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  1. Teutonic

    Safe zones and Newbies

    Could always grind for weekend port battles.
  2. Will you be part of the US council?
  3. Teutonic

    Safe zones and Newbies

    You know... There are more opponents who aren't the USA, but that would be too difficult eh? Can't be fighting more powerful enemies now, that wouldn't look good.
  4. Teutonic

    Patch 25: Preliminary Patch Notes.

    I hope the bonuses offset the loss of speed. It would help lower the need for speed - generally more speed gives more manueverability atm.
  5. Teutonic

    Blame devs for everything

    Agreed. People don't want to play a map reset game. It would just promote joining the winning side, an example is the US clan joining France and becoming UWS. They could have picked any other nation, heck they could have stayed USA, but they don't want a hard challenge, they want the win. And everyone wants the win, just some groups are more stubborn in their goals then others.
  6. Teutonic

    Blame devs for everything

    I agree and disagree. Major ports don't change hands because players create alliances to prevent them from changing hands. It's nearly impossible to take these ports because the owning party usually makes it impossible. I do agree with the boredom of hostility grinding, that is a major factor ,from my viewpoint, that is creating such a stale rvr environment.
  7. Teutonic

    Hercules vs X (Experimental Testing)

    With how few people play, I'm am still surprised at how you can tell yourself "we don't fight them even though that only means we fight these 10 guys over here." I am exaggerating of course, but you get the point. And banished says it perfectly, without fleet practice there is now nothing to have civilized and organized fights. I suppose we can meet in the OW but players are everywhere and it is so much easier to have a button in a port to be able to make a battle. I would love a duel room again, and I would love if you could create ship rate limits too for further customization. I still hate that we lost small and large battle rooms even if it was for the purpose of making everyone be in the OW.
  8. Teutonic

    Blame devs for everything

    I think most vets are worried that pve content or any type of content outside of pvp is just a skeleton and we do not believe it has been fleshed out. As new players it seems they have a good 40+ hours stuff to do? I don't know. Is it also the players fault? I guess, but I just wish there was more to the game then ship crafting and pvp. If I could sail out to sea and actually be exploring or uncovering secret caches of resources. Like if the sealed bottles were more of a feature than a "once in a blue moon drop."
  9. Teutonic

    Hercules vs X (Experimental Testing)

    We didn't use it regularly no....but I did enjoy the ability to fight or test things out without a ship loss. I thought it was still useful as you used repairs as the "gold sink."
  10. Teutonic

    Beacon fires

    The beacons are lit! Gondor calls for aid! I think lighthouse would be more suitable personally.
  11. Ah, hmmm I guess that's good?
  12. Teutonic

    Hercules vs X (Experimental Testing)

    Would love to find a time to try itm Can someone confirm if fleet practice is disabled? Would mega suck if it is disabled.
  13. Teutonic

    Patch 25: Preliminary Patch Notes.

    Have to ask @admin With the forged papers now also adding a name change with this patch. Does that mean you can change your name and stay in the same nation or must you also change your nation when changing your name? Another way to ask, is nation switch and name change together, or separate?
  14. Fleet practice is always open
  15. Show me a picture or screenshot where a herc loses a 1v1 against a heavy rattle or niagara with opponents who are the same level. Show me a screenshot where a port battle fleet with less hercs beats a fleet with more hercs where the groups are of equal level. I'm waiting. So far I have never seen a picture where the side with more hercs lose.
  16. And the wasa is 305 BR while the agga is 300, yet the wasa will blow it out of the park. We have the ocean at 580 and the santi at 605 and yet the BRs here should be switched. I never considered this BR balance we have now to even remotely be fair or balanced. That being said, I believe the Herc should be at 120br, but I am willing to take the small increment first to 100 to see if it does anything to PB outcomes.
  17. I'd rather nerf the herc and requin then have to take effort in buffing 3-4 other ships which were "perfectly" balanced before. Before the Herc came into the game, the hvy rattle, niagara, and prince were at the best balance i've ever seen in this game, with only the mercury needing some love.... I'd love to hear how you deal with 18pd/pood gun shallow ship. I would drop the 18pd to 12pd on the herc as a start so they lose the ability for pood guns too.
  18. Teutonic

    Patch 25: Preliminary Patch Notes.

    My initial thought was how utterly broken this is going to be. But good to hear other vessels will be adjusted. I am just haunted with the Wasa days and how long it took balance that crap. Well, no shallow water battles for me anymore. Not until this gets balanced. It is a good patch...
  19. Teutonic

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Show me a port battle where the side with less hercs, or no hercs, wins against a fleet of hercs and I'll stop saying the Herc is broken. Just continuing the trend of whoever brings more hercs wins.
  20. The past month has seen a large decline in port battles and those groups who take the time and effort to create them. It seems every time I hear of someone saying "we should take X port" the immediate response is "will you grind it?" That may be acceptable and the effort required bring hostility to 100% allows both sides to engage in a fight whether that be to defend it, or the opportunity to kill players to make the PB happen faster through the hostility mechanic. I personally hear more folks dislike the current RvR mechanic and wish for change. I propose we drop Hostility missions and rework the old Flag mechanic to create something better. -------------------------------------------------- What I would keep 1. Time windows - the ability to leave it open, or to create a specific time window to defend in 2. Maintenance - I would adjust prices of maintenance, but still keep it. I would propose lowering the Time maintenance to 400k (so the maintenance is 500k and not 600k with a timer) 3. BR limits ------------------------------------------------- New Flag System: 1. Similar to the way Hostility works now, You must purchase the Flag a day before the intended port battle. You MUST purchase the flag within the port's time window as well. In order to Purchase a Flag, you must be the Leader, or Diplomat role within the clan. when the Flag is purchased, it is an item (like a book) and it is put into your personal warehouse in the port you are at, at the time of purchase. The flag can be place into the clan warehouse in order to allow Officers of the clan to gain access to it. A clan can only have ONE (can be adjusted) flag active at a time. I believe this does a few things. A. The moment you Purchase the flag, is the same time the Port Battle happens on the next day (24hrs from purchase) B. the limitation of who is allowed to purchase a Flag stops abuse of random flag purchasing. The limitation of Flag's active in a clan stops abuse of a clan activating tons of flags. C. Flag acting as an item makes it so it must be in a ships hold at the time of the port battle happening 2. The Flag itself makes the following happen: A. The "flag holder" must create a "Battle Group" in order to enter the Port Battle. B. The Flag is an Item that is "used" like a Book. You can ONLY use the flag after creating a Battle Group. you can ONLY use the flag on the DAY OF the Port Battle C. Only those players in the Battle Group made by the Flag bearer are able to enter the Port Battle. 3. If the Flag is destroyed (the player's ship is sunk) anytime BEFORE the Port Battle, the Port Battle is immediately cancelled and Whenever the PB would have happened, the defenders gain a 24 hour rest period (as it is now when a groups fails to take a port). 3A. If the Flag has been "used" and the Flag owner had created a Battle Group. the Battle Group is considered "the flag." This means Anyone in the Battle Group can Enter the Port Battle, This also means that in order for the Defenders to stop the attackers from entering the Port Battle, they must Defeat all enemy players in the Battle Group. This stops the "kamikaze" effect of killing the flag owner before the battle and forces the Defenders to make a real attempt at denying the enemy from entering (all of them). the defender is able to still kill the flag before the Port Battle. But the attacker can use the flag to still allow their battle group to enter. 4. Flags Cost Gold/Currency (for new patch) to create based on the Port's Battle Rating Limit. I don't know what the basis would be for price apart from BR limit. my initial thought is the following: 1,000 gold/currency per 1 BR. So a 2,400 Deep Water BR port's flag would cost 2.4 million. Side note - Shallow Water port flag cost would be reduced by 50% (so 500 gold/currency per 1 BR). ---------------------------------------------------- A port Battle works the same way it would now, you must achieve 1,000 points to win or last throughout the whole battle time (for defenders). If the FLAG bearer dies in a screen (OW) battle that just ensures the attackers are UNABLE to enter the port battle (Although I feel we could change this to something more agreeable if folks don't like this). ---------------------------------------------------- ABUSE CASES? Groups create multiple clans to create multiple flags --- Yeah ok, I don't really care. since Clans have a limited "friendly clan list" I don't see this getting bad or negatively affecting anything. Those who try and multi-flip will always try. Those who multi-flip can't win in a contested port battle so they will lose the port eventually anyway. Alt abuse? --- I don't see it. ----------------------------------------------------- Downsides? The one I can see is that since there are no more Hostility missions, you cannot "Stop" someone from trying to make a Port Battle happen on your port. But in the end, you can Screen the enemy out or win the Port Battle the next day anyway. EDIT all Underlined areas are Edited
  21. Teutonic

    After battle loot screen

    Honestly never hated when we had an end of battle screen a year or so ago (or more, i forget). The main reason why admin took the end of battle screen out was due to people logging off while in that screen as well as teleporting to a nearby port. Someone correct me if i am wrong about that though. It caused a lot of irritations for some people and those who took advantage of it were able to steer clear from players looking to attack them after the battle.. .which is where we got the revenge gank term from.
  22. Teutonic

    PVP servers merge

    😑 You are still on about this? Get over it already.
  23. Teutonic

    RvR - Bringing back a better Flag

    My original intention for bringing this suggestion up was due to the amount of "current" players playing the game that said they dislike the PvE Grind that is hostility mechanics. I'm fully aware that taking and owning a port that is "extremely" unprofitable is dumb and stupid and why would you take that port in the first place, Which is why I made a thread previous about a way to bring Regional Economic bonuses to create an incentive to hold more ports for an overall gain in economy and economic bonuses. I feel both of my suggestions, if added in the game would help enhance the current experience of players playing right now. Every time I hear someone say "this won't work because we've already done it blah blah blah" (and trust me, I've done that too) I want to point them back to the original post and say "yes it didn't work, that is why I suggest changing it so it does work." It's like they didn't even read the suggestion. Nonetheless people like @Rickard or @Banished Privateer while I don't agree with them on all things, seem to be the ONLY people who have disagreed with suggestion and either offered up an alternative or showed that they brought up other suggestions instead. Maybe those who disagree but don't bring anything to the table should look at these two and understand when you disagree, you bring evidence and a counter offer. Don't cry that it's not good and then do nothing. If you think it's a bad suggestion, I would much prefer you then make your own suggestion or thread so that we can see the thought process here. I'm sorry to hear that the @admin does not like the proposal, but I understand why. I just hope that there are steps being taken to possibly make hostility more manageable or at least look as to WHY people currently playing the game dislike the PvE Hostility grind so much. I personally feel the change coming up to make player owned ports better for ship crafting is nice, but I argue we need further economic bonuses to create more incentives to leave the safe zone and I believe we need to make the safe zone ports restricted in crafting and resource gathering, a penalty/increased tax if you will. which is why I brought the regional bonuses thread and the Poll that the thread had was largely in favor of all suggestions: People talk about no incentives for owning ports - I hope the Admin takes a hard look at my suggestion and I really do hope more of the favored suggestions get placed in. Sorry if it's not "PvP related" but a good econ or econ incentive DRIVES conflict in a game.
  24. Teutonic

    Combat News & Player Names - sligthly Change

    I like your change to combat news and think it would be a good addition. But players should be allowed to name themselves however they want, it may be the 18th century style game, but it is a game. I could think of quite a few players who do not have 18th century names and yet do not offend anyone and are perfectly fine. If a player has a particular offensive name like "nazihitler" you can always report them and admin has been known to take action.
  25. Teutonic

    RvR - Bringing back a better Flag

    You could do that now. so RvR is already ruined on that point then?