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  1. now that you mention it I switched to longs within the past week, interesting..
  2. Did AI's damage increase in the last few days? It seems so to me, I see devs tweaking god knows what every other day. Or I suddenly started to suck even more, there is always that..... tnx for paints, great job....
  3. probably a stupid question: how do you move the paint info box covering the docked ship? I tried dragging it
  4. Rank, Crafting rank, Knoweldge slots and knowledge books will remain
  5. I havent played in a bit, how can you tell an AI ship is elite? Before engaging I mean 😀
  6. this happens in every game, people hate change. I also play WOW and every time there in a new patch forums freak out. it is what it is.
  7. tnx, was the previous version removed from our ports?
  8. is the dlc version any different from the one i have had for a long time? unable to log on rt now, still have the ones we had before?
  9. 12:45 us time, steam error userid from steam empty, anyone else?
  10. Sudden flash : could it be that my fleet gets the kill, not me? I bet thats it....
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