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  1. Politics and PBs (Patch 11/12 - "Clan Wars")

    Update: Due to less enjoyment overall recently, history repeating again with the same boring alliances, and legends now out in beta for everyone to get their instant pvp enjoyment. I am ending diplomacy updates after this one. US - allied with GB and "France group 1" War with pirates GB - allied with US and "France group 1" War with pirates Pirates - In OW conflict or war with everyone but multiple different groups in the pirate nation. France - there are 2 main groups. Group 1. Allied with the US and GB and at war with pirates Group 2. Friendly with the United provinces and at war with pirates/sweden/denmark Dutch - war or OW conflict against pirates/denmark/sweden. Friendly with France. Neutral with the rest. Spain - OW conflict with everyone Denmark - "sleeping" but war with france/dutch/brits. Friendly with sweden to a degree Sweden - war or OW conflict with everyone except some groups in denmark. Russia - ow conflict with everyone, but may have personal pacts with other players. Prussia - they have a neutral status with most of everyone it seems to allow for them to expand peacefully, no real intentions to attack anyone otherwise. Poland - not enough players to make a diplomacy but if there was, poland is friendly to france, neutral to everyone else ------------------ I'll update the main post soon.
  2. New Slate! Or Old Slate, You decide. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Post your Port Battle Screenshots here as well! We all love looking at triumphs and conflict together, as well as telling the story of some epic clashes between nations or clans. Format will be as follows: War -- Nations or Clans have deemed each other enemies OW Conflict -- OW conflict is strictly OW PvP, Ports aren't the primary purpose of the nations contention, rather sinking your opponents ships is all the clan/nation cares about. Neutral -- Trade agreements, NAPs, NIPs, Port Agreements, or other limited agreements will define this slot. (everyone will start as neutral) Limited Conflict -- Nations Generally/Broadly Agree on only a Certain area on the map to be fought over. Alliance -- If an official post is made between 2 or nations it will be officially updated - an Alliance is only made when the majority of clans within a nation are in agreement. Clans Agreements - If a Clan wishes to have agreements be made public, they may do so, otherwise nothing is official. If any information is incorrect, Please inform me, I wish to make this post as accurate as possible. I ask that we keep this thread clean :). I will attempt to update this Thread daily. Politics/Diplomacy United States of America Verenigde-Provincien : Neutral Espana: Ow Conflict France: Neutral / OW Conflict Great Britain: Clan Agreements / OW Conflict Denmark-Norge: OW Conflict Sverige: Neutral Pirates: War Prussia: Ow Conflict Russia: Neutral Poland: Neutral Verenigde-Provincien United States: Neutral Espana: Neutral France: Clan Agreements / Neutral Great Britain: Neutral Denmark-Norge: War Sverige: War Pirates: Neutral Prussia: Neutral Russia: Neutral Poland: Neutral Espana Verenigde-Provincien: Neutral United States: OW Conflict France: OW Conflict Great Britain: OW Conflict Denmark-Norge: OW Conflict Sverige: Neutral Pirates: OW Conflict Prussia: Neutral Russia: Neutral Poland: Neutral France Verenigde-Provincien: Clan Agreements / Neutral Espana: OW Conflict United States: Neutral / OW Conflict Great Britain: Neutral / OW Conflict Denmark-Norge: Neutral Sverige: OW Conflict Pirates: OW Conflict / Limited Conflict Prussia: OW Conflict Russia: Neutral Poland: Clan Agreements Great Britain Verenigde-Provincien: Neutral Espana: OW Conflict France: Neutral / OW Conflict United States: Clan Agreements / OW Conflict Denmark-Norge: Ow Conflict Sverige: Neutral Pirates: War Prussia: Limited Conflict Russia: Neutral Poland: Neutral Denmark-Norge Verenigde-Provincien: War Espana: Neutral France: OW Conflict Great Britain: OW Conflict United States: OW Conflict Sverige: Neutral Pirates: Neutral / OW Conflict Prussia: Neutral Russia: Neutral Poland: Neutral Sverige Verenigde-Provincien: Limited Conflict Espana: Neutral France: Limited Conflict Great Britain: OW Conflict Denmark-Norge: Neutral United States: OW Conflict Pirates: Neutral Prussia: Neutral Russia: Neutral Poland: Neutral Pirates Verenigde-Provincien : Neutral Espana: OW Conflict France: OW Conflict / Limited Conflict Great Britain: War Denmark-Norge: Neutral / OW Conflict Sverige: OW Conflict United States: War Prussia: OW Conflict Russia: OW Conflict Poland: OW Conflict Prussia Verenigde-Provincien: OW Conflict Espana: Neutral France: OW Conflict Great Britain: OW Conflict Denmark-Norge: Neutral United States: Neutral Pirates: OW Conflict Sweden: Neutral Russia: Neutral Poland: Neutral Russia Verenigde-Provincien: Neutral Espana: Neutral France: Neutral Great Britain: Neutral Denmark-Norge: Neutral United States: Neutral Pirates: OW Conflict Sweden: Neutral Prussia: Neutral Poland: Neutral Poland Verenigde-Provincien: Neutral Espana: Neutral France: Clan Agreements Great Britain: Neutral Denmark-Norge: Neutral United States: Neutral Pirates: OW Conflict Sweden: Neutral Prussia: Neutral Russia: Neutral
  3. LGV Pirate refit

    I can vouch that that population decline on global are players going to the EU server. It's folks who are sick and tired of the same situations on global because of the same people on a server with low pop. People have had enough of it and are moving on, even if the other server has port time windows, they find it more enjoyable because there are more players to interact with. There are a number of reasons for the move, but not really going to put effort in explaining it since most already know why. A server merge is happening eventually anyway and my apologies since this is not the thread's topic but entirely different. ------------- The pirate lgv is not worth 150 pvp marks.
  4. Green on green

    In the past if players agreed for green on green, it is not against the rules. Although denying pvp marks could be another thing...i have never understood why people decide to do it.
  5. Just the fact that Hethwill has gone full circle with names and avatars means he's serious Also, love the Empire total War music.
  6. Looks good. Again, the OW speed for these ships is agonizingly slow when sailing upwind. Where previously we were sailing at 8-10knts the ship now sails at 2knts. I really do like these sail wind changes in a battle instance, but I really dislike them in the OW. That is my conclusion from testing this.
  7. Good work on trying to keep people informed on the going ons of the server :), hope you can get informatiom from a few folks in different nations for a proper outlook of why current rvr is happening. I think it would be incrediby satisfying to hear details from the different "heads" or the nations, but I also know that would be more work. Sucks to hear about the downtime change and how it is affecting you. Hppefully a solution happens soon.
  8. France lays Claim to Dominica

    France Succeeds in controlling the entirety of the Island of Dominica at this time. As we write the last official letter of this campaign, many sailors now look forward to future endeavors in the Caribbean. continued talks with our Dutch neighbors has both nations eyeing the southern portion of the Caribbean, apparently there are still privateers to deal with and land that is not controlled by the more civilized countries. We must plan and prepare with our newfound allies to secure our borders.
  9. Announcement straight from Paris! Our Emperor, Napoleon, scowls as he notices on the most recent map sent to him shows many of our ports lost to outside invaders. After much time was spent calming him down and attempting to reason with him that we cannot take all the Caribbean back, the Emperor has decreed that the Island of Dominica must be under French Influence. As for reinforcement, the war at the homefront is making it difficult to get through the blockades but bits and pieces of much needed resources have been able to get by. Be it, Pirates, British, US, or any other nation, the French shall take and defend the ports on Dominica; Grande Anse, Roseau, and Rosaly. As we sail back to the Caribbean with our plans of the offensive I still hear Napoleon grumbling about his loss of gold, wine, and women of Haiti. I shake my head and hope sleep will make him forget at least for the short term. I do hope we can make it through this blockade. Even as I write this down the enemy is continuing their pursuit. By god I hope the wind favors us. Elan! Vive La France!
  10. Conquest Timezone Suggested Maps

    I understand that issue and honestly I don't see a solution at this time. I mean I know the group I play with would not play the 3 mentiones nations, but I also know other groups aren't the same mindset. So one possible solution could be that the clan nominates a time window, any RvR activities done outside that time window incur a "fee." Whether that is a large increase in maintenance payment in ports outside the time window or an additional "cost" when creating a port battle against another group outside your clan's time window. Another option I believe coild work is the map could/should be split into 3 areas. Each area has a time slot. People can attack any port, but if they want to change the port's "window" they must pay a huge maintenance fee (something like double or triple).
  11. Love it. Hopefully the BR updates are coming soon too
  12. Conquest Timezone Suggested Maps

    @Norfolk nChance Don't want to put a damper to your timezone idea because I do really like it (living near NYC)...but. The west coast US players would get the short end of the stick for those timezones...maybe that is the necessary evil we must face. If at all possible I would move the US time window an hour forward. I would further actually suggest to make the time window "larger."
  13. Green on Green(GLOBAL)

    Rules are rules No green on green allowed whatever the ties of each player may be.
  14. Opinions of a Newcomer - MKII

    @TheHaney Is it bad that i can tell exactly who you are talking about just based on what these folks have said in your account? Anyway, hope the "commanders" didn't put a sour taste to your stomach for playing this game. In situations like those if there is more than one commander I just decide not to join, not worth the headache. Your Eve Uni experience may come in handy here! Welcome fellow eve player :).
  15. Politics and PBs (Patch 11/12 - "Clan Wars")

    What an explosive weekend. Really awesome to see everyone show up and take part in the best portion of maval action. Unfortunately I am away from the PC this weekend and am unable to enjoy all of this :(.
  16. Numbers rising again

    And to be fair, there is pvp in eve online and it's fairly simple to find where it is, as opposed to NA where there is no "heat map." I love Eve Online, but I won't be so daft as to deny that the majority of my time playing it was done killing NPCs or mining or what have you, but I did pvp and was able to find it every time I decided to go looking for it.
  17. Poll

    I would say the Wasa I don't mind the gundecks, I mind how the Wasa's speed and manueverability just seem way too "good."
  18. Global Chat on Global Server

    It's not even "fun stabs" it's just outright harassment in most cases...and it has gotten too personal in some instances. All we can do is continue to report what we deem "going over the line" and move forward. I have already seen a lot of players from all sides start to agree and take action. I have logged unto EU recently and global chat there can also be rather toxic. Thankfully we do have a report and ignore button and as louis says, we just advise players to ignore those same folks.
  19. ADS!!!!

    Yep. Even Early 2016 OW battles, if the cannon "hit" the ship, it dealt damage. There was not such thing as thickness and angling. It was fun and silly, but I am really glad we have the current battle mechanics. It brings back memories of pvp 2 hitting 800 player pop on US primetime.
  20. Politics and PBs (Patch 11/12 - "Clan Wars")

    Perdenales Swede vs french "nightcrew" Outcome: france defends Barbancourt himself was able to hold the swedes off from getting 1,000 points for the entire battle. Resulting in a successful defense. He reported that the swedes came in at a terrible wind position and that probably cost them. No sinks, only the loss of repairs.
  21. After some tests, it's going to be some time before I get the hang of the new "wind and sails" in battle. I do like it, but I think the reality of the OW speeds is not good. I know a number of people, including myself, complain about the time it takes to sail places, even more so when you're sailing against the wind. I really do wish OW travel would not be so negatively affected they way it is on the aggie right now.
  22. Politics and PBs (Patch 11/12 - "Clan Wars")

    Rincon - 2,400 BR Limit French Vs Pirates Outcome - Pirates successfully Defend AAR: From reports, it sounded like it was fairly even in terms of the fighting, but the point game was in the pirates favor. France decided to bring a heavy Buc fleet with a small support of lighter ships whereas the Pirates decide to bring a Wasa Fleet. France had the intentions of holding 2 of the 3 circles and then forcing the pirates to face them in order to create a brawl. It seems the pirates decided to contest the circles and use a part of their fleet to hold the French up while they took control of 2 circles. at one point or another it seems the Pirates were able to force the french off the circles due to the power of the Wasa 2 gundecks. Thoughts: I believe if 2 of the Bucentaure were dropped for 3 Wasa and an extra ship this would have been an even closer fight and possibly a French win - but that's just looking from an overview perspective and not someone within the battle. I do enjoy the Circle game play now - it forces engagements but also allows for strategic decisions. The Wasa (and the Buc to a lesser extent) needs a Br adjustment for sure, but seems both sides enjoyed the fight. That's what we are all looking for in the end, some good fights to be had.
  23. hopefully a remedy to PvP marks will be found, but for the time being this is the proper course of action for those found exploiting the system.
  24. As Hodo says I believe the key to success is not only prolonged experience, but also playing with the same folks. when I hear of BLACK, VCO, SORRY, SOB (2016 brits), various Russian clans in denmark, the coalition of clans in EU Sweden, and the well known names like Liquicity it all comes down to two important factors. 1. the experience the player learned while playing the game. 2. the close knit community created within which started positive relationships between those said communities. none of these groups and players "got good" simply by signing in, they all took the time and effort to organize, learn, and effectively communicate to one another. important to remember that in order to succeed or "be successful" you and the players around you have to also want to try. they must be willing to lose, they must not be deterred by loss.