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  1. Couldnt care less im just burning time till i get out of work. Slinging shit on the forum passes the time.
  2. The arrogance and hypocrisy of those two sentences being back to back shows how big of a douchebag you are. We all remember the temper tantrums and the fruitcakes who thought they were gods gift to game development who ended up crawling back to evil admin's game after all of it. No need to remind us. Regardless, you "remade" a forum account specifically to interact here for the last 6 days, thanks for confirming.
  3. Its about damn time you showed up, the legendary swedish propaganda fairy.
  4. Whats worse, danes trolling swedes on the forum or you making a forum alt specifically to interact with them. Seems like you take all of this more seriously than you should.
  5. Sweden has too many former pvp 2 UStz players to act like they have balls or a real desire to risk...anything. Give it few months, that tumor will go malignant.
  6. Daaaaanes my dudes, we should get together, have a few beers, maybe commit another "penta-flip", you know hoodrat stuff with friends...
  7. Potemkin

    Nice crash

    Yo, free de ruyters?
  8. Potemkin

    War correspondent

    He had you all at "jeheil" my god
  9. Lol ok chief, i think we've all gotten the joke by now...after what? two years of you guys pussing out of fights and bs excuses as to why
  10. Would be awesome to see the vic competitive again, or at least see that it has its own little stat/trait that makes it good in certain situations/playstyles. Same with essex.
  11. People should be thinking of ways to make it easier for very/relatively new players to compete before we think about ways to make it easier for vets who already have every advantage imho.
  12. ? I think we posted at the same time, that wasn't aimed at you or your post if thats whats happening here
  13. You'd think kingy would be more concerned with attaining at least a 6th grade level education so he doesn't come across as a completely incoherent retard every time he types a sentence.
  14. I see they let you in on it too then.
  15. I heard the swedes use exploits 😎
  16. Idk i dont bother playing when theres like 200 ppl online in the middle of the night. Oh yeah and 10pm-1am (3-6 timer EST) isn't US timezone, thats the i dont wanna risk a fight timezone aka WO timers.
  17. They need a PR victory. The swedes realized their mistake putting ports at the relatively early 1-4 after plymouth so they scrambled for those 3-6 just to be safe. A truly sad state of affairs for a predominantly EU nation who was just as pissed as everyone else when these dodging tactics were used on them way back. Desperation is a stinky cologne.
  18. You better just focus on the danes for now there sport. Climb one mountain at a time, but start small so you dont hurt yourself. The swede americans are a flat out liability from what everyone has seen so far, but i think you guys can do better.
  19. just keep in mind when you post pics of russian online players that the caveat is that very few of those numbers you see actually have outposts at the front lines, for example, swede home waters where the swedes should have a shitload of people (as long as they dont set night timers....) We didnt even have screeners for Plymouth or Charles Town. For every pvp player in russia theres like 3 pve players.
  20. idk i just talk shit here, im not even an officer. That being said, we seem to work with alot of people who are more interested in hello kittying you guys over than being our "ally".
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