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  1. Hey @qw569, i took a look at the spreadsheet today to monitor my clans balance but noticed that the numbers are way off. Some ports make more than a million negative income which shouldnt even be possible (eg Marigot). Maybe todays hotfix hello kittyed something up.
  2. If you would know how to read statistics you would see that HRE has positive income and today is on 3rd place of top owning clans as well as our sister clan HREKK on 6th place. Furthermore rediii is just an port battle commander (a very good one btw) and is not involved in clan economy. I'd figure you know that because it hasnt changed since you left HRE several months ago. Same goes for EXILE, HachiRokus clan. It owns 1 port for VMs i guess and you have yet to explain how that one port loses 13 million each day. It shouldnt be possible by game design so if you discovered a bug pls report it (you can do it via F11 ingame btw, very helpful when actually trying to make the game better).
  3. Increase the daily number of tows to pvp zones

    No Sir, the core feature of this game is not sailing but combat in sailing ships. The OW is merely a hub to make battles happen. Imo the time needed in this hub is already too large (especially for stupid rep kits hauling).
  4. Broken grape

    I had the same experience. Something about crew damage through stern in general is wrong. Even though ball seems to work correctly most times, grape will often result in no crew damage at all despite single shooting them perfectly through the stern.
  5. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    At the same time another battle vs Prussia was happening in the zone: Very nice battle o7 PS: To everyone complaining about mods, my Pavel had 3 basic upgrades and no slots.
  6. Operation Octaflip

    This conversation is pure trashtalk. LITERALLY.
  7. Pre-patch quick number changes suggestions

    - reduce backwards turn rate (why tf do i turn twice as fast when sailing 4kn backwards instead of sailing 4kn forwards? does it have something to do with the rudder being located at the rear???) - increase thickness of 5ths and lower by just a bit (2-3cm should be enough) - perk rebalance (right now theres almost no diversity): double charge/ball: 2 points, defense drill: add -1 round disengage, pump inventor: increase to 25% (last resort), area control: 1 point, reduce to 500m, carronade master: change to -3m dispersion, determined defender: change to 30% morale advantage instead of crew, fisher: add increased chance to find bottles and reduce to 1 point, shipyard connections: change to increase chance to build rare ships +15%, hold optimization: should work on trading ships only (its used to buff warship speed atm which is not intended) (we need more perks and 3 captain slots btw, but this is for a future update) - add ability to take a ship to fleet after battle. fleet perk is a traders perk and should give you the ability to leave a port with fleetships - decrease rum timer to 20 mins, i think 25 mins is just too much. maybe reduce effectiveness to 20% to balance out - increase carpenters (the stock one from admiralty) to 2,5%. 1,5% is a joke and increases the gear gap for new players - give several speed upgrades completely new attributes. theres too many and it takes away diversity. crooked hull: change to +20% hull repair efficiency, cotton sails: change to +20% sail repair efficiency, bovenwinds refit: change to... something? cant think of anything atm
  8. New Repair is abit unbalanced

    I dont know which ship you sail has 1600 crew (maybe you stacked all crew mods on a L'Ocean?) but Rum repairs 25% crew and needs like 10 minutes for that. You can therefore not heal more crew than you had in the beginning. Lets say you did REALLY bad and already lost 300 crew on your L'Ocean after 15 mins, even then you can only repair crew 3 times, and that will take 60 minutes. How many rakes can you get into a L'Ocean in that timeframe? I once killed 300 crew of a Vic, being in a Cerberus with long guns. It was this battle btw.
  9. Unequal battles

    Actually, Edinorogs look like mediums but nobody uses mediums. So when the gun doesnt stick out far its most probably a Pood! Regarding that Aga build: Is the max speed 14.01 with or without spanish rig? This ship has a trong weakness regarding DPS and boarding, but thats not an issue since it can always sail away from sidehuggers and is way too fast to get boarded (if youre not stupid enough to ever tack that is). Seriously, i can not think of a way right now how to sink OR not get sunk by this Aga with a ship of the same tier.
  10. Invasion Suedoise en cours...

    Todays evening was great Got killed in my L'Ocean vs some dutch screeners together with Peer but took 4 of them with me. I hope France doesnt mind the ships lost and had some fun too! See ya tomorrow at Saint Joseph
  11. The bassing of nations and other Forumpvp

    9/10 pen 10/10 pun
  12. long term plan

    It will be @Cornelis Tromp's exile port when everyone joined Sweden except him.
  13. Safezone? Yes! For max lvl too? No!

    I agree to some point with z4ys: Skilled players make less mistakes and therefore the battle is usually indecisive for quite a while. But at the same time a single mistake can end the battle quickly as both skilled players will take immediate notice of it and use it to their advantage. I recently had a battle against Hachi (@rediii streamed it, maybe he has a link?) that was a draw for like the first 20 minutes. We always traded one broadside, made the correct counter and follow-up maneuvres, gained seperation and tacked to keep the wind between us neutral. Then a windchange happened and i dealt poorly with it resulting in a 2:0 broadside advantage for Hachi which i couldnt compensate and got boarded 10 minutes later. A bit before i had a battle against Moscalb (@Moscalb maybe still has a vid of that?), a mistake of him in the beginning gave me bow-to-stern position from which i could control the fight for a long time and build up hull, crew, rudder and cannon advantages. He went for my masts but it was not enough to compensate the other damage types. Both of these battles lasted around 30 minutes, thats really short for a duel. When i duel less skilled players the fights usually end up taking more time since they try to disengage and sail away at some point, this is both time consuming and less fun.
  14. Fun PVP for everyone!

    Yes, this is great! Of course alt farming will be possible, but whats the difference to the current system? 99% of players dont farm alts and theyll be sad if this feature gets cut. Also, i dont agree that the PvP Event was better. These PvP missions are aimed at making it easier to access PvP. The new player spawning in his capital on day 1 and wants to try PvP will not sail from Christiansted to Tumbado to PvP there between 18 and 20 servertime or wait a few days for an event to spawn closer. He wants to click the mission, get directed to Aves, find other mission runners and have a fun experience. Hopefully hell find something better than a 5v1 tho. At least those 5 guys will not progress their missions fast.