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  1. Whats the crow's nest for?

    The point in having someone on the crew call out sightings is it would add to the enjoyment of sailing. I don't sail while AFK. Currently I have to continually scan 360 degrees looking for enemy that can approach like a thundering speedboat very quickly. I would enjoy sailing much more if I could navigate or write in the ship's log. But because everyone on the crew is mute or sworn to silence I have to maintain vigilance 100% of the time. Sailing would be more interesting if there was an option to have the crew help with lookout duties. Emphasis on option. The feature must have an off position.
  2. Star Citizen

    I tried out a free weekend of SC in Early 2016. Nice stuff but it was difficult to get into the game because all you could do was walk around, operate vessels and shoot stuff. I like Elite Dangerous because you don't have fight anything, or anyone, and there is plenty of content to enjoy. I have spent most of my time trading and there are still hundreds or thousands of hours left to learn mining, taxi service and exploring. All that and no requirement to fight anything. I even tried a wee bit of bounty hunting and it seemed realistic. The game is very configurable. ED allows players a way to turn off all of the hud info so it feels like you are in a ship. I would love to have a similar level of immersion in an age of sail game. Also NA allows players to mix single player, closed community and open sandbox and use the same personal assets in each environment . ED would allow players to use the same character within the PvE server and PvP server, and carry XP gold and assets with them. I'm excited about playing Star Citizen when it is is ready. It looks great. But I've heard it is not ready. Perhaps in 2020 ... or so.
  3. Ship speeds

    Can anyone tell me if the speed in OW is the same for all ships? I thought that the speed of a ship only applied to the combat instance; in OW the point of sail effects speed but not the ship. ?
  4. Searching hours for PVP

    This thread is reassuring. It is comforting to know that players can find PvP if they know where to look and at the same time there are areas in the OW that are quiet. Sounds like NA is a more balanced game than one with PVP everywhere, all of the time.
  5. Merry Christmas and happy new year to everyone at Game Labs and all of you fine people browsing the forums this holiday season.
  6. What Quality of Life Features do Merchants Want?

    I'm not sure how to create a more viable economy. But a working economy would add richness to merchant life in NA. And I truly wish my crew would help. I've enjoyed trading and the best arrangements I've made have been with other players. I've found a resource that someone has expressed a demand for and made good profit. I've preferred to buy or trade ships rather than crafting them myself. It was okay to buy and self stuff from the ports but the fun part was interacting with other players. Selling material to others for crafting parts/ships has been lucrative on some trade runs. The successful completion of a long journey was very satisfying, but sailing was always the best part of the game. I liked to trade but didn't care much for the combat. The long sails used to be a lot of fun because I was busy and occupied. I was always busy with navigation calculations and writing in the ships log while I was sailing. Most of the time I sailed at battle speed because it allowed me more time to write in the ships log. The time went by quickly. I haven't been attacked too often and only been ganked once. It was a big sea for the hunters to watch all of it, all of the time. Every so often I was chased, but I am a modest trader and used a small fast schooner. I usually escaped. In retrospect .... I was very lucky. I've used escorts a few times but it was difficult to find someone who was always available. Also I liked to travel a slower speed so most other players did not wish to accompany me at battle speed so I had to resort to using my ship like a turbocharged speed boat when in the company of a protector. For my runs I had little to offer for compensation. Fighting captains could make more though hunting or on missions. Some players were generous enough to offer escort for; a share in the cargo, the potential for combat and the joy of helping. Lately I haven't been playing very often because I've begun to find the sailing tiresome. In October, while on a trade run, I was caught unaware near Cozumel. I was writing in the ship's log. I like to imagine I was in my cabin, pen in hand. Suddenly I was combat. The enemy ship was suddenly just beside me, almost within boarding distance. Even if I had seen him coming I would have probably lost my ship because the pirate has smart enough to use a Prince de Neufchatel, aptly named as she has rich royal blood, that sweet armed schooner. But the result was a quick sharp kill and the loss of my ship. After that I have been wary and do not sail below deck. Sailing is a constant vigil of watching while scanning 360 around the vessel for sign of the foe. I may not be able to outrun a Prince but I should be able to give her a little run for the effort. If I spot many other ships I can slowly slip away. Sailing without a break from scanning is less engaging than my previous form of travel and after an hour it becomes tedious. I would sail more if I was able to issue orders to the crew to maintain a watch for enemy ships. Then I could get back to the pleasure of navigating and documenting the journey in the log. If the crew would alert me to the sight of enemy sails I would be able to savor the journey. The sailing seems much more mundane now because I must watch the horizon, continuously. At the speeds that ships race about in OW I can easily be caught unaware if I allow myself to be preoccupied for even a minute. I would make more trips, more often, if my crew would assist with lookout duty. Also I would trade more if there was some other option beside the loss of my ship when I was defeated by a hunter. Perhaps I could surrender the cargo. Or pay a ransom. And I would sail and trade more if there was additional game mechanics that might encourage trade to help my colleagues or nation. Currently the interactions with other players is far richer that strictly buying and selling from the market in ports. Knowing that my efforts could have a significant impact on my nation's welfare would be a powerful incentive.
  7. Storms belong to the caribbean!

    Yes. I've searched and can't find the thread: I too remember that the Devs said that the mechanics can't allow storms in instances. Wish I could find that post. Seems to me that we can't have land and storms in the same instance, the system will have too much to process. The good news is; players who hate storms, and those who like them just a little bit, can rest easy.
  8. Yet another map: Naval Action map

    I like the accuracy of Prater's map (it allows for the variable wind direction). Versatile & customized for each ship's top speed. I find the timings to be very close and it's nice to be able to include multiple legs of a journey. Domox's Burning Sail is easy fast access when a distance and time is needed quickly. Good for short distances with one leg. The most important feature for navigation is to be able to input the ship's speed. The map you have created contains lots if information and works very quickly for me. Both loading and access times are almost instant. I would like it more if the refresh did not recenter the view: perhaps add a clear button that holds the screen position but removes the co-ordinates that are displayed with double left mouse clicks.
  9. Storms belong to the caribbean!

    I think there were lots of people that didn't like storms at all. And there were others that liked them just a wee bit. Some people prefer when the weather is almost always sunny. Everyone is different. I like to allow everyone their own preference. I had imagined some areas where storms were predominant and the rest of the world completely storm free: Players who liked sunny weather could stay away from the storm zones. Most of the Caribbean would be blue skies, starry nights, and fair winds. But sometimes it might be worth the risk, for a shorter trip, to cut through a zone notorious for wrecking ships. Would depend on your skill at sailing in heavy seas; and perhaps who was chasing you. It's okay to enjoy a game packed with the excitement of; the mighty ocean, the hazards of huge waves and the threat of a rocky shore. To some it would be more thrilling than combat. The optional danger of big weather would enhance this game. Sea monsters and wizards would trivialize it. But a storm zone is merely the stuff of imagination, as the Devs have said ... storms are not possible.
  10. Storms belong to the caribbean!

    A great many of us would love to have storms and the potential damage that an angry sea can throw at helpless ships. Great sailing ships are synonymous with storms at sea. I imagine that sailors were far more afraid of the sea that they were were of the enemy's cannon. But other players are here only to fight. Nasty weather interferes with combat. Aiming is more difficult and any damage from powerful waves can meddle with the balance of competitive fairness of PvP. When we had damage free storms previously some players hated them. I had hoped that we might restrict the risk of storms to specific areas, where foul weather might pull us into an instance. Fighting against the elements would be a huge enhancement to those of us that enjoy sailing and immersion. Other areas could be free of storms to allow players to avoid the high winds. But I understand that storms with damage are too difficult for the NA engine and they will never be implemented.
  11. Training room

    A separate no-consequence training instance. I would appreciate an explanation how creating a testing (or training) instance or a casual duel instance would effect anyone else. I imagine that the training instances would be accessed from any port; not linked to OW and when the players leave the instance they are back in the port. Perhaps even allow option to join a friend, even if he/she was located in a different port and from a different nation. Also there would be no ship, XP, or gold loss/gain/damage so it would have no impact on the economy. NAL is completely different than a training instance because NAL is has E-sport structure, it encourages competition and there is a potential for loss and gain. What harm would a segregated training environment have on NA? How could it be abused? Those who don't like it don't have to use it.
  12. AFK Sailing - Watch Mode

    I don't play AFK. I like to keep a ships log that details all of the above. I used to keep it in a book now I use a Google Doc. While sailing,I would like to keep the ship's log and could be very busy: writing: in the ships log or a letter to a fellow player, estimating my position by: speed and time, or planning my course. By doing this the OW sailing is not boring and I enjoy sailing, immensely. But it is very risky to indulge in other activities while sailing. Instead of doing the things that make sailing fun, I keep watch by making a 360 scan of the horizon. I tend to the other duties in quick hurried snatches. None of the crew will shout out if they see a ship or land. When scanning I am unable to navigate or note things in the ships log: Sightings, weather, course/wind changes. It makes the game play feel a little like being a bird, constantly looking up and around, never able to relax the focus of looking for enemy, not even for too many seconds. The little speed boats of OW NA could rocket out of nowhere, within seconds, and suddenly be upon me. When I am forced to continually scan for ships it makes the game more tedious and less enjoyable. Having a crew that is silent and unwilling to assist increases the tedium and creates a gamey atmosphere. Sailing long distances would be much more fun if I could count on the eyes of a good crew. I would be very pleased if my crew would help with the job of scanning. But I would have to be able to issue the order for them to shut-up. It would drive me nuts, if in busy shipping lanes, every few seconds someone yelled "French SAIL South West". If the crew could be commanded to help I would enjoy sailing much more. EDIT: A second monitor is not much help. It only allows me to view part of the horizon.
  13. Avoiding trade scam

    I'm not sure how you could prevent scamming. I've had players give me resources for free and then explain to me how to craft items. Sometimes I've sold the crafted items back to the person who gave me the resources, sometimes I've kept them, sometimes I given the crafted items to someone else. It is all part of the trade and interaction of the game. So far I've been pleased with my interactions and had trading partners gift me hundreds of thousands in gold and ships. There are some steadfast personalities in the NA community and I enjoy the gameplay. The trust and risk associated with the freedom to decide makes for interesting gameplay. There is always a chance that someone may be a scammer. I can offer payment before I get the goods and services as sign of good faith. Or I can play it safe and refuse to pay till I have received the product. I think it is more important to have the option. If the game mechanics removed all chance of getting ripped off the experience would be much less satisfying and too restrictive. Think of trading or combat like gambling, never put out what you can not afford to loose. And remember some people are prepared to lose everything and then quietly start over, without breathing a word about their loss.
  14. Transfers between servers

    Respectfully, How is this a problem? Why is it significant if a player has more experience with PvP, and has spent more time as a pirate on a separate server and has had more targets? I can't understand whatthe obstacle is here. In the example above: - Sounds like the US on the Euro Server might be gaining a new player with lots of XP, gold and is experienced. The other players on the Euro Server will get a new opponent for PvP. Lots of PvP lovers say they want more opponents.
  15. Transfers between servers

    How tough would it be. Let a player keep his XP and gold. He could sell all his assets before the transfer. Seems simple. What am I missing?
  16. Advanced Economy

    Couldn't agree more. I've heard lots of players asking for more content. Perhaps if we had some improvements to economy and crafting the players would develop the story. I would love it if I could search find an area rich in resources out the in open world and extract and transport them back to port. It would create PvP in so many ways. I would be a target when I was roaming around exploring and prospecting for new sources of minerals, timber and other botanicals. I would be a target as I sat in a cove extracting the resource and again as I transported it to port. The escorts that watched over me would be particpants for PvP. The process of selling resources to crafters would add interest and levels of detail and open opportunities for foundries, wineries, breweries, mills. A colorful story could evolve from the business relationships that would be integral to successful exploration, harvest and crafting. Interdependancies could generate layers of complex interaction. It could give us a reason to travel around the OW with enthusiasm. Attention to economy might go a long way. Some may argue that economy is only PvE because it isn't fighting. PvE can create PvP and a rich, rich story. Plus it makes the game interesting. NA legends could be a solution for those who hate PvE. But I imagine that logging on and fighting back to back battles, day after day, will get boring for many people.
  17. Smuggler flag

    didn't completely understand the explanations here on the forums, so I asked in chat in game. Are the following statements true? If you get attacked in a friendly reinforcement zone you can call reinforcements. You may not call reinforcements if there is an attack of a friendly NPC fleet next to you and you get pulled into the combat. Smuggler flag allows you to enter enemy ports (in trader ships only) but will not allow friendlies to attack you. and thanks Duke, You can call reinforcement by - releasing mouse pointer with pressing the CTRL key and then clicking the Call reinforcement button.
  18. Smuggler flag

    Can someone explain how a current smuggler flag works? Within reinforcement zones and outside them?
  19. Why gank and not have a nice PvP?

    That just about sums it up. But there is the story of the three sailors enjoying the sand and surf at the seaside. Sailor 1 looks around and says "Sheeeet! It is very crowded on the beach today, wish everyone would leave". Sailor 2 looks around says " You're right, it's way too busy here". And gets up and leaves. Sailor 1 watches him leave and says "I hate this damn crowd, why is it so busy?" Sailor 3 sighs and says "I kinda like people. You're an idiot."
  20. Surrender options are needed

    I like Hodo's idea, but I'm not sure if we could allow traders to give in to a superior hunter without creating an abuse portal. I was sailing a trader Lynx recently and was jumped by a Prince. I didn't have a chance. I did not surrender. It was over very quick and the hunter teleported away to the other side of the Caribbean (At least that's what he said). I lost my ship and my cargo. It's okay. It's a PvP server. Stuff happens like that. But imagine if Hodo's idea could be implemented. I could have negotiated with the hunter, (he seemed to be a bright reasonable chap, polite and sensible.) We could have savored the battle a wee bit longer, enjoyed a chance to agree on terms. Perhaps if the game mechanics allowed him some of these combat marks or if I could trade with him inside the Battle Instance I could have paid him gold (how much does it cost to buy C. Marks?). The way the battle works right now it was a blind rush to sink or capture me then exit out of the instance. Very little PvP. I like the idea of surreder options that provide an incentive to the hunter to trade my ship back to me for - gold, goods or my word for future services . Sinking or capping me in my T. Lynx from a Prince does take much skill. I would like to have an option to the current mechanic of surrending just to spite my attacker.
  21. Why did players leave?

    I hear you Landsman and think I sort of understand you. You would like to find more PvP. You may find it a little frustrating that some players are on the PvP server and not putting themselves in a position to engage you in PvP. You also may not agree that players should be able to obtain ships and grow their finances without being forced into fighting with other players. I like to play on the PvPEuro server because there are more players and I have more chance to interact with other players. More trading opportunities with other players. More chance to put my crew to work selling their labor. More access to buy more kinds of ships. The element of risk on either PvP server makes travelling more exciting and I've had some interesting close calls as I escaped from ambushes or chases when I am on a trade run. I also like PvPGlobal because I have a different character and unique acquaintances there. I am playing less on the PvE server but still find that the community is very helpful and arguably has the most dependable players in the game. I'm very glad we have an option of a PvE server, the community there is stellar. Recently I seem to enjoy the PvP servers the most but I do not look for fights (with players or NPCs), I avoid them. It goes without saying that we all have different styles of play. While I can appreciate that you favor fighting players, it is a wee bit offensive that are suggesting my preference is retarded and I should stay off the PvP server because I value a different type of game play. My method of gameplay has no impact on you whether I am on or off of the PvP server ... except on those occasions when I am traveling outside of my reinforcement zone and I provide you with a potential target for you to kill or capture. The total player count does not have to equal the total people ready to PvP with you. It is just fine if there are a couple hundred players on the server that are crafting, trading, fishing or just interacting and choose not to PvP with you. They don't need to leave and play on another server. You need to accept that not everyone has the same interests. We have as much right be here as you do.
  22. PvP - what does it mean, captain ?

    PvP is player vs player combat or conflict. Single players pitting themselves against other single players in a fight or competition. It may be a deathmatch battle of opposing nations or groups but essentially individuals are acting independantly. Could be a duel. Could also be making efforts in trading to defeat an opponent by creating a situation where he is unable to profit. TvT is team vs team. Similar to PvP but with groups rather than individuals. TvT battles can degenerate into PvP if there is a lack of coordination, communication and mutual support. Ganking is TvT (not TvP) with a group having a size of just one. PvE is player verses an AI environment. The game mechanics will not allow player vs player conflict. Combat is permitted with NPCs but not between players. PvE includes TvE where groups of players work cooperatively against NPCs. Pure PvE is difficult in multi-player because conflict is possible in trading. I like enjoy the TvT (and PvP) environment in NA. Having risk of loss from other players, while I travel or trade, adds excitement and challenge to the gameplay.
  23. Why did players leave?

    So thats why everyone left? When I look at the numbers it appears that the population is pretty steady. With the exception of a honeymoon of a few thousand initially with the steam intro ... for a short time. If I play during primetime there are many hundreds. During the slow times a couple hundred. And when it is really slow less than a hundred. But it has been that way for a long time. More or less.
  24. Add PvP to Naval Action

    Have you tried Naval Action Legends? I understand that there is lots of PvP there. Not sure if there is a server active all the time or if there really is PvP without too much waiting but I think that was what it was for. Player vs Player combat. Check it out if you haven't yet.