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  1. Yesterday one of my clan mates got 4 bottles in 1 h and one more on the way to one of the wreaks, it is just random.
  2. I helped jodgi to sort out the in port speed from the API Data: So you guys can have a sneak view on the current sailing profil for it and all the other upcoming ships (also from API) here:
  3. I insert an conversion from a linear Regression of the allready added port speeds, i kicked some speeds that seem of like Reno and Aga. So for now you could use: 0.0845529801 * API-Speed - 0.023279879 to get the port speeds from the API value.
  4. Put in some and double check a few, same tip make sure your cargo hold is empty or you have no ship selected, the base speed you see when you mouse over the ship is affected by the weight of the hold of the ship you have currently selected ;-) .
  5. I wonder what the point of Trim by the Stern is since it only has negatives. Or does it have any hiden bonuses?
  6. i think that 15kn speed cap with lots of speed upgrades and sail repairs every 10 min just doesn't work well. It makes chases just a boring waste of time. All ships in OW will be hovering around the 15kn and then only way to ever get some one to fight is to have more chasers then him, so more ships in most cases. Becouse even if you do more sail dmg then him in the 10min between the sail repairs it is all nullified if you don't do more then 30% sail dmg in that time and doing that with chasers alone is almost impossible. I did chase a Rennomee the other day with a frigate and i was about the same speed maybe a bit faster. I got him down to about 80% 3 times with only taking 5-10% sail dmg in return, thx to his sail rep all that effort was basicly wasted. I think all the repairs with the current meta is what i like least about the game atm, folloed by all the unbalaced refit/skill and speed upgrades...
  7. For solo killing an player ship you get a fix amount of mark depending on the ships (i think it is 4 mark for a surprise and 5 for a conni / indy). If more then one player did dmg to the ship all players that got a assist will get a share of the marks depending on the dmg percent. The mark will be rounded to full number, but you can't get more marks in total then you would by sinking the ship alone.
  8. i guess it is a database issus on the server side, we did run into it on testbed befor the wipe allready. You can take out some single items (upgrades, skillbooks ...) to put other things in (stacks size doesn't matter) as a work around.
  9. It is rather a bad discription and a lack of documentation then a bug. You allways had to caim the contract to get the money back, while been in the same port. The delete button was for deleteing the contract from another port and lose all the goods and money (for when you realy need the contract slot but can't tp there).
  10. maybe going for 7th rate warships (pickle privateer) could be a options since there might be a small markt for them.
  11. Nice writing and keep up/lift the spirit of your fellow french sailors.
  12. If i remember it right you don't need a permit for the traders cutter so i would say that is the best ship to level crafting if you take all the crafting peaks (forman, royal ship builder, light ship master). But i guess it will be quite expensive to get to a high crafting rank now.
  13. You can get cannons as loot from npcs atm. Yeah trading some rep kits in battle with fellow players would be nice. I think you can tell your npc to stop and sail next to it to access its cargo in battle. But i haven't tried that yet since i don't use fleets.
  14. Small question did you check if you did reloged to the same server? Since all your assests are only on the server on played on.