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  1. Who exactly requested the port back? just for the record. If id known that yesterday i wouldnt have wasted my time. Last time i checked no one gave a shit about vacas. As a staging point for raiders, KW makes it redundant. As a res or crafting hub its useless due to it being on the fringes of spanish territory. We just wanted to see if vco wanted to/had the nuts to fight in anything other than fir fir speed cappers and dlc ships.
  2. Well if the majority of players want to manuever and cap circles instead of playing battles out then thats just the way it is.
  3. If they overhaul crafting-resources-and the economy, specifically the need for having an outpost for res buildings it would give them leeway to reduce that number, for those of us who dont have crafting/res farming alts. Its a pain in the ass, for me anyways, trying to balance crafting needs with pvp outposts even with 8. I guess its worth waiting to see how the forthcoming changes play out. Imho alts should never have been allowed before release because they ultimately make it impossible to get a real read on the economy and other aspects of the game as it was being built/built upon. Now they are irreversibly built into the foundation of the game.
  4. Im not sure exactly what your angle is. Im really only referring to the high end BR ports. Theres always a place for bellonas/wasas in all BR tiers (except shallows obviously). If you cant play out a brawl in the highest BR pbs then there is really no point in having them. Im not trying to shit on anyone who enjoys sailing 6-7th rates, im simply curious as to why they play such a decisive role in battles that, as i understood it, were specifically designed for ships of the line. Its not the direct risk to the 1st rate, its the fact that 3/4 of people in a high tier pb are rendered completely irrelevant to the outcome of the battle and imho it should be the other way around. 1st rate availability and maintenance is another conversation, one that should be had probably, but not one relevant to the point im trying to make. And if your concern is including people who cant sail SoL or need experience in pbs then grind shallows or low tier pbs. Its also worth noting that the ease with which fortifications are destroyed and the reward for destroying them only exacerbates this issue. (Disregard if this has changed at all in a recent patch)
  5. I thought the whole purpose of having high BR ports was to create large scale SOL brawls and low/mid BR was where the smaller ships become relevant. If the SOL brawl is irrelevant and battles end before the outcome of the brawl is decided (for the most part), in high BR ports whats the point of having high BR ports? Does no one see an issue with this?
  6. So...."GB=badasses, at war with everybody..." but we cant attack anyone because everyone screens us every time everywhere with "like 50" screeners.
  7. Honestly, who cares either way at this point. Ill settle simply for fun battles at sane hours.
  8. Early-mid EA france and spain worked to help each other where and when we could. Many of the old guard from both playerbeses are gone now. Any agreement based on that nostalgia is precarious at best. This should be understood, however disheartening, as they were very loyal friends for a long time.
  9. Requins can turn on a dime with 60% sails and 10-20% structure, then just sail straight upwind. Bravo @admin, well balanced. Not to mention the hitboxes for the rigging. If you're going to put something like a xebec in game and not represent the oars (how they got upwind) as something that can be neutralized then make the magic sails more vulnerable.
  10. get it all out buddy, tell us how you really feel, let the tears flow
  11. You can use the "50 screeners" excuse all you want. Im sure at one point we might have had 50 screeners at a pb, probably with small detatchments from other nations. That has certainly not been the case recently. You're argument that you cant get in has some merit, but the fact that you have to play the victim because you can't find anyone that respects you enough, even in your own nation to screen for you is the pathetic part. Its sure as shit not a nation pop issue, and acting like a helpless victim on the forum against "those meanies in spain" after grinding 2 offensive pbs is why im saying what im saying here. Most of the time im screening anyways and if you're too scared to even attempt to fight a mixed, multilingual, semi leaderless screening fleet whats the use in bitching about anything? Get your shit together. Oh and please elaborate on an"attritional" strategy in a game with 550 max players at any one time. FYI its a double edged sword nowadays and it may have something to do with you not having an rvr fleet in gb anymore.
  12. You have to actually show up in the first place to be let in and asking to be let in without a fight on the forums is a pathetic direction to take this conversation.
  13. You need new excuses dude. Its a game, players with balls would just get 25 guys and blap the screeners.
  14. Im not a diplomat, im not even an officer so im not privy to why we're fighting rax. All i saw was a 12am est nightflip on bensalem. Speaking of nightflips saw key west. We going back to the empty pb game or you just trying to hit the habana newbros after that whipping king of crowns and WO put on you guys a couple days ago? I mean you say the games too small for alliances but apparently not too small for nightflips, coincidentally when we're down by carta. But hey i guess nothing changes. Btw what started all this with rax and now vco? Is it because you got called out for using your spanish alt to track noobs to gank while sitting at habana?
  15. I mean you just started defending your ports again so i guess thats a start. We thought maybe you got the courage up to actually come to the two pbs you ground up the other day but as usual you re-inserted your collective heads up your own asses. Ive got more respect for your carebears at this point because at least they dont only fight on the forum.
  16. Gb hasn't had any balls in a year and half in this game, keep trying.
  17. Its good to see a healthy shitfest on the forum, means things are actually happening in-game again
  18. Its a game. I would be thoroughly disappointed if the Poles didnt fight it out.
  19. Dlc ships dont need to be op. If interesting ships are there to buy, people will still buy them whether they give an advantage or not. Nothing wrong with them excelling in certain aspects but there needs to be balance if there is going to be more coming.
  20. Im always the dumb dumb getting ganked showing up late in a 1st rate haha. But yeah, the old one-two. Masts then structure. o7
  21. Heh, i wasnt there for any of the attempts so i dont have much ground to stand on with this convo. Edit: attempts in the pb itself
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