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  1. Lol the dutch grind up bridgetown, then decide not to follow through after half the server decides to screen, and now pat themselves on the back for being "reasonable fellows" for not attacking.
  2. If you saw how many afk russian traders/alts get popped on a daily basis you'd be laughing as well. But hey i guess you can technically call it pvp on the forums.
  3. Monk? Best pvp clan in prussia? Hahahahahah
  4. It would piss me off to get annexed but with the way the game is currently set up in terms of "what now?" for nations who lose crafting hubs and all other ports, this actually makes sense. There really needs to be an organic alternative to forger dlc and just quitting the game in that situation.
  5. Start funneling ships and alts into france to start a proxy war in the antilles
  6. The drama is strong with this thread
  7. Poorly worded on my part, people who take video games more seriously or as seriously as reality aren't intelligent.
  8. The quote rings true until you try to apply it to people who take video games more seriously than real life.
  9. Happened to me yesterday, kill 5 essex/10 npc 5th rates missions. Reward was one mission and one gold chest for each task. The reward from the (2) mission chests were both 1 reinforced masts and the reward for both golds was brit rig refit and treatise on rigging handling book. Didn't think to f11 it at the time because i hadn't heard of anyone else having this issue. Both missions were taken and redeemed in the same port.
  10. Well we got called a zerg before release. We're just trying to live up to expectations
  11. Sounds like not everyone from the danish pb fleet made it back to shroud lol Ty RKY for the stream btw, working day shift
  12. Players: we want open world sandbox Devs: oke Players: what the hello kitty, why are people sailing together able to attack whoever and whatever they want on a pvp server, stoopid devs ermagerd
  13. Any chance we see some new ships from the last player selected ship poll back from 2017? Montanes/Temeraire/Wrecker class? Are there still plans to add more ships in the future? Raids eta?
  14. All i know is Gamelabs made a metric *!@#-ton of money from rattvisans and other dlc by releasing before the summer sale, now hopefully we see more new players during the sale with a bit of advertising from the profit. Think of it as a conscious investment on behalf of the veteran players who still have a vested interest in seeing NA thrive, (and maybe a little bit of wanting a competitive advantage ).
  15. Telling brand new players to demast/board the ai probably isnt the best idea either. It may seem trivial to the people who have been playing for years but for a brand new player it probably causes more problems.
  16. Im at work atm for 2 more hours but i could have sworn i saw a .4 for the "aiming" book when i looted it. Ill double check when i get back.
  17. I dont really dig into any of this but in the game's descriptions 5% would be .05 and 50% would be .5, or am i mistaken? The percentage being based off of a set original value, so seeing a 1 (1.0) would be a 100% bonus which would double whatever the original value was, kind of like the old shooting book and old versions of marines. Just looking for clarification on this not trying to argue dev motivations.
  18. I could be wrong, i didnt give it more than a passing glance, but i think they buffed aiming. Before, if i remember correctly it was a 10% buff and now its .4 so 40%? Once again im not positive but if it is 40% thats huge. If its actually .04 then i agree idk why you'd nerf that. Edit: im referring to the aiming book knowledge disregard if not relevant to the discussion.
  19. Doesnt take much skill or organization to sit and solo farm "elite" ai all day, or to buy a ratty.
  20. Its only really reprehensible if its @Licinio Chiavari in a requin doing the clubbing, everyone else gets a free pass
  21. Oh, my bad, im just an "apologist" eating my shit sandwich, dont mind me 😆
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