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  1. When I was a new player there was nothing, as there is now. I was worried about not being able to find my way back to Jamaica the first time I left port, and honestly it was exciting. Having said that, I do like the compromise that they only tell us which of the big squares we're in from the previous map, but not more detail than that. If not, then give us a way to plot a course on the map.
  2. Yes, this is an annoying bug from the testbed that hasn't been fixed yet. Doesn't even need to be an NPC, it also happens when a player caps and then gets sunk. The cargo splitting bug was also on the testbed for quite a long time.
  3. snowy2

    Global or European

    Yes, they were, right in the middle of EU prime time. Especially back when KIN was active,
  4. snowy2

    Global or European

    East coast US players interacted frequently with EU players of PVP1, not just through economics. In GB we had about 50% US players in some of our EU prime time port battles. If this wasn't the case, then the 'dayflip' response to nightflips wouldn't have been a thing.
  5. SOB became KIN on PVP1, which then merged into ZERG. I recommend waiting until after the wipe, picking either the Global or EU server based on your preference, then asking around in national chat or ts to see how the new clans form up.
  6. snowy2

    Probable Massive ALT use problem after the wipe

    Right, so I think he means you send your alt in on the enemy side, so it's contested and you get the marks
  7. snowy2

    impossible to connect...

    Seems to be resolved now
  8. snowy2

    impossible to connect...

    It's a Steam error, the Steam Web API is offline. I'm having the same issue.
  9. He's a new player trying to be helpful by giving his first impressions and suggestions, you don't have to be sarcastic with him.
  10. snowy2

    Shipbuilding woods

    Version to save time for the colour blind (three of the lines were the same colour):
  11. snowy2

    Game running in window

    I think you mean Alt + Enter ?
  12. Aha, makes more sense, thanks
  13. Resources from capped traders are far too low in my opinion; 10 hemp from a trader snow and 10 coal from an LGV. That doesn't cover the crew costs to cap them.
  14. It would be much better if the Hull Repairs slider only went up to the max useful number of repairs you could use, not the entire number of repairs you have in your hold. Also, it's not possible to use a medkit in port?
  15. snowy2

    Transparency of Marketing Strategy of Naval Action

    On the subject of marketing, there is currently an ad on Google for Naval Action, I've never seen it before. It says: "Captains wanted for ultimate age of sail experience! Enlist today! Capture Ports · Be A Pirate · Trade Goods"