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  1. If your conduct represents that level of maturity then ill take that as a compliment.
  2. Yessir, but thats not really relevant to what im saying. What im saying is essentially that you are the personification of fake news and that you're the mother of all skidmarks on the underwear of NA pls dont ever leave GB
  3. This perfectly describes you and what you try to do with GB every time you post. Well done chap
  4. Haha coincidentally this is the first time in 2 years GB has any reason to be proud. Its also funny to note this was your exact same strategy for the last year and a half lmao. The wheels gonna keep turning bud.
  5. Why is GB so desperate not to be seen as a "zerg" that they are trying to point the finger at everyone else?
  6. He has been unnaturally quiet the last few days considering recent events though
  7. Should have hostility notifications show up in nation chat as well as combat news.
  8. Dude! If you ever manage to find jeffersons reserve: groth cask get it, its amazing!
  9. It'd be easy, daytime EU players wouldn't even notice they're gone. And imagine RVR without people hiding behind 0-6 timer ranges on a shitload of ports across the map.
  10. Well its good to see the brits trying i guess, you miss 100% of the shots you dont take.
  11. 8/10 was waiting for someone to catch that
  12. Get rid of it. It does more harm than good for ow pvp. Half the server is alts you wont stop them all from exploiting to make rank anyway. I dont see how you can even be trolled now, you can port to outpost after you die meaning you cant get camped in a port. I honestly dont know how you'd be trolled unless you wanted to lose ships. As far as exploiting goes, whats easier to detect in combat news, someone farming an alt every 45 mins or w/e the cooldown is, or someone going to town on an alt as fast as they can. It can be done either way, the cooldown only makes it harder for other players to detect and other players watching combat news seems (to my knowledge) to be the only way to monitor that form of exploit.
  13. Are you a KoC forum alt? Just asking because you both have writing skills consistent with a 3rd grader
  14. If anyone wants a baseline for triggered just check out christendom's and koc's tribunals against each other. Spoiler alert, they are hilarious. Edit: if its not the steven crowder trigglypuff you're doing it wrong.
  15. What is her in-game crew total? It may not be wise to put 24lbers on her.
  16. And flipping ports in the literal middle of the night US time early monday morning proves that how?
  17. I live near the east coast and ive been playing with the EU players since EA dropped no problem, thats why i call bullshit on the 3-6 flips. You can sugarcoat the turd all you want. What z4ys says is inherently true but at the same time its very easy to abuse the system when none of the "night crews" want to fight each other anymore because thats the only content they could get before and after they all finished sealclubbing the US who were the odd one out in "your" time window.
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