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  1. Yes i get that there needs to be a check and you don't real want to sail out with not enought crew by mistake, i am just say it would be nice if the need crew is tide to the amout and size of the mounted guns, so you don't need ti carry around and risk crew you don't need, like when you sail a LGV without guns. With the new system that the guns reduze the cargo hold that could also apply to the crew (including their provitions). That would give you the option to use normal warships as fast trader (no/few guns and less crew but more cargo space). You did have a system that did tie the crew to the br of a ship that would help against the alt abuse from undercrewing, since 1BR gives about 2xp for the kill atm on testbed.
  2. I have to say the hard limit of 70% max crew as minmal crew feels a bit off for some ships. If you undergun or sail without guns you end up with guys in boarding doing nothing when using minmal crew. How about a more dynamic min. crew of sailing crew + 50% of the max needed gun crews of all mounted guns on the ship?
  3. I just hope the ship knowledge wasn't reset, since i spend some time in all the small ships to unlock slots there. Nvm it is all still there
  4. I had the same problem on saturday. The ships are still there and you can sell them via the store (putting ships up for sell), i equipment you can see the ship you have selected and you can go to ow with it. When i sold my ship i could tp between my outposts, but then i couldn't get a new ship or go to ow or anything . The shop was also empty. I then trade all gold and stuff away to delete the char and make a new one. While trying to empty my LH i noticed that they wouldn't go down so i basicly had unlimited lh. I made a new char after makeing F11 about all that.
  5. I did try out the Navy Agamemnon note when it first came to testbed, it just gives you a normal agamemnon and i think it is the same with the navy Essex. Didn't test it thought.
  6. i remember that there used to be a farm building afew patches ago. I guess they just forgot to change the recipe when they removed the farm building again.
  7. or use the trader tool, the ports mark with a dot in the P colum when you search for that good can produce it.
  8. Yes i did a few Ow battles with out problem and when i tried a combat mission i lost all side HP, all Hull and all the crew i had on the ship, luckly since i was in a surprise the 70 free crew i had left was enought to get me back to port
  9. Gute Frage was wird eigentlich aus der Yacht, aber ich vermute mal die wird in ein Schiff nach dem neuen System umgewandelt und du kannst die ganz normal Redeemen. Aber ich denke es wird auch weiter hin Schiff vom NPC zukaufen geben und da du deinen Rang behälst kannst du die ja auch nutzen bis es gecrafted Schiff zukaufen gibt oder du was passendes karperst.
  10. With the wipe announcement, i would even say lets do a small battle with all the santa cecilia after the rally to get the dust of them. PS: Do we have a day and time for the rally yet?
  11. I crafted mine on that patch day befor they fix it, a 2/4 teak BS, speed with still 4 duras left. But haven't used it much since you can't replace it if its lost and other ships can do the same job with out that risk. But it is a very nice ship and a shame most people can't get hands on one.
  12. I just saw your post in the combat mechanic feedback thread and remembered some older threat about this topic and just tough i put the link to some here. First a very good and detail one: and here some other relevat once:
  13. After trying twice to level up crafting on the testbed and beening reset to 0 befor i was able to reacht any thing interessting level 28 first time and level 31 i have given up on crafting on the testbed. If the want us to test any crafting there they have to give us redemable crafting exp or a option to get lhc some where and maybe some redeemable bp (you can get most bp from breaking up green npc shop ships or cap ships).
  14. The same has happend to me, i remember it happend last time the tesbed was up as well shortly(a few days) be for it was shootdown for some bigger updates there.
  15. Indeed a very nice looking model, maybe it will make it into the game someday. Unfortunately for what i understand making the 3d model of the hull seems to be the "easy" part of making a ship for the game, all the thing like the damage model, the sails/rigging and all the moving part take a lot of time and work aswell.