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  1. I hear you, i have no problem with you playing the game you want to play no questions asked. That being said RvR has always been a massive content provider for everyone all at once. Port battles used to be a nationwide event with consequences for everyone in the nation. They were engaging and provided an oppurtunity for everyone to contribute in some way. Whether you like it or not RvR was a huge driving force in the game for alot of people, and anyone could participate, especially in screening. It had its problems for sure. If you want to believe that the extent of NA gameplay is grinding AI, sinking enemy traders, jumping missions, and rolling lone players then i dont know why you still bother.
  2. I shit you not i ground the last 2 and a half ranks 140-150xp in pvp, rvr and patrol zones, and it was fun as hell. Even if you lose in pvp if you do enough dmg to higher tier ships you get buku xp. I cant say how many ships i lost but it was a metric shit ton, and you know what? I had a blast doing it.
  3. If anyone is to blame for killing the game its the players. There has never been any game mechanic that restricts you from TRYING. We had 1200 players after release and the vast majority outright refused to TRY ANYTHING. It just boggles my mind why people would grind for rank, gear, mats, ships, buildings and everything else and then just go inactive because they convinced themselves, and each other, that trying wasn't worthwhile. Just go back and read pretty much anything on the forum for the last two months. Its the most pathetic thing ive ever seen in a game.
  4. Potemkin

    Game freezing

    It was odd because ive had this problem before. I ended up logging back in yesterday like 6 hours later and didnt have any issues whatsoever. Nothing was downloading on my computer, no open tabs, nothing except teamspeak.
  5. Potemkin

    Game freezing

    Game keeps freezing for no discernible reason at random intervals, game audio and control response seems to continue as normal, ie. when sailing at full sail in the ow, screen will freeze but after freeze if i press S to reduce sail and stop the audio continues as normal like sail is being reduced and you come to a stop but the screen is still frozen. Connection to team speak and internet is not interrupted. Have to close game and re-log and no crash report is registered. happened like 6 or 7 times over the course of 45 minutes. NAB-93513 Just got a new monitor so i dont know if there is something i need to adjust to run the game properly.
  6. This type of behaviour will not be tolerated. You are warned.
  7. I was under the impression that if you recieve green on green, you need to submit an f11 so they can go back and check the logs. Once you do this its weapons free. Screenshots/video and a warning in chat would probably be good too but if they do dmg to you first all bets are off. Probably something that should get cleared up.
  8. When someone cant come up with a decent comeback on the forum so they go with the old, "your reading comprehension isn't good" gem.
  9. Nice, now its easier to get to pz!
  10. This type of behaviour will not be tolerated. You are warned.
  11. Well the only clans that know their shit apparently are BF RUBLI and HAVOC so i guess we'll need a solution for everyone else.
  12. Where would say teak w/o fall as far as gun penalty? Would this mainly target fir fir, fir teak, and bermuda cedar variants? Im all for screwing over speed built anything tbh The debate for this one would be pretty brutal.
  13. These are the same people who would ironically blame the devs and leave negative reviews when they ragequit because the game turned into a shameless alt grief fest (more than it already is) after this gets implemented because people are salty and demand a quick fix/game change to something they're pissed about. The sad story of naval action development.
  14. Keep whining like a fruitcake about it, maybe that will solve your problems.
  15. The people who would use alts in this manner would be funneling ships, reps, and upgrades to alts from other alts or mains. Its not really a clan in the normal sense as much as a group of players with alts with the objective of creating as much chaos as possible within a nation. Its bad enough as it is and you're suggesting giving them the ability to use throwaway ships to harass a nations trade, screening, and any other organized operation from within with virtually no way to actually retaliate, especially if they just change alt names so no one knows for sure whos doing what? Id love to see civil wars, but i agree it would need to be done very very carefully and frankly i dont think its worth the headaches that would inevitably come with it.
  16. Ill take anything that makes it easier to craft and pvp on one account.
  17. Voted no mainly for the reasons already stated above. There should be ports for clans that dont have 25 players and first rates to attack. Currently the importance of county capitals makes it risky to not go with the same old player lineups. There should be room in meaningful rvr to include new players just looking to enjoy and explore the game, ie. low pressure port battles where you dont hear people stroking out into their mics when people hello kitty up. Thats what the lesser ports should should provide. The bigger question then becomes... what do you replace the current frontlines system with?
  18. Never ever doubt or underestimate the capacity for naval action players to find ways to grief. It would also no doubt lead to retaliation in kind. You might be able to mitigate it by forcing the declaring clan to have a port before they can declare, but if you allow ow pvp between the clans you will just get trolling and griefing. What if the alt clan owns no ports? Not only that but it could be used in conjunction with conventional rvr by the main accounts of the alts. Its a huge can of worms. Honestly your best bet would be to show admin how many new alt accounts they could sell if implemented, my guess is it would be on par with the rattvisan. If they let it happen the way it was suggested the game will be truly hello kittyed and theres plenty of salty shitheads that would abuse the hello kitty out of it immediately. Just another door that could have been explored if the game hadn't been developed around the pervading presence of alts.
  19. While im at it i might as well tell you that the only way this ever gets implemented in any way whatsoever is against ports that are opened to all like admin said. Any other iteration will be abused by alts. Sorry to burst the bubble, and good luck to all the pirates getting butthello kittyed by alts right now.
  20. Yeah that came shortly after and created a little more push for clan v clan, but everyone sorta forgot about it after like a week. No one gives a shit really until it affects their gameplay. Im sure this situation is no different.
  21. The specific situation, if i remember correctly, was a prussian clan that was going to join the dutch was allowed or encouraged by the leading clans in the dutch nation to take a port from a disliked clan also in the dutch nation who could not defend it on their own. The same prussians then moved all their shit and retook it when they actually re-rolled. The excuse used by the dutch that orchestrated it was that the disliked dutch clan opened the port to all and was a perceived threat to dutch traders.
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