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  1. jnovotny6

    Encore une suggestion de développement

    that is a lot of french for an english speaking site.... good luck
  2. jnovotny6

    PVE AI?

    There is a lot of lone ai 5th rates all over the map. I dont look for ai fleets, the req Im using wouldnt do well against fleets, lol. I look for single 5th or 6th rates and they are everywhere.
  3. jnovotny6

    PVE AI?

    I sailed to pirate and Spanish capital area for that purpose. Did finally see a lone Spanish Renny by Bahia Honda but that was the only one. Still, there is significantly less ai targets over all in pve as far as I can tell.
  4. I mostly play on pvp server where there is an abundance of lone ai ships of all kind. I jumped on pve to check it out and sailed from kpr to mortimer to northern cuban spanish coast and in all that time saw two lone ai 3rd rates, 2 ai trader 6th rates and a couple of large 1st rate fleets. That is a good amt of sailing, where are you supposed to find enemies on pve? No love by devs for pve? Same trip on pvp would yield dozens of potential encounters. Just wondering why the imbalance.
  5. jnovotny6

    game down?

    its back
  6. jnovotny6

    game down?

    hopefully everything is being fixed
  7. jnovotny6

    game down?

  8. Unable to log in 12;38 us time, server info emptu (ping etc)any1 else?
  9. jnovotny6

    cargo space on fleet ships

    FTFY has manu meanings including F... this F....you but I will assume yours is positive
  10. I must have missed something, my indiaman has 4800 cargo hold but when it becomes fleet its 4000. When did this happen and why?
  11. jnovotny6

    There is NO such thing as GANKING

    Crow, which ship do you use for your solo hunting? Endy?