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  1. Lmao we'll be hearing about little cayman untill the brits win another resounding victory, which could be awhile. It would be even better if you still held the port
  2. What did these guys do to piss everyone off anyways?
  3. i was going on what i saw in global like i said, ive yet to speak with anyone from GA in game or in ts. I had heard they were coming to spain but honestly i dont care either way you pretentious pillock.
  4. Nah was watching global a few days ago when the drama bomb blew. Honestly haven't been on much this last weekend, got 3/4 of the way to canalete via little cayman yesterday and just said fuck it.
  5. Hey its just good to see the brits try to actually defend ports again instead of scurrying away like cockroaches. Maybe you'll defend something bigger than 2.5k br with something other than kiting requins. Or maybe we will even see you try to attack something considering how you fucked over your own nation when they tried to grind corrientes.
  6. Could a spectator option potentially affect gameplay for people actually fighting?
  7. +1000 for whomever uses Gustav Holst's Mars: Bringer of War for a battle sequence. *starting at 4:00 to the end of the piece if you wanna do it right https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0bcRCCg01I
  8. Haha Srupl got carried? Tell us more
  9. So you dont think theres a correlation between economy and ship crafting, supply, and demand?
  10. The in-game economy is a hard fix because to be able to discern solid results from any changes, good or bad, we need a higher population. What works or doesn't work for 200-400 players wont be the same for 1-2k or more.
  11. The indigenous governments are just going to sell it off to the highest bidder anyways and pocket the money. they probably kept it a secret because they didn't have the means to extract the cargo. interesting find though, a shame the wreck probably isn't going to be preserved in the extraction process. It'l be interesting if they ever locate a treasure galleon off the Florida coast.
  12. Agreed 100% it would be very helpful to a new player to at least be exposed to these two concepts (angling and positioning relative to the weather gauge) early on as they play a very big role in combat. Imo the tutorial is good as is but adding these two lessons would be the cherry on top of a very important addition.
  13. "Like ships in a bottle" Edit: are you roman polanski kinda guy?
  14. Ive been trying to find the battle scene where they sink the rebel spanish ship on youtube for so long. The ironic thing is our forum hornblower is way more like el supremo than Peck's Hornblower.
  15. Lmao really? I though it was for easy pvp marks and tastey screenshots to put in "great battles" topic. Sounds like a hornblower spin tbh
  16. I doubt this is really an issue you can resolve without speaking to the players in spain who still technically control appalachicola. This sounds more like a convienent way to cut ties with spain for PR and territorial gains, and lay the blame on the actual spanish in the process. Alts are cancer.
  17. Well if we did cause it, it was the brits leaving, and if it was the brits then no one has any right to bitch because they never bothered to defend anything after georgetown and turneffe were taken. Not our fault if people dont wanna lose ports and quit when they do but at the same time make no effort whatsoever to play the game and defend them. I get that they weren't the best but thats no excuse to not even try. You guys ended up taking most of those ports back towards the end and with the exception of one or two it was done by guys that were trying to learn seemingly without any help from vet players.
  18. Russia, poland, and prussia were all experiments. Russia was the only one of the three that went all out, hence that portion of the experiment ended differently. With 350-400 ppl online nowadays im glad we did, it was alot of fun.
  19. Proxy wars seem to be popular these days
  20. Well guys you heard him, rediii has tired of our pleb talk, lets pack it up. Discussions over.
  21. Like you said, keep ow identification anonymous but have a visible tag that shows a bonus multiplier. 0 pvp marks earned since server maint- .5x, 20- 1x, 40- 1.5x etc (or something TBD). Just throwin ideas out there.
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