money on NA, although i spend over 4.4k hours playing the game. But i will wait and see how thing will develop till release.
  15. Oh no, see what you did there you even went to far for jodgi. Shame they didn't take the upgrade system form NAL and brought it to NA: OW. I have to say i like the artwork and love to detail in all the refit, upgrades and so on, but they should put more time and effort in balancing all that stuff properly....
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