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Here is a list of acronyms commonly used on these forums. I'll edit this post as new ones come in and I get definitions for ones I don't currently know the meaning of. If the mods feel this would be better placed somewhere else please feel free to move it to where you think it would be better placed. If you know some that are missing please post them up and I'll add to the list.



AI: Artificial Intelligence. How smart or stupid NPC's act. This can be tweaked by the devs.


Bell, Bella: Bellona. A ship in NA.

Belle: Belle Poule. A ship in NA.

BR: Battle Rating. Each ship has an assigned BR. Battle instances currently display the BR of each side and number of ships involved in the instance.


Carro, Caro, Car, Nades: Carronades. A short range cannon that does higher damage than either standard or long cannons but has the shortest range and lowest accuracy.

Chain: Chainshot. This is used to damage sails on opposing ships.

Con, Connie: Consti: Constitution. A ship in NA.


D-tag - defensive tag, tagging someone with the intention to run away

Dev: Developer. Those people that actually make the game.

Double: Double ball shot. This does higher damage but loads more slowly and loses effectiveness at range


E: East

Econ: Economy or Economics.

EH: English Harbor.


F11: The key used to report bugs in the game. This key also gives your coordinates using an X and Z system.

Fore and afts: Ships that use fore and aft style sails, ie lynx,cutter,yacht, etc.

Frig: Frigate: Can either describe a ship type or the ship currently named Frigate.


Grape: Grapeshot. This is used to decrew opposing ships.


J.Lt: Junior Lieutenant. A rank in NA between Midshipman and Lieutenant.


Lat: Latitude. A geographic coordinate indicating north/south position

Lon: Longitude. A geographic coordinate indicating east/west position

LT, Leut, Lou: Lieutenant. A rank in NA.


M&C: Master and Commander. A rank in NA.

Merc: Mercury. A ship in NA.

Mid, Middy, Middie: Midshipman. The starting rank in NA.

MMO: Massively Multiplayer Online.

Mods (when referencing the forums): Moderators. Those unloved and unlucky people that delete spam, move posts to correct areas, and generally cajole and coerce posters into good behavior.

Mods: Modules or Modifications. Temporary modifications made to the ships attributes through the use of removable modules.

MT: Matthew Town. The Pirate capital and starting port for all pirate players.


N: North

NPC: Non Player Character, AKA bots.



OP: Original Post or Original Poster. The first post in a thread or the person that posted the first post. This may also very occasionally be used to mean Open World.

OW: Open World.


PA = Port Antonio.  British deepwater port on the northeast coast of Jamaica.

PB: Port Battles.

Perm Mods: Permanent Modifications. The modifications a ship is equipped when purchased with that cannot be changed.

PM = Port Morant. British deepwater port on the east coast of Jamaica.

POTBS: Pirates of the Burning Sea. An inferior game in every way.

PR = Kingston/Port Royal.  British Capital

Pubbie: Casual player

PVE: Player versus Environment

PVP: Player versus Player.


Ren,Reno: Renomee. A ship in NA.

ROE: Rules of engagement. The basic ruleset for battles.

RP: Role Play or Role Player.

RPG: Role Playing Game.

RVR: Realm versus Realm. AKA Nation versus Nation.


S: South

Santi: Santissima Trinidad. A ship in NA.

Single: Single ball shot. Default that is loaded into your cannon.

SOL: Ship of the Line. First, Second, and Third rate ships.


Tag, tagging - marking someone with attack circle

TDAC: The Dutch Are Coming!

TdB: Terra De Bas. A (at the time of posting) neutral harbor south of EH.

Traf. Tragalgar battle. A weekly player driven event that happens every saturday featuring large scale PVP.

Trinc, Trinco: Trincomolee. A ship in NA.


UI: User Interface.


Vic: Victory. A ship in NA.


W: West

WIP: Work in Progress. Current state of the game.

WTB = want to buy

WTS = want to sell



I know there's a bunch more so please post em up and I'll add them to the list. :)

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Updated 30-3-2016
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PR = Kingston/Port Royal.  British Capital

PM = Port Morant.  British deepwater port very close to PR.

PA = Port Antonio.  British deepwater port on northeast coast of Jamaica.


I see these acronyms used all the time in Brit/Help chats.  Might also want to delete the reference to English Harbor (EH) being the Brit capital; no longer the case.

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