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  1. this happens in every game, people hate change. I also play WOW and every time there in a new patch forums freak out. it is what it is.
  2. tnx, was the previous version removed from our ports?
  3. is the dlc version any different from the one i have had for a long time? unable to log on rt now, still have the ones we had before?
  4. 12:45 us time, steam error userid from steam empty, anyone else?
  5. Sudden flash : could it be that my fleet gets the kill, not me? I bet thats it....
  6. SnD mission-destroy 9xCerberus, got credit for the first 2 kills in my journal but not for the next 2, is this a known problem? Sent F11 report. ?????
  7. Where can one find out what the different paints look like?
  8. just said :status-maintanance , there is my answer I guess....
  9. Anyone else? Puts me in Q and instead of secs counting down they go up and it reverts back to login screen
  10. I have never seen so much excitement on the theme of "wiping". Wiping technique is very important, I will follow up by giving helpful hints on wiping history etc.
  11. do you have info I dont have? They said after this wipe.....
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