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  1. Night shift, casting table assistant position. I sure as hell do on this rotation, my name doesnt show up on any downtime reports. Am i not taking your whinging seriously enough?
  2. If people would rather try to get the devs to permanently change the game to depopulate a nation by complaining instead of coordinating attacks/screens in-game and actually playing then theres nothing left to be said. Every zerg there has been in NA has gone down either from incessant attacks on multiple fronts directly or player burnout because of them, and sometimes just a steady drain of players from boredom. Sooner or later this will happen to russia and people will brag about the underdogs winning and how they stayed the course yadda yadda. Not having rvr isnt the end of the world. Dont like how many ports russia has? Try to take some. Either way i dont very much care anymore. I will say this though, taking hostility missions from free ports should not be possible to regular nations at all and should only have been possible for the expansion nations to take one port in this manner. The way front lines turned out was disappointing to say the least. Ps: i was referring not only to danish screeners but also the sizable numbers of dutch and swedes as well.
  3. Like ive said several times i can content myself with the PZs and the occasional ow fight. That being said @rediii, rvr is hello kittyed anyways if you have to "work hard" to ask people to show up around a pb that they know of 24 hrs in advance. Its common knowledge theres always fun to be had screening when you outnumber and outgun the enemy as badly as you did our screens at ponce and SD. As far as russias diplomatic policies are concerned... well im not the right person to ask, i would recommend asking @Graf Bernadotte. He has a way of getting through to you HAVOC guys . NA is what you make of it, im still having fun, hope everyone can find a way too. *fingers crossed for Raids*
  4. Well good luck with your ranting, i hope something comes of it, but i doubt it. Im sure you'll come up with something with that vast intellect of yours.
  5. So besides "punitive" penalties and giving everyone who isnt russia buffs how do you propose to fix the pop imbalance short having people forcibly moved to another nation by the devs? Surely you have better, more well thought out ideas other than ranting on the forums about the unfairness of it all.
  6. Not try to argue, but are you saying that currently GB, France, and the Dutch have equally small game populations?
  7. Lmao, makes sense now. If you feel so strongly about underpopulated nations whats stopping YOU from leaving PvE heaven? At the end of the day everyone is free to play how they choose, im personally not out to try to force people to play how i play. On the flip side this is the pvp server, if your port gets attacked, well, you can try to fight, or you can roll over and die.... idk what to say if you dont try other than why did you expect to never lose the port, and if you did expect to lose the port, why bitch about it? As for changing game mechanics... good luck with that. Im personally looking forward to what raids bring to the game because rvr at this point is stagnant. PS: idk when you started playing but at early access drop i played for spain for over a year when they were all but wiped off the map by GB who at the time was the kind of zerg that many people currently try to make russia out to be. So dont delude yourself into thinking people who are currently in russia dont know what it actually means to fight against the odds, outnumbered, grossly outgunned with your back against the wall and minimal res to craft anything.
  8. No amount of changes to mechanics will force people to fight. Its up to the players. Forum pipe dream suggestions are a dime a dozen. As for me not talking shit, well, thats just not gonna stop. Especially not when you call me out specifically. What nation do you play for and what clan are you in? Is that your in-game name?
  9. You're trying to say that im too scared to move to a dead nation and rebuild all of my crafting/res chains. Im basically telling you to change your tampon.
  10. Im not going anywhere dickbean, been in russia way longer than dingleberries like you have been whining on the forum about russia being an evil zerg ruining the game because they make people like you too scared to do RVR which you say you dont like anyway because it excludes small nations that you yourself dont play for or bother to help apparently.
  11. All you're doing is bitching and subtly demanding that people leave russia, apparently because the french (who you dont play with) lost a port they didnt try to defend. This is a game tardbreath, if i lose ships or i lost my crafting hub id probably switch nations. What i wouldn't do is pout and not fight, then whine like a retard on the forums like you. Were you there helping the french today?
  12. Shroud is really the only one that consistently sucks now for that reason. But with the other ones if the russians have like 100 more BR than anyone else people bitch like pussies about a gank but have no issues with a 10v1 in their favor.
  13. As long as there is fun to be had in the PZs it doesnt matter to me. Plus i think players, like always, are over reacting to the current situation.
  14. Please, we are begging you. Outnumber us, attack us with the hundreds of players that were so quick to screen for rediii. Just do something ffs.
  15. Why would i want to switch to a nation that is apparently so scared of failure that they dont even try to screen? Ive questioned the current port bonus system before on this forum and honestly i think it hurt more than it helped. That being said, its not worth changing everything around again because if the players themselves dont want to fight, nothing will help. Your arguements would carry alot more weight if you had actually tried to defend yourselves.
  16. But no its all admins fault. Lets all just put massive hours into the game, buy dlc, and then refuse to play. That'll show the devs!
  17. I do, 2.5 hours left on this shift.
  18. Is this a roleplay thread or something?
  19. I think im ok with that actually. You Danes could learn alot from Graff, but you remain ignorant to his genious. Hes just on a higher level than you guys.
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