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  1. That response reeks of guilt and impotence.
  2. No i was talking about the dutch. I thought you were dutch because you brought up the carta pb from the other day... either way if GB cant muster 20 PvE 1st rates i would be absolutely shocked.....and infinitely amused when they lose their crafting ports after talking so much trash about penalizing russia for having too many players.
  3. Kinda sounds like havoc when they camp free ports near patrol zones
  4. Not counting the 20 or more that were screening? You might want to actually check your facts before it makes you look stupid. Speaking of looking stupid, i counted 21 dutch first rates in the PB.................... so good job checking your..... facts.
  5. Should be the top 5 nations that have to deal with this not top 3 Spread the fun around a little bit @admin, we dont want to hog all the action like a zerg. Plus, more feedback means a more polished feature. quick question while im at it, will there be only one ai attack per weekend on one of the 3 nations and only on one of multiple targets in said target nation? ie. do nations/clans get breaks from being targeted or is this an every weekend thing?
  6. You dont say shit in ts, ive been polite for the sake of the team spirit. What are my politics anyway? *ronpaul 2020
  7. Agreed on the first part, its impossible to really blame one specific issue i guess because there are quite a few working in tandem atm. As for people jumping ship well, idk what to say. Ive been playing with the same group for like two years. Everyone who came over after the wipe made their own choices. Ultimately it was bad for the nations they left, which i was sorry to see, but i cant do anything about it.
  8. Everything you said is true, but you omitted that things got stale after the majority of the active clans and yourself united to stomp out russia, even though sweden at the time was more powerful and held more ground. For whatever reason no one else had seen fit to try to attack you guys after russia imploded despite sweden holding many of the strategic locations on the map. In the end it is what it is, i certainly got my moneys worth out of the game, and thats all i can ask for.
  9. Game was broken the second they listened to the clan based content crowd and added port bonuses and port development. Seemed like a cool addition at the time. Maybe it could be fixed but i wouldn't know where to start at this point. I miss the national spirit and toxic in game nationalism.
  10. Pirates, GB, Sweden all zergs at some point...people united to stop them.....not go to the forums and demand vague changes be made to the game to stop them. Thats my point. If you dont want to do rvr and the game is stale for you why go to the forum and declare that the game is dead and its all admins fault when a concerted effort was never made to unite and stop the current zerg which many people want to say is breaking the game? The way i see it, large clans that have taken the old deny content doctrine by not attacking/defending their own ports are denying content to their own nation's players just as much if not more as they seem to think they are denying russia and its a big reason (but certainly not the only reason) why the game is bleeding pop.
  11. Thats a low effort, cookie cutter response. Ive been "ganked" far more than ive ganked. Tbh i went out alone far more often than not. Most people in REDs, with the exception of a select few dont like the pzs unless they go out in force and in fully kitted ships. I was using oak oak with trash upgrades if i had any at all most of the time.
  12. Potemkin

    Game freezing

    Will do as soon as i get home from work.
  13. I hear you, i have no problem with you playing the game you want to play no questions asked. That being said RvR has always been a massive content provider for everyone all at once. Port battles used to be a nationwide event with consequences for everyone in the nation. They were engaging and provided an oppurtunity for everyone to contribute in some way. Whether you like it or not RvR was a huge driving force in the game for alot of people, and anyone could participate, especially in screening. It had its problems for sure. If you want to believe that the extent of NA gameplay is grinding AI, sinking enemy traders, jumping missions, and rolling lone players then i dont know why you still bother.
  14. I shit you not i ground the last 2 and a half ranks 140-150xp in pvp, rvr and patrol zones, and it was fun as hell. Even if you lose in pvp if you do enough dmg to higher tier ships you get buku xp. I cant say how many ships i lost but it was a metric shit ton, and you know what? I had a blast doing it.
  15. If anyone is to blame for killing the game its the players. There has never been any game mechanic that restricts you from TRYING. We had 1200 players after release and the vast majority outright refused to TRY ANYTHING. It just boggles my mind why people would grind for rank, gear, mats, ships, buildings and everything else and then just go inactive because they convinced themselves, and each other, that trying wasn't worthwhile. Just go back and read pretty much anything on the forum for the last two months. Its the most pathetic thing ive ever seen in a game.
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