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  1. I rekon lil Willy has made me soft, Im not on the list anymore
  2. The moral of the story is: If you DON'T want your ship stolen, there is the PVE server.
  3. I think this man here has hit on the perfect solution! Just enough space for noobs to grind in safety, and for Historical Brand(™) Pyracy to flourish. Looks like a Win-win to me! +3
  4. The problem is, WITH safe zones as that stand along the US coast, the CAN NOT be hit. It's ludicrous. Its a lose-lose senario. Eiteh the traders are safe and realist piracy is screwed, or the bankers win and the traders are screwed. Which, I ask you, is worse for the game numerically? Did the safe zones increase the number of users logged in? Or did the downward trend continue? If it didn't stop the loss of players, then ships being stolen is not the problem. Eh?
  5. I have said in the past, and its worth repeating; Give new players "Insurance" So if they get nailed, they get say.. 3 insurance instances where the ship and cargo are paid for.
  6. Did I ask that? Nay, I did not. You "fake news" people, always putting words in peoples mouthes
  7. Allow me to clarify. I meant that ALL the reinforcement zones are too large. I used the US coast as an example of how the overlap makes ships invulnerable. Be there anything else wot needs clarification?
  8. Dear esteemed developers, (yes, lil Willy is helping my with my elocution) It has come to my attention that the size of the reinforcement zones becomes problematic in areas where territorial capitols are too close together, (i.e.) the East Coast of the U.S. The overlap of the reinforcement zones there makes hitting ships impossible except in two, narrow, corridors just north and just south of Charelston. US shipping on the remainder of the coast is utterly immune to attack. Please consider giving olde Pete a nice Christmas present by reducing the size of these zones so that they do
  9. Pagan Pete likes this, +3 Lil Willy likes this too, +0.5 o/
  10. Pagan Pete agrees. Public Shame them! Public Shame Them!!!
  11. Arrr! Give us a shout in game, and well get ye yer BLACK flag and yer complimentary rum! [_]p
  12. WOO!!! Now Wraith can visit lil Willy again, and I need not fear naught! =oD He's gotten so tall, well fed, and good with a my sword! Er… I mean… he uses it for practice. Aye, thats wot I meant. Ahem...
  13. This patch will be as disastrous as the Trump presidency. The reintroduction of reinforcements and elimination of free ports will kill off Historical Brand Pyracy! Which is the only kind they Game Labs has ever said the want to encourage. (Reinforcements: ships summed by high tech radio gear, which then use matter-antimatter engines to space fold into your vicinity instantly. Without regards to the laws of General Relativity Newtonian Physics.) I WILL NOT play in a game with magical reinforcements. It breaks the immersion. Ill see you all when (if) they get rid of the next patc
  14. Whoa! Whoa! Woah! 1st thing matey. Captains of the Black Flag (BLACK) is on PVP-EU. The ones on Global are "Black Flag Clan" Totally different and unaffiliated. But, Imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery!
  15. The Gorgon has been moth balled, Now The Jinn reigns supreme!
  16. You got off lucky! I LOST a ship after I won a battle and captured his! =oO
  17. That sounds a lot like Captains of the Black Flag. They are a good group i hear, you can check them out here:
  18. I remember Pagan, he was a Frenchman originally. Not an imposer, but an incredible coincidence. As for the cabin boys… I'm NOT a pice of meat! You can't just turn me on and off like a switch! Besides, I have a headache. I'm going shopping *Slams the door*
  19. Long term Kill/Death ratio is the only meaningful measure of performance. RE: Because if you can play 8 hours day, you can get more kills accumulated than a person who played for 90 minutes after work. Since the current system doesn't take deaths into account, it gives a false impression of achievement. Also, the number of players in your gank fleet, should reduce the achievement. e.g. If you have 3 ships and you attack 1 ship, you should get 1/3 of a kill. Just like REAL military kill tracking. .
  20. COuld not board a helpless ship in battle. Both of us stopped. Fully prepped for boarding… "G" Showing for a good 20 seconds… Could not board. My bubble is burst
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