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  1. Contracts tweak

    Don't drink and paint ;-)
  2. My most recent traffic accident...

    But the basic-cutter also failed to do the manouver of the last minute and by this, violated anti-collision rules. So it's the cutter-skipper to blame ;-)
  3. To answer the OP, I grinded Missions when: I was (very) low-level, to get some money to invest I got a new ship to check handling of it and open at least 2-3 knowledge-slots I don't have much time to play (hunting) go get into easy action And of course for hostility reasons.
  4. But you cant do anything against alts, so implementing bullet-proof mech that prevents abuse is the only solution. I personally don't mind any farming alts but I feel very pitty for every feature that is taken away becaus of possible alt farming abuse :-(
  5. why bringing ship capture back?

    I guess we need to wait for the patchnotes to know ... or for reports of ingame testing :-/
  6. A failed port battle is a "raid".

    Then maybe call it a blockade, the name does not matter anyway imho. I like this idea.
  7. Lowest Rate ship That can Tag a Surprise?

    Maybe you'd like to read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rating_system_of_the_Royal_Navy
  8. Population distribution

    I think this rather gives information about the level of npc capturing activity of the nation. Which server are these taken from?
  9. why bringing ship capture back?

    Since it's still testing I guess we're bound to wait 'n see what happens ...
  10. why bringing ship capture back?

    Hopefully the small-ship markt will survive this.
  11. Victory Marks

    I sometimes use them for navigation purposes.
  12. longitude and latitude

    Well you cannot have ETA since it depends on wind an course; and the wind is changing. It would cost a lot more effort to code something you'd like to have.
  13. Victory Marks

    I think from your point of view the currently presented solution (VM from post-captain rank) must be a good solution. I guess this is a rank from where it seriously makes sense to be involved into RvR. And anyone who grinds his alt up to this rank is finally and effectively contributing to an active server and deserves the VM's imho. I personally do not like it. It gives me a reason more to stay away from RvR activity, since I have no direct benefits from it. And I don't mind if any alts farm something or not.
  14. Victory Marks

    So you say, since I'm not a real player, I should also not run around in HeavyRattler or Niagara. Maybe I'm better off on the PvE server.
  15. Victory Marks

    Yeah, that's really encouraging, keep alle the noobs (non rear-admirals) out of the game (I guess they are alts anyway). What kind of elitist spirit ist that?