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  1. If it was late and you planned on going to bed why would you sail a L'Ocean into dutch waters and taunt them?
  2. I mean this what y'all are dealing with here. This is what these dirtballs are after. Enjoi:)
  3. Anyone can defend a port once, twice, thrice, but sooner or later your luck runs out and you lose the port after sustained attack. These guys put absurd timers on their port to make sure that if someone does stay up to retarded hours to take it, they dont/cant do it again. Its all about not having to worry about defending so they are free to do as they please elsewhere. Every one of the "night players" plays or has played during the day. Its all about them setting timers to deter sustained attack, not defend. Not to mention every time they've threatened to use nightflips as an offensive/trolling weapon to knock down a playerbase. Have fun "fighting" the french/pirates lol.
  4. Too many shirley temples for kingy, must be having crrrazy weekend. Just dont hello kitty with any Dagestanis, just ask Conor McGregor.
  5. Dude im hello kittying with you, you guys get so defensive about that shit. Its hard to care much anymore anyways. Barring a long lasting surge in pop on release its only going to get worse. But seriously the "we rock on the weekends instead of playing videogames" thing is cringey as hello kitty, cmon man, dont make it that obvious you have no life.
  6. ReeEeEeeEee We cAn ONlY PlAy iN tHe MiDdlE oF ThE NigHt DuRIng ThE WoRk WeEk AnD Not Do SHit DUriNg ThE WeEkEnd #nightflippingLivesMatterToo
  7. Stormy Daniels vs Occasio Cortez for the democrat nomination 2020. How could we possibly lose to drumpf again?!?
  8. Its only a game, we have uncapturable ports ... more than is needed. The Spanish didnt surrender when there were no safezones why should they now? Besides why would they entertain a pizza faced virgin who does not have the balls or skill to be known in the current game?
  9. OORAHHH! Consolidate the clans, flip brit ports close to their crafting ports for pvp, set rediculous timers for these pvp outposts, screen for whoever the brits attack, and keep hitting their noobs at kpr. There is no need to surrender, just troll them like we have before untill they start bitching on the forums like before. Sooner or later they will go to war with others, dont accept peace from those shitbirds If you surrender they will just treat you worse on the forums and in global as they do now that redii and havoc has pulled them out of the shit-heap.
  10. Well you've had your faces in the dirt for so long its only understandable you wanna take your oppurtunity to talk shit. Thats fine, just try not to be such a hyprocrite though, its embarrassing.
  11. If your conduct represents that level of maturity then ill take that as a compliment.
  12. Yessir, but thats not really relevant to what im saying. What im saying is essentially that you are the personification of fake news and that you're the mother of all skidmarks on the underwear of NA pls dont ever leave GB
  13. This perfectly describes you and what you try to do with GB every time you post. Well done chap
  14. Haha coincidentally this is the first time in 2 years GB has any reason to be proud. Its also funny to note this was your exact same strategy for the last year and a half lmao. The wheels gonna keep turning bud.
  15. Why is GB so desperate not to be seen as a "zerg" that they are trying to point the finger at everyone else?
  16. He has been unnaturally quiet the last few days considering recent events though
  17. Should have hostility notifications show up in nation chat as well as combat news.
  18. Dude! If you ever manage to find jeffersons reserve: groth cask get it, its amazing!
  19. It'd be easy, daytime EU players wouldn't even notice they're gone. And imagine RVR without people hiding behind 0-6 timer ranges on a shitload of ports across the map.
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