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  1. I guess you havn't realy looked into all the bonus and there effect ( )? First of all all regional bonuses have only postive effects and some are just op and it would be silly not to use them if you can, namely stuff like strong hull (5% more Hp, 7% more amore thickniss and -5% leak rate) or pirate refit (2% more speed, build-in studding sails and a huge boarding bonus) others are also use full like spanish hunter, british/frensh refit, nothern carpenter or agile hull. Combin them with the right golden modules and you will get a huge effect (stacking). Personaly i don't like the way they are implemented right now, same for the upgrade system since the game become too much gear focus and not skill based.
  2. it still doesn't work that way yet, i did cap two ships in a mission today without having the fleet peak and was able to send it to my outpost like it used to be.
  3. Well since you get a normal aga there can't be any difference. I did some tests if and how you can game the mark system and killed a few AI from missions and to cap some SoLs (you can get one Dura once from the NPC)
  4. For those interesseted the Navy Agamemnon note from the Admiralty store is just a normal Aga with proably a random build. I got a Live Oak Build Strength Pirate Refit one from it.
  5. yeah there where some changes rolled out to the testbed yesterday. Like they renamed PvP and PvE marks, increased the amount of PvE marks rewards by 4x or so and you need provitions and gunpower to craft a cutter now and all regions seem to be 49.8% hostility for all natons (and now some are 100%). At least that are the once i found sofar.
  6. The game is not optmized and the devs said it won't be done befor they are done with getting all the game features and the new UI in. Also i was able to run the game with about 50-60 fps one my desktop i7 with R290x and when that died with about 30 fps on the same rip with my old gtx470 on ultra (AA off) at 1920x1020. Even my Notebook (i7 with GT 650m) runs at around 20-25 fps with medium/high settungs.
  7. If you sink a player(or he surrenders) he is marked with a recently sunk tag in ow and a x befor his name in battle. If you sink him while he is marked you won't get the pvp marks you normaly would get. I haven't tested around with that yet though.
  8. For anyone interessted the bow figure - katherine gives 10% more bow and stern hp. I think the PvE challanges should be reworked abit, some of the combinations just don't make sence and are more like a suicide mission, like 1 cutter vs 2 brigs in the kill challange or demasting 2 merc with 1 snow. For the demasting challange something like a bigger ships vs 2 or more small ships like 4th rate vs 5/6th rates or a smaller ship trying to demast one bigger ship (5th rate vs 4/5th rate) would be more fun. I also noticed that the belle poule in the challange use a 18pd / 12 pd gun setup.
  9. Yeah and don't forget to check if you hired enough crew . How do you get trade manifest (other then trading 10 PvE marks in for them). I just did 2 trade runs on the testbed and made around 7m gold (thanks to the use of fleet ships holds) but didn't get any trading rewards for that. Do you have to do the stupid trade missions for this marks?
  10. A smale bump since we are still alive, but not as active as we used to be.
  11. Oh no copycats . Best luck and sucesses from the Danish Clan VIE (Vest-Indiske Escadre).
  12. I have to admit i haven't made a review yet also i play almost 3000h of NA since Sea Trails. But if i would make one for me i would to change/update it after every patch, since this is not the same game i started to play back then since and so much has change. But i am also not sure if it would be real the same amount of fun if i started the game now and if it would carry me over the same amout of time as it did back then. Particularly since it doesn't realy feels very fun for me at the moment and i mainly log in to craft and stock up the clan warehouse hoping for better times. Also i can't realy put my finger on what real makes it not fun compared to earlier here are some key points i currently don't like: -the current implentation of the regional bonus - > they are not balanced well and create inequality (pirate refit) and cost effort (hauling stuff/makeing outposts) > together with the current tagging mechanics the speed builds hunting groups are the ow meta, but only the pirates have direct access to the fastest build + hard to obtain bp -> i can't craft/get the ships i want, with the trims i want, without spending time and effort i would rather use for the fun parts of the game (hard for new players) + hard to obtain/uncraftable moduls -> create inequality (hard for new players) i am hopeing that the crafting rework will make crafting more fun again (soonish) In total i have the feeling it gear maters to much at the moment and not everyone has the same chance to get the same gear. Currently i feel a can't be bothered to chase after the next current meta ships every time it changes after a patch, while my few ship slots in the 8 outposts are allready so full that moving a outpost become a logistic challange.
  13. Ok my assets on the testbed server got reset again today (char: batlicsailor Nation: D-N), so i just made a new char (baltic in Spain) but i had used all the reedambles befor so i if 0 gold and only a basic cutter now :-( . But atleast the crafting exp got saved.
  14. I know ragnar ( ) made a few models (like Endymoin and Indefatigable) that made it in the game. But i have no idea if he is still around to give you some tips.
  15. We i just logged in the testbed server i noticed that all my outpost where gone and i only had one in the capital with a basic cutter left. I still have the officer, crafting exp and bp as well as my gold left. I guess i could just delete the char and make a new one to get the redeemables back. I just wonder if the crafting exp will be saved when i make a new char on the testbed?