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Cecil Selous

Ideas for new gunnery mechanics and also swivels baby!

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i am happy with higher damage / pen, a successful broadside should basically wreck the other ship badly pretty much like poods do atm or even worse.

it should be a lot more difficult to aim and succeed in giving a broadside, as you should have to time it with waves, heel, and position.

basically you can change the orientation vertical / horizontal but it should take at least 5sec per degree. I believe canons were relatively statics except for cannonades that were lighter and easier to move horizontal at least.

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Aiming and accuracy should be also tied closely to the ship's speed and movement. 

We are able to swing the small ships around at such high speed, then let off a broadside, swing back and do it repeatedly with such an accuracy that we are able to de-crew a 5th rate in a Snow or Prince in a few rakes. When a ship is turning or running at higher speeds accuracy suffered considerably. Battle sails were used to "steady" the decks to allow accurate shooting. 

If we can at the minimum, have a system where slow means current aiming and clever gunners, fast sailing means vastly reduced accuracy. That would be something very good for game-play and tactical depth.

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