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  1. point is to force pvp on those who never pvp. Trolling is when the loki player just runs away during battle. Actually fighting you is the actual fun. I bet if you could sell you Loki runes you would have done so already!
  2. no pls, reason is that people with tons of alts will create tons of clans and have unlimited ships on hand.
  3. do foreman if u play constantly, do overseer if you only play casually.
  4. lets get Portugal in the game :S
  5. pls pls dont make crafting harder, keep it the way it is.
  6. people whining about alts are beating a dead horse. They are here to stay and its not going to ever be revoked. Dev's don't seem to care about forcing a penalty on the top nations in game so its up to the players to do something about it. (which is every so slowly seeming to begin)
  7. 50% of ports are russian and 50% of player base is russian nation (or alt) so you will probably get a big fat no since they pay for probably over 50% of the devs revenue.
  8. just DO it.... (dont limit them, just make it more expensive for the top )
  9. nah, just sail LGV refit and deliver other people missions instead! Or give people an option to switch in open world to trade ship so they can make things easier?
  10. As a relatively new returner to the game, I say that allowing players to capture all ships has been a great boon to me and probobly alot of players because it allows them to gain the experience and confidence needed to be able to get back into the fray. I think the developers need to make a way to tax the top nations by either placing a higher burden on their crew recruitment costs or have a higher tax to their mother kingdom, or whatnot.( because even though having to trade seems like a menial task... especially when the traders are complaining of being ganked! If everybody needs to make mo
  11. Hopefully the ai can strike down some russian ports as well!
  12. ok lets do both our ideas then how does that sound??? Because the devs need to do something, else people are gonna keep leaving and the russian players seem happy about that and dont just keep on expanding into 50% all ports territory.
  13. your thinking too small hulio. The costs of 1st place natoin to keep large navies would be taxed heavily by this and force them to be more cautious. 1st place nation has the most captains but also the most to loose if they loose too many battles. Sure alot of richer 1st place natoin players can afford this no problem but they will have to help pay the costs for thier less rich clan mates to be able to keep up in the 'zerg'. Currently all pay only 4 reals per ships crewman. If first place had to pay 400 per, it would go A LONG WAY to help balancing out the zerg. THINK ABOUT IT.
  14. its not the ship amount that is problem. Devs need to charge 1st place nation 100x price for crew, then 50x for 2nd place, then 20x for 3rd, then so on. 1100 x 400 = alot of grumbling russians!
  15. keep econ simple but make those in top natoins pay more for crew to balance it out.
  16. id like to be able to check perks while im at sea (button is there it just never works)
  17. If tagging people from far away and keeping them in battle is greifing to you fine experts, I suggest you petition to remove the damn 'area control' perk as well!!
  18. do it when major battles are going on and it can be easy, take 6 missions, 1 per man.
  19. tough to say. I would have to say no because boarding is powerful enough as is, and alot of people rely on determined defender so, eh, if u wanna board a ship with that many more crew then you then just bring some friends.
  20. look at the boarding mini game.. your gonna have to wait for NA 2 for something this advanced
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