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  1. Hello guys. First off I want to tell you that I loved your game. I played it for many hours and even led fleets in PVP servers, most fun I had ever. This is definitely one of the best sailing games out there. I even like that non historical factions (like Russia and Prussia and Denmark) found their way to the Caribbean. BUT. I think you guys need to face up to the fact that the original plan that you had: A world where the players lead nations, declare war, run trade and the economy, is pretty much a failure. It was a good effort but it has failed. The reason it failed is pretty
  2. HOLY CRAP. I just want to say THANK YOU. You guys made the TW series bearable. I am SO GLAD that I bought this game now, at least I was able to repay you a bit for all the great work you did for free in TW. You guys ROCK
  3. Seriously? Same guys who made the Darth mods??
  4. I'll take screenshots of my build for "German Pride" tomorrow (family time today) I would love some pointers. And I'm not in a hurry on the changes. The work this dev team does is amazing actually, I bought all their titles. I'm not hating on this game but NO means. I just want it to succeed and would like to remind the community that games are supposed to be fun. This last update.... I don't know what they tweaked tbh, the list was long, but the end result was, it became less fun. The AI opponents are too difficult and players like to a challenging win, not a frustrating defeat and multip
  5. Would love to, just no idea how to do that. Also, that's kinda besides the point. It shouldn't require a PhD in the game mechanics to understand what you're doing wrong, like I said, I'm a casual gamer, I'm happy to support the team, but the game, in its current state is just not enjoyable. I'm a mathematician by profession, and I TOTALLY understand the "getting lost in the weeds" syndrome. I'm just concerned that the designers are getting too hung up on making the game accurate and losing sight of the big picture, which is for the customer to have a good time. Now, having said that, how d
  6. I would like to start by saying that I don't usually post and I tend to support game developers that make games that are historically based. This is not meant as a complaint but more as a constructive criticism from a casual gamer. I have no idea what you guys did when you tweaked the game in the last patch, but it is less enjoyable. The AI is waaaay too accurate compared to the ships I build The AI is waaaay too hard to sink The missions are waaay too hard and frustrating, even the ones I completed pre-patch are less enjoyable or just plain frustrating to play
  7. Any plans to bring back Dueling? It was lots of fun and a great way to teach newer players how to PvP. I hope that is somewhere in the pipeline
  8. Considering we were fighting in a port that was 5 hours sail away from Charles Town, and that we had just come from Bermuda, a further 6 hours there and back sailing the day before, I consider it lucky that we were able to field 18 Aggys in Southern Mexico. Our losses were not severe, we lost 5, our worthy opponents lost 2, but in reality, 1 of the ones we lost was a Brit Aggy we captured the day before the battle, so the Aggy losses were in fact 3 Brit 4 US. We were in any case able to withdraw in good order to fight another day, and the next one won't be as easy for our British friends
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