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  1. yea, currently the key opens the loot window after you capture or defeat an enemy. 'Assign Crew', therefore, perhaps means to assign crew to a captured ship.
  2. Under options/controls there's the default key F9 to "Assign Crew". Has this one currently any practical purpose in-game?
  3. Hey, the driver, version 382.53 did the job with my GTX760. In fact, FPS are even slightly higher now than they were before (30-50FPS in combat). However, versions 384.76 + 384.94 caused BSODs on my machine. Driver 382.33 works, too but reduced FPS (was sometimes dropping below 20 FPS in combat).
  4. lol, GTX760 here, too! Which driver are u currently using? I run version 382.33.
  5. hey, I never had any noticeable frame rate issues in NA. However, I think since ^this update hit the servers my FPS in combat seem to be lower than usual. Maybe it's just the warm weather, but I was wondering if anybody else has lower FPS in combat instances now?
  6. What I meant is that if it was possible to allow players to switch servers by simply sailing far enough west (EU->CAR) or east (CAR->EU), ppl could freely choose on which server they wanna play. If we merged all servers regardless if some people can play on a different server or not, you would upset those ppl who cannot play due to latency issues. If both servers were connected, ppl could choose on their own.
  7. Well, if it was possible to connect the EU and US server but without replacing one another, then the EU server could get a map of europe and the US would keep the caribbean map. If a player left europe to sail to the caribbean, he would automatically switch to the US server. If he sailed back to old britain, he would switch back to the EU based server. It's a compromise, cause players could go and stay where they've the best ping but with the option to change if they so desire.
  8. I like the idea of one big server where something is always going on. However, ppl who cannot run the game because of their ping should be allowed to get their money back, shouldn't they? Maybe make it so that you can test your connection to NA's servers via http://www.navalaction.com/, even when you do not own the game? People on steam's store page should have a fair chance to test their ping, too , before they buy NA. People will call NA some sort of scam if you don't do something like that.. You know how ppl are and how that will result in bad PR..
  9. How would that even look like on steam's store page? If some people cannot play due to distance from server, it would be necessary to point that out on its store page..
  10. well, I understand that many australians complained about ping issues last time. So EU/US ppl are probably not the right ppl to decide??
  11. Sounds surprisingly interesting! RvR and ports/region always lacked complexity. NA should be more than just blunt action where ships shoot at each other.
  12. Let's say one nation starts to dominate a server and all players of the losing factions leave their nation to join the winning one. How can the game be repaired in a scenario like this?
  13. maybe with unity 5. I think that admin said at some point that it wouldnt be technical not possible.. Like a game without instances.
  14. baQa', 'Iq ghew! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTuD6xf-ync
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