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  1. ps, although i suspect one i got may be as good as it gets
  2. i got 4/5 (s) wood St Cecilia which i bought and must have come from gold chest since the gifted ones were pre seasoned wood era. now I just need a 5/5
  3. If anyone has 5/5 St cecilia on pve server I will may mucho dubs, I have a thing for that frigate
  4. a bra with low-cut cups and straps that are set far apart, designed to give uplift to the breasts and create cleavage.
  5. perhaps detailed plans are lacking? Devs do try to keep true to the originals
  6. As far as pve server I for one look forward to a little excitement just PLEASE make sure to let us know exactly when this starts. I dont want to be surprised by this, it will change the way i play. Perhaps post it in the red 'Important Message" screen. tnx
  7. In DIFFERENT form, pretty sure not warp speed and not 11-1 odds.....
  8. aggressive AI decision on pve server has been reversed, What are you talking about? Potential future changes?
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