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  1. Ich think decay would work much better, since upkeep could lead to bankruptcy on longer absence.
  2. what ships are considered normal and which are scouts? Arent you referring to the rating-system?
  3. This could also be a overlay-feature on the map-view: trade turnover by color; to identify hunting-regions. Maybe could be generated during daily maintenance.
  4. 30 ft ;-)
  5. I was just refering to my personal experience while trying to do it while crossing the atlantic. But maybe I'm just a little bit more clumsy then you are, since I had problems to get a good position even at 2 Bf.
  6. If you ever try to use a sextant on a rolling and pounding deck you'll quickly discover that it takes a lot of years to get a position thats even near to reasonably coherent to your real position. Even on land it is not so easy an requires a lot of training. But anyway, I'd vote for to keep to "GPS", since it is unrealistic to have no means of getting your position.
  7. I'm not amused by the fact that you get no xp or money rewards from capturing ships. Since it's my playstyle to act as a privateer and as such I live from capturing ships and sell it with the cargo. To make it worse, it rumors that ships cant be sold on the market (ai would only pay 1 gold and players would not like to buy the ships) and any loot hardly pays the losses from the capturing. Since I consider myself a beginner (2nd Lt with 30 h playing so far) I'm pretty sure this will make things very hard for other newbies. I understand that you want to stop people from xp farming. I've no idea how many people are doing this, but to me it feels like 98 percent honest players are paying for 2 percent idiots. - If there are so many farmers, isn't it possible to get a better pattern on identifying them from statistics in order to implement something better to address them? - If there are only few of them, so why bother with them, they are limited in this by the "recently sunk flag" anyway. By the way, historically capturing ships was highly honored, brought a lot of prize-money and in many cases war rewarded with a promotion too.
  8. So how lucky we are, we have a button to do so
  9. To me this sounds like the genius-solution to this issue. Heureka
  10. Denying any alt account would only be ok if a nation-switch is possible imho.
  11. I'm one of those casual players, and I really have no issue with this. I'm just 2nd Lt. and never crafted any ship. Any ship I own was captured or just bought in one of my outposts. And up until now I dont see how it has any worth to me, to craft a ship, since it is somewhat tricky to get alle the material I would need for that (because I have to do a lot of ow sailing - the few time I have for playing this game ist better invested in fighting) and I could only build some basic ships-types. In the shop or ow i can find much better ships then i could build. Maybe a few thousend hours of playing later this may change. So I think you refer to a luxury-problem of hardcore players who could easily invest the time neccessary to get the desired bonus, if they realy want it.
  12. Well, the Constitution you mention had a crew count of 450 souls. (
  13. I'm one of these casual players, and since I have only a few hours once or twice a week to spent on this game, any character played by me would perform very bad in his available live-time if ow time would be the measure. Not sure if counting only online-ow-time to the lifetime available would cause any other problems.
  14. What should any tax income be used for? And who will decide about that?