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  1. May 13th, 1810 NNW of Christiansted, HM Frigate Arethusa, Enemy spotted NNE, enemy is declared a Danish Frigate of 40 guns, Cpt. Sir Sebastian Pendragon gave orders to put the helm down and beat to quarters bringing the Arethusa into action and maneuvered the Arethusa into a long range duel with the Arethusa's longer and heavier guns starting to overtake the enemy, who within tacked and tried to rake the Arethusa which was prevented by the fast thinking of her Captain who put her helm down and turned just before the enemy fired causing most the the enemies shot to fly by causing no damage
  2. December 24th 1819, HMS Temeraire patrolling NE of Xpu Ha, Sail spotted baring SW, Sail is identified as a 2 decked Russian 2nd Rate (Buc), Captain Ramage ordered his crew to Battle Stations and closed on the enemy and started exchanging broadsides, due to the enemy's superior sailing qualities she started gaining the upper hand, so Captain Ramage closed into the shallows luring the enemy to run aground after the Temeraire tacked back into deeper waters, once the enemy was fast aground Captain Ramage ordered the Temeraire's Starboard Broadside to open fire laying into the enemy until she caugh
  3. December 23rd 1819, HMS Temeraire patrolling E off Xpu Ha, call comes from aloft "Sail spotted" to the S sailing N, the sail is identified as a Russian Third Rate, upon the sail being identified Cpt. Ramage, Esq. orders the crew to battle stations, the Temeraire is brought into the wind gaining the weather gauge quickly and closes on the enemy bring his first broadside to bare upon the enemies stern raking her, than pulling off to engage in long range combat using the Temeraire's superior and more powerful broadside, after 5 minutes the enemy ship starts to sink and the surviving Russian crew
  4. St. George Squadron of the White is a British Clan/Society that has been around for over 15 years originating from Pirates of the Burning Sea. We are a RP based Clan that is looking for Mature and like minded members who are ready to prove themselves worthy to be apart of a distinguished and honorable clan. If you are interested in joining send in an application on the recruitment page of our Wiki: https://www.st-george-squadron.com/sgs/wiki/index.php/Category:Recruitment And DM the Secretary of Recruitment Nicholas Ramage II, Esq. on Discord: Nicholas Ramage#1232 Signed,
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