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  1. So this is in form of a mission, so I take it that other players cannot interact with the mission from OW?
  2. Tjena! Ypsil är en helsvensk klan. Skriv till mig i spelet (samma namn) så kan vi snacka mer!
  3. This sounds so amazing, having nations form treasure fleets to move currency around. Even if its not 100% historical accurate (Admin mentioned banknotes in another post) it would still be so much more realistic than what we have now. A big + from me!
  4. I like this, it sounds really good. There is however a small issue that I see. The issue is with the "recently killed" status. Say I only have 2-3 hours to play per day. I go on one of these missions and sink. I now have the "recently killed" status. If I want to complete this mission I have to go out again and deny my enemy the rewards for sinking me. It seems very unfair to the other combatant. Maybe remove the "recently killed" status while sinking on these areas?
  5. Hello! I have an idea regarding these new "special trims" on crafted ships. Right now these special rewards are given at random to crafted ships, and it can also get more perm upgrade slots. How about if these new special trims were given by special ports but the random number of upgrade slots would remain RNG? For example: If you build a ship in Jeremie, it gets a random chance for more perm upgrade slots but it will get agile. Agile ships will always be from Jeremie. The benefits of this would be: * More reasons for holding ports. * Would create more high va
  6. I think that buy contracts for ships is a better way to go.
  7. Hello Devs and Captains! With the pending changes to victory marks (no longer convertible) I believe that the conquest competition has to be changed, to avoid past problems. With these changes, small nations will become weaker and weaker by every passing week, while the big RVR nations will become stronger. The conquest game itself has moved from a national game to a clan based game. So why is the rewards still based on the nation? My suggestions is to make victory marks a clan commodity instead of how they work now. (Numbers and values are suggestions and can be changed.) T
  8. I very strongly believe in rewards for PvP but I think that these rewards should be cosmetic (Ship paints, emblems etc..) and not high end upgrades.
  9. I understand that this must be frustrating. However I do believe that the problem only exists within the nation of France. The game may have many problems, but this imo is not one of them.
  10. It sounds to me like this game is not for you. I think what you are looking for is Legends tbh. There you have no OW sailing, infinite durability and instant action.
  11. I can f*cking read. And the transportation time has been fixed with the ship TOW. That sailing time you are complaining about is not a game problem, its a you problem
  12. "Ships are expensive to replace" includes the ship, the upgrades that you claim to be essential and the time to make them. So you are complain that 20 minutes (!) Is a long time to replace a third rate ship?? And in case you missed it, the devs so kindly implemented a ship teleportation system so that sailing times have been reduced.
  13. So you fight 2 -5 players alone? And then complain that ships are expensive to replace? If thats the case, it has nothing to do with upgrades. I assure you.
  14. If you want to be the best PVPer the Caribbean has ever seen, then sure you need upgrades. I very PVP very often in "non-PVP" equipped ships. Sometimes I win, sometimes I loose, and thats the case even for PVP equipped ships (upgrades). I guarantee you that if you have some skills, upgrades are helpful but not a necessity! But this is always the case in MMO´s. Players with a lot of time and dedication is bound to have these "rare" items that are more powerful. But remember that they run the exact same risk that you do, risk of loosing their ship
  15. For the crying out loud! You do not need the best upgrades or all 5 slots unlocked to do PVP! Just grab, craft or buy a ship, slap some cannons on it and off you go. Sure you might be at a disadvantage but that´s an incentive to fight even harder to win. And the rule I always follow: Don´t sail what you cannot afford to loose. And if you have to sail a ship that you cannot afford to loose, make sure that you sail in a group. People seem to forget that this is a MMO game. Being on the top takes a long ass time and some serious dedication.
  16. If I had the exact diameter in cm I could. But riddle me this, why is this not provided? Is there a reason to keep the zones hidden (from a map that is)?
  17. Has been requested many times, yet still not provided.
  18. I agree that this is boring gameplay (for both the victim and the gankers) but there is ways to protect yourself. Sail with a group of players (Ask if anyone else is sailing in the direction that you are and form a convoy). Have AI ships in fleet (gives you a better chance than alone). Hire other teammates to protect you. Sail in a ship that they can´t catch (traders lynx for example). Avoid ports with high income or that is popular.
  19. So we should just spam chat with this information every 5 minutes or so? Seems like a very odd suggestion from a mod
  20. Oh okay, lets make the game realistic shall we? Combat news? Gone Traders tool? Gone Instantiated battles? Gone Ships doing 30 kn OW? Gone Ship teleports? Gone Basic communication? Gone etc etc etc... Realism must be balanced with game design, otherwise it just doesn't work.
  21. I remember before the safe zones, there was a group of players hunting with LGVs around our capital. They ran away and started hiding in one of our ports. I left after blockading our own port for an hour or so. That is just stupid if you ask me.
  22. There is no going easy in Naval action. Either you win or you loose. And choosing to loose is just stupid.
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