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  1. a bra with low-cut cups and straps that are set far apart, designed to give uplift to the breasts and create cleavage.
  2. perhaps detailed plans are lacking? Devs do try to keep true to the originals
  3. Rank, Crafting rank, Knoweldge slots and knowledge books will remain
  4. just said :status-maintanance , there is my answer I guess....
  5. Anyone else? Puts me in Q and instead of secs counting down they go up and it reverts back to login screen
  6. I have never seen so much excitement on the theme of "wiping". Wiping technique is very important, I will follow up by giving helpful hints on wiping history etc.
  7. do you have info I dont have? They said after this wipe.....
  8. ok, wipe is done and no rewards, explain plz?
  9. I just read this, this is huge for those who play on pve. I play on both, but from this I take there may be hardly any wipe on pve?
  10. What will be the fate of St. Cecilia? Onetime gift for testing to be wiped at some point, or will she remain available in some way?
  11. Devs will be able identify above players very quickly and take appropriate action. And good riddance, lol
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