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  1. May this would bring some light:
  2. What a pity. Thnx anyway.
  3. Do you have a lager scan of this? Having problems to read the discription. Thnx.
  4. Isn't it possible to have such ambient things happen on the players-ship only?
  5. I think he takls more about a shop where game-labs sells LH and Marks to hard $$$.
  6. I'd assume this is normal, since it is a player-driven economy, except for special-woods and apparently some trading-goods. The trader-tool refers to goods beeing producable (obviously by players only) in certain ports.
  7. @admin Has this patch changed the tacking behavoir of the basic-cutter? Tacking now is like this: putting the nose through the wind will abruptly stop the cutter to apx. 0.2 kts. If you dont go rudder midships immedeatly, ship will stop or go even backwards. after having rudder midships for some time till speed's up to 2 kts you can keep falling leewards. Manually hauling gaff-sail as tacking-maneouver does not feel right for this ship-type. This causes npc cutters to be stuck often and I think it is very untypical behavior for a sloop-rigged boat. The Pickle for example will tack through the wind like my modern sailing-yacht (this also feels not correct). If this "feature" is intentionally, I hope you may reconsider this, since it is not very beginner-friendly.
  8. I guess it has to do with the game history, since the intention was to create an arena-like game, the instances where there first. The open world has been developed later. I guess these two only have a "loose" connection and are techically separated. Syncronizing may not be easy due to scaling and performance issues. Normally the ability to solve problems is limited by time and ressources. I think these are quit short, and awesome has been achieved despite to shortage in case of NA. But sometimes problems are unsolveable due to architecure. But I'm only speculating after all.
  9. It's been some time since I've been crafting rum, but didn't the use of one barrel and some sugar lead to a amount of 'rum'? So it's bottles finally?
  10. Why not make exit to ow from last position from within instance. This would make it very hard for any gankers to estimate where to lurk. I alway wondered why it was not implemented this way.
  11. Time to market has allways someting to do with the size of the team working on a project. And I guess the game-labs team is very small.
  12. Ok, thnx; now I understand. I'm sure that it won't hurt the traders too much, running with unneccessary crew ...
  13. I dont understand why the minimal crew is so high now. Isn't it enough to limit it to the min sailing crew? What is the reason behind this increased requirement?
  14. I dont think that any new gun-type would be neccessary, except for swivel guns for boarding :-) An additional ammo type, like glowing cannonballs with the effect of lower accuracy but high chance of causing fire (for both target and firing ship) would be historically accurate and maybe an addition to gameplay.
  15. Well I think even a lost fight should provide XP after all.