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  1. Would be nice to hear a little bit more about the intentions. As far as I remember, there have not been much encounters in the first part of the timeframe. Except from some duck-shooting in east asia there has been the battle at port arthur and ww I. Or am I missing something?
  2. I own some books covering the timeframe. One of them deals with the development of the warships in this era, but is maily focused on 1905 to 1970. I'm sure you have better sources. But I own an exemplar of this book: https://www.booklooker.de/B├╝cher/Eberhard-von-Mantey+Unsere-Marine-im-Weltkrieg-1914-1918/id/A02hKPoh01ZZQ?zid=bc1aa4af378e6cada2b5703a413c311a It covers all operations the german navy undertook during WW I, written by suvivors. The quality of the reports is mixed, but some are quite usefull. Also it contains a lot of pictures. Unfortunately it's written in german. Maybe it is usefull ...?
  3. Maybe I'm foolish on this, but I allways have the light blocks and ropes book abord, since I very often change sails during combat depening on course, intended maneuver and current situation. E.g. when I'm jibing and want to outturn my opponent, I use the setup with the lessest staysails or at least depower (besides from lowering sais in general to reduce speed). From theory it should make me turn faster, but at least it reduces the way made during manouver. Now I am a bit confused due to the statements made here. @admin stated that right now there is no increase in turn-rate (it's planned), which corresponds with my observation. But, since it is nearly impossible to tack without staysails, I always had the feeling that it makes sense to get rid of them while jibing. Now I wonder, is this pure imagination or working as I'm thinking of it?
  4. Don't drink and paint ;-)
  5. But the basic-cutter also failed to do the manouver of the last minute and by this, violated anti-collision rules. So it's the cutter-skipper to blame ;-)
  6. To answer the OP, I grinded Missions when: I was (very) low-level, to get some money to invest I got a new ship to check handling of it and open at least 2-3 knowledge-slots I don't have much time to play (hunting) go get into easy action And of course for hostility reasons.
  7. But you cant do anything against alts, so implementing bullet-proof mech that prevents abuse is the only solution. I personally don't mind any farming alts but I feel very pitty for every feature that is taken away becaus of possible alt farming abuse :-(
  8. I guess we need to wait for the patchnotes to know ... or for reports of ingame testing :-/
  9. Then maybe call it a blockade, the name does not matter anyway imho. I like this idea.
  10. Maybe you'd like to read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rating_system_of_the_Royal_Navy
  11. I think this rather gives information about the level of npc capturing activity of the nation. Which server are these taken from?
  12. Since it's still testing I guess we're bound to wait 'n see what happens ...
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