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  1. Questions to developers

    not bad at all actually.
  2. agree. just a fix of RoE and the circle system, making rules is the same as the PvP Mark abuse. Making a rule still hasn't changed people from doing it, you got to mechanically change it in the game to fix it.
  3. Join the circle (and not to end up in tokyo)

    Mind you, I am not asking for land to be gone from battles, I am in agreement with you. I just wish for a solution to what I precieve as a problem, although I know others do not believe it to be a problem. So bigger circles? Great, love it.
  4. Join the circle (and not to end up in tokyo)

    I personally think that the mechanic in having it impossible to join a join circle because it's on land is Cancer. Why should I not be allowed to join a battle but the enemy can? So the enemy gets away with entering a battle when I want to fight them but can't because my side has some shitty Land in the way. it doesn't add "strategy" it adds anger and frustration.
  5. Wish the swords were a color OTHER than white too.
  6. Caribbean Invasion News

    it's almost like true clan diplomacy and not nation diplomacy would fix this or something hmmmmm.
  7. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    It's like the Wasa is broken again or something...:thinking: Looks to have been a good fight though.
  8. Chris had a stream, we could look at the recording and you will see the "impossible" wind change lol
  9. I think it's funny that DPS is considered a thing when a lot of folks have looked at the numbers and have consistently said that always fitting the best Cannon you can load on a ship is better than fitting a smaller caliber. example, why would you ever fit a 24pd cannon when you can fit a 32pd or 42pd cannon on that deck.
  10. Port Battle timer cool down

    seems appropriate.
  11. Port Battle timer cool down

    Agreed. I think it's absolutely needed and I don't care what side or what nation you're on, it's cancer and it has to stop.
  12. That is what I would wish but thought it would be "too drastic" for some. I would think with a BR spread of up to 1,000 would also lead us to ask for a BR limit change on ports.
  13. I was happy for a BR change finally and then I saw the BR list and I couldn't help but laugh. The BR spread is so wonky and it's now smaller.....it should be larger. I believe the BR spread should go up to 800. This would allow better balancing. With a BR spread of up to 600 it's almost always going to be "I could bring X, but Y is better for only Z increase in BR."
  14. Concept of clanbased RvR rediii

    what Rediii and Chris propose is exactly what I wish would be in the game.
  15. Clan-based RvR

    There were loopholes. and through discussion in the thread players suggest ways to get fix them, what you suggest was what "roughly" war companies was promising.
  16. Clan-based RvR

    don't bring NN shit here. you post has absolutely no relevance here. either bring something to the table or buzz off
  17. WO announces its move to Sweden

    it's almost like it's not worth playing, hooray! we all won!
  18. Clan-based RvR

    War Companies was one of the best suggestions the Admin had brought up and it could have solved all of this
  19. REDS + VCO Change Nation

    BORK will also be re-instated into the Fold. thanks for the fast decision making. Time to make the map Blue....er!
  20. Fortress problem

    git gud EDIT - in all seriousness - it's been like this for a while and I agree to maintenance for forts - but then I would ask for a completely different way to maintain ports and revenue. overall it's fine the way it is.
  21. Battle Group BR counter

    Simple and needed Fully support.
  22. What if... ?

    Really wish we had all those suggestions. I keep reading through them and thinking, damn if only we had these mechanics ingame....
  23. It's been ages since I have seen anyone take control perk. What's the range? Maybe a visual representation of the distance in a battle would help players realize it's "potential."
  24. EVE... pvp vs pve

    I worded it poorly yes, my apologies. The economy in the games is different and it's not supposed to be the same as eve. That being said i do believe the economy and ways to make money or find materials in the world of Naval action should change. But that's for another thread.
  25. So.... I actually really like the decision to have control perk on ships with no bow chasers. Privateer, cutter, pickle, brig, navy brig, mercury, cerberus, renomee, belle poule, essex, pavel, bucentuare All the ships that come to mind with no chasers. Really this gives these ships a use finally...i am in support of the change. As for the other changes, seems good.