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  1. Snoopy

    To battleship specialists

    I like where this is going. You folks want to build all the games I want to play but nobody is doing them anymore. Daring project, game labs folks, I truly wish you success :)
  2. The more I think about the plan, the more i like it. Though it is a radical departure from the nation vs nation thing, it's the right direction, good thinking devs I''d open up individual ports rather than regions for PBs also (even if the PB may need to take place in the regional capital at all times): more slots for action on an evening and it can make it a bit more ad-hoc like RvR used to be in the beginning (which was one of the strengths of the flag system).
  3. Snoopy

    Defensive Portbattles OW/Lobby Hybrid

    Not if the lobby is done properly - so that invites can only come from those who paid for the flag / did the most hostility grind etc. You could still sabotage the whole thing of course but you need a lot more than the current alt abuse + 2 weeks slap on the wrist (which is a a very light sentence considering how many hours of work that alt destroyed for so many players) and the "I'm knew and didn't know better" excuse won't fly for a Rear Admiral who shows up in a first rate
  4. Snoopy

    Defensive Portbattles OW/Lobby Hybrid

    Lobby would solve so many problems, alts and screening etc. Which means it'll never happen.
  5. Snoopy

    Snow tacking problems

    Can confirm the Essex is still odd in tacking too. It doesn't feel right that a ship with decent upwind performance just doesn't get her head through the wind without hitting a brick wall at 0 deg.
  6. Snoopy

    Teleport to Port Battle

    I think the accusations are a overblown when the tp button sits right on top of the screen .. and pressing it is considered an exploit? It does showcase that we need RoE reforms though.
  7. Snoopy

    8 teams: a failed idea?

    Problem is this will help them clicking on "GB", not the others
  8. Snoopy

    8 teams: a failed idea?

    I am Snoopy the Beagle and I approve of more nations.
  9. BR capped PBs would also help the new guys without CMs
  10. Snoopy

    The Lineship 'Problem'

    Not discriminating against third and second rates in PBs would be nice.
  11. Snoopy

    Combat Marks

    I totally agree about removing drops/RNG from crafting/outfit/trims. There's no real difference between "marks can be traded" and "items bought with marks can be traded" though. Other than introducing lag, market risk, and inconvenience. Why would you grind on an alt? There's no real advantage because you can't readily multi box PvE mark grinds against bots unless somebody codes something so it it makes no difference really whether alt003 is grinding or main001. The supply is the same.
  12. Snoopy

    naval no action

    Try replicating that 12 hour race around Mortimer in anything other than a Surprise (and perhaps Lynx). Using the Surprise which is borderline broken/op (and has been long before patch 10.x) to justify anything about current mechanics is selective perception (at best). Just logically thinking, if one or two ships lie so far outside of the baseline performance regime that they can pull off stuff that no other vessel can.. does that say more about those ships or about the mechanics in general?
  13. Snoopy

    Trying to solve revenge fleet problem

    Just bring it back, it fixes the irritating in battle loot as well.
  14. Snoopy

    naval no action

    How would your privateering go if there were no other players to steal from? Mind you "stealing" is meant positively here as it is historically accurate and should be a thing, but clearly it only works with others hauling stuff and doing the grind.