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  1. I wish admin would respond to this, rewards could be given anytime , no need to wait for the patch......its not a huge coding feat
  2. well they could always refresh the redeemables but you are prob right
  3. as long as the testbed is open you should be good. No one has any idea how long that may be, admin said 7 days 2 weeks ago, lol
  4. you dont have to take pictures but you do have to keep count of the 25 kills including 5 won boardings
  5. And this answer shows in a nutshell what your motivation is in your resistance to these changes: Kill the noobs with ease and feel superior to others. Im sure you will find a way to do that again 😋
  6. Pure frigate enthusiasts need St Cecilia asap pleeeaaase
  7. Devs, remember no matter what changes you make there is always going to be a vocal minority that will hate anything you do. There is no need for this sky is falling attitude, over all these changes are good and it will all be tweeked as time goes on. It always has.
  8. Admin, when do you think you might deploy the patch? Could you give us some idea of time frame we are looking at?
  9. WHO IS DOING ALL THIS TESTING? sry caps. There is only 13 players on the testbed
  10. Devs, plz, could you give us an idea how long the testbed will be up? It had 13 players on just now and the 7 days you mentioned have long been up. tnx
  11. Hi Devs, when will the testbed end please? Im exhausted from sinking all these ship and I would like my St. Cecilia asap so I can stare at it and feel good. Thanks 😁
  12. Anyone hear anything more concrete about when the server may be back up?
  13. jnovotny6


    oh nvm its a separate server
  14. jnovotny6


    I do, tnx, I assume this will work on PvE server as well?