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  1. I do, 2.5 hours left on this shift.
  2. Is this a roleplay thread or something?
  3. I think im ok with that actually. You Danes could learn alot from Graff, but you remain ignorant to his genious. Hes just on a higher level than you guys.
  4. Someone gave detailed instructions how to do it in the tribunal im pretty sure. Its a bitch move no matter how you look at it.
  5. Im just trying to stir shit up, im on nights again. I couldn't care less tbh.
  6. I see the #2 on the server hasn't done anything since the wipe. Ballsy move.
  7. salt is vital for filling up your hold to make it a pain in the ass for people to loot you while trying to maintain speed/momentum in a battle
  8. Ive been ganked/outnumbered in almost every fight in every zone except shroud. Stop whining. Oak oak ships are easily replaced so you wont see me bitching about it.
  9. The pop is already going down man, of course i want more people but when nothing is happening people get bored and leave. Seems like the plan now is to do nothing untill we're back to 300 then the devs will be forced to lower BR. Sounds like a joke but at this point i wouldn't surprised if its really not.
  10. No they would no show, then bitch on the forums about not having a chance.
  11. It would be nice to see BR lowered for some ports, but ultimately its up to the players whether they wanna play the game or pout and watch the game pop vanish like a fart in the wind. The PZs have been fun lately so i can't complain.
  12. #RussiasFaultNoOneWantsToFightEachOther
  13. Really? A tribunal? Cmon now, you're a big boy now im sure you can shake it off.
  14. Welcome to hello kittying bizarro-world
  15. Ive been having the same issue i think. Game randomly crashes to desktop and i can only get as far as loading open world/port screen before it crashes again. Stays like that for at least 5 mins regardless of how many attempts i make to get back in.
  16. *facepalm Well boys thats it, games over, thanks for coming.
  17. If this is true the entire server will have no choice but commence immediate multi-flip operations against strategic targets within the russian empire. Moving to DEFCON 2.
  18. No real life politics. Thanks. - H. Darby
  19. damn man, this thread took a hard left hand turn
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