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  1. Ask BF what that was all about because i still dont know. Plus, did they defend it or just give up after monk left. Not blaming or criticizing i dont have enough facts to discuss that one.
  2. Thats exactly what i was getting at. That being said, a few people are speaking for a whole lot of people. Is everyone just checking out of rvr because we have alot of screeners? You can still only fit 25 people into a battle... but idk why im still discussing this, if everyone is going to throw in the towel without a fight theres nothing i can do about it aside from swapping nations. GB seemed pretty intent on resistance yesterday, looked like theyve got fight left in em at least, which is especially notable when you consider they are dealing with both russia AND VP. Also, i can only really speak for myself and a few others but i dont think anyone really wants to see a crafting base go down because most of us understand how that will affect game pop.
  3. Well it is what it is, but if people would rather quit the game instead of risking ships then the game is doomed anyways. I mean think about that for a second. I know its easy for me to say and probably means less coming from someone in the zerg but damn man. How ever did we get by with GB all those years. Thats also completely ignoring the fact that you can engage in rvr with other nations. Either way this ends with depopulation of the game or everyone vs russia, im ok with the latter but after russia implodes rvr will probably die like before the wipe because no one really wants to fight each other.
  4. The battle flag of the 69th NY volunteer infantry brigade? I 100% approve
  5. From yesterday, shroud pz. Very fun, clean, and drama free fight, o7 to everyone involved.
  6. just be careful when demanding changes for all of the patrol zones because of what happens most in the shroud one. different patrol zones have different dynamics.
  7. o7 to everyone involved in this one. Carro fitted Trinc is refreshingly fun.
  8. Lol im sure this wont cause any massive issues in the future. Have at it. Edit: might as well go all the way, no guts no glory, make civil wars a thing in nations.
  9. What happens if someone opens a port for some reason and an actual alt clan sets a pb on it, leaves it closed and removes the timer?
  10. When you're just chillen n fishing outside of Vera Cruz in the middle of the night and WO tags you and piles 10 ppl into the battle.
  11. Muahahah, im just stocking FOBs around patrol zones, dont mind me, im just a filthy casual
  12. I usually leave the uh...ahem... "politics" to others haha, just callin it how i see it.
  13. Objective: throw as much shit at russian empire on the forums as possible for being a zerg so no one notices how beefy VP got, and set the foundation for a future serverwide carebear coalition against der russkis. Skip the theatrics and start the pew pew.
  14. Wait am i anti arena now? Ive lost track of NA identity politics haha. Tbh i would have been all for an ow that complimented small battles but every time i brought it up i got the aktchually dudes all hot n bothered.
  15. Im certainly not disagreeing with anyone who points out flaws because there are too many to count. Still i dont care, the game is still entertaining for me, but thats irrelevant. What i cant wrap my head around is bitching about things we all know wont change. Im pretty sure devs have a good reading on whats broken. If they're ever gonna fix these things they will do it in their own time (and we all know what that means). Making a bitchfest circle jerk where everyone pats each other on the back for bitching the loudest is hilariously pathetic.
  16. The grind was fun when most everyone except sea trials folks were brand new at EA drop and didnt know wtf was what. Now its just redicu-nerds power grinding to get the edge. There's no more discovery, no more seeing the open world for the first time or winning your first pvp fight. The hype is gone and the only thing that would bring it back for the people with 3k plus hours is full servers (not 500 alts).
  17. Sorry ill re-paraphrase. "Eco is broken, rvr is broken, ship crafting is broken, pvp roe is broken, resource procurement is broken, here are my ideas that would totally work 100% even though the game is released and they wont be implemented". Honestly tell us, what is your objective with all this? Help us help you
  18. @HistoryCrack open another bottle of cheap ass irish whiskey and tell us how you really feel lil guy. Some of us are just trying to enjoy the game while we still have something of a player base. Coming back to the forums to claim "i was right, the game is dying" after roughly 3.5 years doesn't make you look nearly as smart as you seem to think it does.
  19. Ah i didnt know you were on the other server, im sorry man
  20. If you have to move a crafting base because of npc aggression, i dont think theres anything anyone can do for you lol
  21. Whatever you say boss. Btw i was wondering, was Monks part of US nation before release?
  22. Nope, its expected. Its just not a great way to measure actual skill, because it doesn't usually require any.
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