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  1. You can get cannons as loot from npcs atm. Yeah trading some rep kits in battle with fellow players would be nice. I think you can tell your npc to stop and sail next to it to access its cargo in battle. But i haven't tried that yet since i don't use fleets.
  2. Small question did you check if you did reloged to the same server? Since all your assests are only on the server on played on.
  3. I guess i was just to fast with logging in on the server, got the reedambles now. Was just a bit disapointed that my level 3 shipyard and the bp got reset again and i was at basic cutter with 0 gold again (got the rank and crafting exp from the start though).
  4. So we got wiped again on the testbed and got no redeemables this time. Do we get at least some patch notes and a hint what we should test now (if anything atm)?
  5. I did get 928xp and 9 PvP marks for 3 kills on Victorys (with 25% 26% and 27% of the damaged done to them). I know that the reward is splitt between all players getting a assit on that ships. But for a PvP fight where we had equial Ships and less Br in total it feels a very low reward for a 1h 45min fight. For a killing small AI-Fleet you get defiantly more for less effort and risk.
  6. There were no patch notes. I guess they only fixed bugs? But all ships, outpost, money and ressources in your warehouse got reset. You got some redeemables (exp, gold, Ships). Nothing realy new there.
  7. With the up coming wipe VIE is looking to strength its numbers for the new challanges ahead. We will mostly focus on the PvP EU server. If you are intressted in joining a clan with a long standing history in big / small PvP and RvR (aswell as all needed around that) contact me, Daniboy3000 or dannevirke in game, via the forum or on the danish national ts after the wipe.
  8. One could argue this kind of results are the reson they reworked the bonus to hull thickniss (only percent based now) and the hp to cannon dmg ratio ;-)
  9. Don't try that at the testbed
  10. A very interessting and well-thought-out proposal to fix some of the short comings of the old and the current system. I like the no port battle idea as it looks likea lot more variety then the current port battle system.
  11. If you look at the cost for a level 3 shipyard and the cost / downside for the peaks it does make seens to get most BP on the same account with all the relevant peaks (royal ship builder, frigate/line ship master) and just supply it with Labour contract the make the ships as fast as you can get the permit/materials.
  12. Form playing quite a bit on the testbed i can say the did some work on the AI to improve them. They some times do more clever moves like hiding thier weak side or bow tanking and they try double or charge to finish your weaker side. Together with the ship balance changes and the increased dmg for guns you shouldn't underestimat them even when they are in smaller ships atm. But they are still only AI so if you know what you are doing you can still kill them easily enought.
  13. Looks like the port battle for Saint Johns just started.
  14. One problem is see with the coquest marks it might be to easy to dey them to the enemy. If you only get them for winning a PB that is defended, the defender would only defend if the have the upper hand, why loss ships and give the enemy marks? Only pick fight with enemy that you know you can win against and so on. There needs to be some way to get coquest marks with out PB. So how about you can get them from breaking up captured line ships? Hm why would you break those up in the first place? Well you might cap a few 2/3rds that have the wrong build for what you want in a PB. If you can break them up and get some of the Coquest marks that where payed for them back you have a chance to buy the bp or buy a new permit for the ship you want/need. Same goes for caped ship that need permits (conni, endy, indy) you might cap on that has the wrong build (on way to check that in battle atm) or you only captured it for the guns (same with sols here), now if you would break it up and get some of the PvP marks back (plus a few more parts then now) you can get the permit for the ship you want.