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  1. Teutonic

    Battlesail fighting

    Yeah the turning bonus we have now i have only ever noticed it on 5th rates or smaller since it really feels like you are at a disadvantage from an opponent with full sails atm. I'd much just prefer a gradual increase and decrease to buffs and maluses on different sail %s. Something a akin to this. 100% sails - requires 10/20% more crew (then currently) 80% sails - requires less men on sails 60% sails - requires less men on sails, accuracy buff 40% sails - turn rate buff, cannon reload and accuracy buff. Requires less men on sails Obvious not a good representation of how it would be but I hope folks get the point. Basically you are sacrificing speed for these bonuses.
  2. Teutonic

    Resources slots bigger than 10000

    I personally think the resource/mat stack caps are perfectly reasonable and we really have no need to adjust them at this time. I still always have space in my outpost warehouses and honestly never keep a large overhead since I just end up using it. I know of some folks who have a shitton of resources, but never understood why since they aren't being efficient in using them. On top of it being early access and a wipe coming you'd think we'd use it more.
  3. Teutonic

    Battlesail fighting

    I have always been in agreement when suggestions came up to add maluses to full sails. Decrease turn rate? Sounds good Longer cannon reload? Sounds good More heel? Eh, the full sails already gives the ship a lot of heel, no need for thus in my opinion. I think @rediii mentioned somewhere that battle sails should also get a cannon reload buff? Correct me if I'm wrong. But I really would like battle sails to be your normal sail action when in a fight. Fulls sails I'm sure would to be used for those who run or chase, or even for those who want to get to a position quickly.
  4. Teutonic

    Perk slot change

    I like the idea. I know a few folks who'd like something similar where econ and combat perks are separate. You wouldn't have to switch back and forth every single time you want to craft and then go out for combat, then come back to craft again.
  5. Teutonic

    New Boarding patch

    It's bull. They can change it. They already change the herc from a 6th to a 5th rate. They can change these stats - they 'choose' not to.
  6. Teutonic

    New Boarding patch

    That's also a bit extreme, but I do agree that in some cases the thickness meta plays a part in the issue.
  7. Teutonic

    New Boarding patch

    But lets say you get under his guns and start "hugging." It's fun for the herc or any ship who can get under the guns, but now the opposing ship does what...? Realistically i as a bigger ship should be able to combat you somehow. My guns may not be able to hit you, but my crew should still be able to do something, whether that is shoot at you, or board you, or some type of mechanic to get you away from my ship. If we are the same skill level and you are able to hug my ship, that's it - I literally can't wiggle you off since any attempt i take, you will be able to react faster and adjust your course to continue staying under my guns. I totally understand not sailing alone in a big ship, but as it currently stands, There is no way I can wiggle you away without doing something incredibly cheesy, which you would just be able to act faster than me.
  8. I thank the devs for reverting the speed change. I still think we should look at it but it really does seem the only way is to add musket fire in the game - we'll see. I actually enjoy the other changes. I honestly feel that cramped and very cramped should still be 5% and 10% respectively since it is a chance based trim. The barricades change is good - those who don't like boarding should probably get it, those who also want a different kind of boarding instead of attacking should also consider it. I eagerly await the mod/book balance pass though, and the UI and flag teaser is nice and next patch is looking good.
  9. Teutonic

    New Boarding patch

    1. I respectfully disagree. The nerf was needed - it is possible to further adjust numbers, but generally it is better this way. Other 6th/7th rate boarding books still have pretty crazy bonuses and I think people will adapt and it'll be fine. 2. agree 3. as you said, intended of this change 4. I both agree and disagree - I hated the pushing into the wind, but we must realize that the 8knt speed cap is pretty whacky and should be adjusted. Overall I understand the intention of the change, but after discussion with others and initial feedback, I must say the outcome is not exactly what we wanted. Further feedback is needed and I am pretty sure we will warrant a change or adjustment of stats again.
  10. Teutonic

    True Economy: An Experiment and Vote

    Plus, players are extreme hoarders and it just seems extremely difficult to ever get anyone outside of your own respective clan to sell you something without the insane prices. Ideally I'd like the EU trader gone, but realistically it's not possible at this time and I would enjoy a look into buidlings and production before we looked at the EU trader.
  11. Teutonic

    Wood bonuses in boarding

    I notice that some wood types whether frames or planks have bonuses to crew resistance. It may be silly to ask but, does the crew resistance bonus on these woods apply while in boarding actions too? Or just against cannon fire?
  12. Teutonic

    New Boarding patch

    lowering it to 5 knots seems fair. My biggest issue is that we would still need some way to combat hugging tactics, while allowing people to still board others without having to use lame Ramming/Pushing strats to even attempt to board. Just Chaining sails doesn't make the ship slow enough to board either. the "effective" way is to demast a target, but majority of players have a lot of difficulty doing that. What is a fast solution that would do the following: 1. Stop hugging tactics 2. Allow players to board without having to resort to ram/pushing I understand that Admin did the change to make hugging stop, but I also understand it has the backlash of making a lot of issues. I like that hugging isn't such an easy tactic anymore and i dislike that the speed cap for boarding makes a big problem for any other situation. I don't have a clear answer though other than to create musketfire.
  13. I am glad hugging can no longer be a tactic. It is good to find it early that the numbers need to be adjusted. Hopefully we can find a solution through discussion that allows us to stop hugging without breaking the rest of the game. Keep in mind that the admin stated they want to add ship weight as a factor towards difficulty in boarding someone. On top of the UI patch and mod/book rebalance - in a way we should have gotten them all in order to truly understand how things play out.
  14. Finally, real feedback - not some bull spitting crap. Now we can get to some real discussion.
  15. The sky is falling.... But apparently the sky is falling before the pebble dropped on my head. DD needed a nerf. Simple as that. Hammocks of all sizes have been nerfed - requin won't have stupid amounts of crew. Requin and herc won't be able to hug large ships and attack without issues anymore. Do i agree the speed is a little high? Sure. Do i agree that the vector speed is possibly a little high still? Sure. But sorry, this doom and gloom shit without actually trying it yourself is cancer and not feedback. It's nothing until you try it out. And when you try it out change how you sail and fight instead of doing the same thing, because the same thing won't work anymore.
  16. If it is a disaster. It will be changed. But I believe we are going in the right direction. Just need to tweak numbers.
  17. I honestly....fear limited ammo. Please, if we get on that dicussion we should be extremely caustious about how we approach it. My initial reaction is to ask we don't create ammo. I'd only be willing to agree to ammo if certain measures were taken. If 60 ball per cannon, 7 chain, 7 grape, and we use the current 2 charge and double. A 40 gun frigate would have 3,120 rounds of various shots. A 12 gun privateer/pickle would have 936 rounds of various shots. My biggest concen would be that we'd have to go back to port after every battle. Or rather - a lot of players would do that regardless of whether they need to or not and it would create more irritation towards sailing.
  18. Teutonic

    Desperat need of ships in the US

    I for one, think the basic cutter fleet is genius.
  19. Teutonic

    wood drops

    Restricting production is the wrong way to go about it in my opinion. We need a balance pass to other woods to create alternatives. Teak is the #1 wood because the bonuses it gives to your stats are all stats you want. There is no malus on teak either which I think is a mistake for game balance.
  20. Teutonic

    Retag griefing

    I can agree to this partly - it should be the timer for 'you can't be attacked' that is increased. Make it 5 minutes. I'd wager that would solve a number of problems that arise. EDIT: continuing to read the thread --- I think just increasing the invisibility timer, as hethwill and liq seem to agree on, would be good. I still think we should have the speed boost with it though.
  21. I agree and would encourage a change. I am all for tanking through damage and having fights that last a while. But it is equally frustrating to see hard fought damage amount to very little once someone repairs. I am not against repairing multiple times in battle - i just hate seeing that i spend effort in taking down hps to get into their structure only to have them heal their structure just as effectively as side armor (or all armor in general). I advocate that structure damage can certainly be healed - but there should be some feeling of 'permanent' damage to structure. Again, we should be encouraged to repair earlier to keep our ship structure safe, instead of using it as the indicator of when to repair. I am inclined to agree. And rum action has such a long cooldown that it probably wouldn't bother me if grape was limited. 3-4 shots per cannon?
  22. There still is roughly 50% of the ports out there without a timer and even still a good number of EU timers. AND even still a weekend where we can all be on and all attack each other without work getting in the way. Seriously don't see the issue with timers. I am sure GB will have many conflicts to come and will enjoy the fighting :).
  23. Teutonic

    It's time for Justice

    I for one approve this message. Oh but let me remind everyone that only Chris speaks for VCO. Don't want people to get the wrong impression :). oh but yeah, onwards towards a new great british empire. Hear....hear?
  24. I think in general - as your broadside hps lower you increasingly lose more crew and internal structure with each cannon ball. It should create an incentive to repair early and discourage those who repair (late) when they lose all their hps to trick the opponent that you have sunk (when in reality repairs essentially bring you back to life). A person throwing a beatdown on someone should still feel like they did significant damage even if they repair those HPs again. Maybe repairs should only be 50% effective for your internal structure?