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  1. Storms:- They don't appear when in a port. So looks all sunny and idyllic, then you leave port and its thunder and rain. There is a short period after leaving port before the storm effects are applied. Surely that period can be left as the loading screen. You are unable to see a storm before you are in the storm, when out at sea.
  2. Only way this could work would be if the mechanic created an NPC 'fleet' and it sailed in OW to the destination, with the goods on board to be looted if caught.
  3. I add that it would be useful if Port Improvements can be 'torn down', taking say a week to complete the 'tear down' (to prevent any reactionary abuse regarding defenses). This would allow ports to dynamically redevelop with the ebb and flow of conquest. On a related note, it would also be very useful if the Clan Warehouse had at least 2 parts, so one could be to safeguard high value items (only Officers can withdraw), and the other for mundane items everyone can withdraw (like repairs/rum, majority of books, common upgrades)
  4. Perhaps we could levy a tax on captains each time they use a non-'free' ship. To pay for the free ships. Really boost the incentive to better your position. Welfare on the High Seas!
  5. How would you deal with 3rd party software communication, like Discord?
  6. You created your own rating system with the BR stat. Why not tune events/missions etc to that?
  7. What about a port reset? For example, every 6 months, winning nation declared, ports are reset. Players don't lose their personal assets, except craft buildings (and doubloon costs can be altered to reflect this, perhaps even dynamically changed depending on time left of current 'round'). It might even open the possibility of releasing core nation ports from capture exempt status. However, the biggest obstacle is Prolific Forger - because of that DLC nation populations are much less likely to fluctuate (unlike if the nation change permit was available through admiralty).
  8. By suggesting an economic model, that puts less emphasis on spreadsheets, and more emphasis on putting ships out in the seas? an economic model where players who pvp might be interested in the challenge of sailing an armed trader, because losing the battle isnt going to set them back weeks, and getting the goods to port will have an actual effect on the RvR game? No, i think really you're playing the wrong type of game.
  9. Sure, there could be a crafting system. Preferrably one that focuses on consumables, or cosmetics. But the ship itself? no. Every player needs a ship to play the game (or more accurately every player is a ship). Using the economy to throttle a players ability to play the game is bad. Ships need to be easily replaceable when needed, and standardised. Any advantage or disadvantage should be from player skill, either from ability to sail, or choice of ship for a given goal. What ive put forward is a suggestion of how to integrate the economy with the combat, creating a reason to be on t
  10. Definately numerous, but they need the right buttons to click, and the game needs ships on the water, where the profit of successful sailing is much more than the cost of sinking.
  11. What is this? collecting resources, clicking buttons, putting result on the market. To say it is a niche activity is an understatement. It might hook 1 player in 100, into playing. Also, since a player built ship is better than a store bought one, people want them. But it takes a lot of effort to make one. So people start attaching inflated value to them, being afraid to lose them because of the effort required to replace them, and when they are lost they sometimes give up playing because of the thought of the effort needed to replace. So although 'shipbuilding' could be something ad
  12. There is little or no PvE content. Everything revolves around PvP. The population is not coming. Quite the opposite, from reports. The PvE server is empty because there is little or no PvE content.
  13. This proposed broadstrokes idea puts a far greater reward on managing to deliver those goods, by having ship class availability linked to the city size. Thus, it would be of paramount importance to the 'Navy' types that the traders within their nation succeed as often as possible (escorts). Other trade opportunities could be developed (holding majorities in industries that produce said goods, shipping goods to a centralised neutral port and selling to the heaviest purse, etc etc), but what the economy needs to do is become entwined with the combat in such a way, that it is crucial to prog
  14. These players will likely enjoy getting involved in trading goods and hauling to a city, in order to build up that city.
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