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  1. Those damn holocaust denying, sexist admin apologists should be purged!
  2. Reduce the maxed out bonuses by half or more and limit how many different ones you can build into any given ship. As teutonic said this is being worked on, we can only hope they get it right at this point.
  3. Constructive, classy criticism that ends with Wraith calling people holocaust deniers, sexists, ignorant and stupid? Right, keep trying lmao. You guys have had some good ideas but when you deal with criticism of your own ideas or being straight up ignored you come across as narcissistic, holier than thou jackasses. You have the right to your own opinion, thats a fact. You do not have immunity from judgement of your own reaction to criticism of those opinions. I certainly dont agree with all the recent changes but im still going to play the game, and when its not fun anymore ill stop. Its as simple as that. If you feel you need to get back at the devs or start some kind of coffee shop revolution on the forums, well then, you do you son. Just dont write absurd shit and act like snotty children that didnt get the new toy they wanted and not expect people to call you out for it.
  4. Lmao, whats sad is having to whine about your feelings being hurt because you didn't get a "sorry". But dont mind me continue with the salt bombs, its getting interesting. Oh and btw, reasonable input is one thing, demanding things be implemented, changed, or done a certain way (your way) and then throwing temper tantrums when they're not is quite another.
  5. This might be the cringiest thing ive seen yet from you, literally accusing someone who disagrees with you and labelling him what? A holocaust denier? I mean seriously, is this how VCO operates on the forum now? Is this how you plan to convince people to agree with your ideas?
  6. Whats funny is the majority of wraith's and your own "arguements" are basically just incessant bitching and then calling whoever disagrees with your opinions ignorant, stupid, or in this case, sexist...? I mean seriously, have you guys really convinced yourselves that because you bought dlc and the game and willingly played it for years, that you are entitled to direct control over major decisions regarding development? Misguided entitlement has been your MO for months now, get over it and "grow up kiddos".
  7. You've gotta understand, they've still got swollen chuds from winning their first pb in what? A year or two?...against someone not the US. If you wanna have a good laugh take a look at the pb lineup they faced, apparently while sailing their spiffy new port bonus ships
  8. Would be pretty cool to know whats up, i was pretty stoked for this. I dont care if its delayed i think alot of people just want to be re-assured its still on the table.
  9. Yes, while waiting for pb to start, swede screeners tagged the russki pb fleet (bottom screen) and the swedes apparently filled the pb too. After the screening battle above, elements of the swede pb fleet tagged stragglers that were trapped in the screening battle due to tags and a few who came back to assist (top screen). This is to the best of my knowledge, i didnt exactly have a birds eye view of what was happening outside the battles themselves.
  10. Lol i think he either thought OP was an alt or he meant to talk in "all" not "team"
  11. it was seen as a detractor to ow by some and i believe it required extra server space/data (idk exactly), but damn it was fun while it lasted
  12. bring back small battles till release as a tribute to sea trials? (not likely but i figured i'd try hehe)
  13. I love how someone enjoys an addition to the game and people immediately throw shade on him for it.
  14. Im an asshole no doubt, but dont take the dumbass things i say and try to use it against other russians. It reeks of desperation and impotence.
  15. I was trashing beekonda on 159 after he quoted a couple of my posts that triggered vco but hes a pirate i thought, whats said by a russian about havoc specifically on 159? You are fake news. rediii bragged, hulla baited, and then they all bickered. Pretty standard outcome really.
  16. If there was a way to break the l'ocean meta and replace it with an assortment of smaller/different ships id be overjoyed. Unfortunately the guys who still do rvr do so to win at almost any cost- thats not a criticism by any means. Rvr has moved from meta to meta since ive been around and theres always a "best ship" that becomes the new meta. Removing tow wont affect this because the guys that do rvr will just end up sailing meta ships to where they need em in the hopes that the other side doesn't. They'll do this until they get burnt out and take a break from the game or quit. We should be focusing on ways to prevent that "burn out" that many of us have no doubt experienced before. The only time i question why i bother to log into naval action is when im sailing long distance tabbed out watching youtube. If long distance sailing is fun for you, more power to ya.
  17. Ill ask around next time im on, im sure theres a few who'd be up for it.
  18. This is a game, there needs to be a balance between realism and playability. I get your angle but not everyone wants to add (lots) more hours of sailing at the expense of time that could be used doing something.....fun.
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