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  1. I miss the days of the small battle/trafalgar rooms good fun with good people, except when hachi trolled the frigate events with 1st rates lol.
  2. Well we have 3/4 of the server's eco alts from other nations here, they deserve a round of applause for their hard work and dedication as well.
  3. Fight alongside The Empire against those who only see you as, and only seek to make you screening slaves!
  4. I dont think anyone is advocating to lessen ow pvp rewards (screening), just maybe bump rewards for pb kills (having them count towards pvp missions) because sinking experienced players who are also sailing top of the line ships/mods is, to put it mildly, a pain in the ass, and imho are the hardest kills to get. Having those kills not count when you can just go to another nations waters after maint and farm indiamen for 4-5 mission seems a little wack.
  5. Heres a tip. Get yourself a lvl 2 shipyard and farm for a week or so all res you need for crafting. Craft oak oak surps for the two shallow zones, oak oak trincs and maybe a few aggies for leogane and la mona. Put carros on the surps and trincs and piss them away in the patrol zones using cutters to scout the pz for battles to join or large gank groups beforehand if you dont have a group to go with. You get ship knowledge, good xp, and combat medals which can be sold to keep yourself crafting. You dont need to grind ai missions to rank up if you dont want to. Frankly people complaining about having to grind ai to rank up is like watching someone refuse to use a door and instead, smash their face through drywall and studs right next to it to make a new door. You dont have to keep up with power grinders to enjoy the game, and you dont need max rank to contribute to rvr.
  6. Other Nations: "REDS should drop all their invested infrastructure and force its members to change nation because DN started hostilities and lost a few battles." REDS: Nyet Nyet Nyet!
  7. Very fun fight, almost looked like we wouldn't get to the brawl there for a bit. o7 to the Danes, well fought.
  8. That transition from Russian zerg to shitty timers was seamless, needs more petty and a touch more toxicity though.
  9. Easy there boss, we're not there yet. Theres still alot of fun to be had if you look in the right places.
  10. I just figured staun was roleplaying again
  11. Cant wait to see port bonus requins flooding patrol zones, thats gonna be fun.
  12. lmao! timer argument is just what this thread needs
  13. Lol, knowing thats a graf quote means mine is in poor taste and wholly uncalled for. Just forget about it haha
  14. I have two warnings on the forums i cant say it , whats efcnac?
  15. So if anyone takes a port anywhere on the map now with frontline mechanics will they get accused of "just trying to get closer to the enemy crafting port"? I was under the impression that those were the only brit ports we could get to after they swapped timers on the other side of the frontline to 05-08. But dont let common sense get in the way, gotta nourish the growing carebear coalition The funniest part about that whole affair to me at least, is that we wanted to grind salamanca, one of if not the easiest port to defend on the map and a whole lot of fun to try to attack. The brits, in their infinite wisdom, only redirected the axis of attack away from the easiest port they had to defend using cheesy ass timers.
  16. They dont care about BF, they're after REDS and REDS alone. Notice no one has directly accused BF of doing anything wrong, its either "russian nation" or REDS. Even Carl LickinTurds backed right down when gringo69 called him out, even though it was BF that shitwrecked their nation, we're the meanies because we screened one battle lmao. Just more forum posturing from HAVOC.
  17. So..... your goal is to take our crafting port....good to know
  18. Lol best not to go against the HAVOC heroes Russia evil people narrative, you'll make vazco stroke out on the thread again
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