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  1. I rather enjoy the big "SoL mosh pit" battles, and wouldn't want to see them reduced. Partly just because I like them, but also partly because there were quite a few such big battles during the time period; de-emphasizing them would seem historically false to me. That said, it's not as if smaller-scale engagements by frigates simply ended during the Napoleonic Wars. I think it would be great to include a couple in the late-game chapters to break up the monotony a bit. Give us a good reason to keep a couple 5th-rates in the fleet instead of selling them off or burning them up as fireshi
  2. Agreed, the value of AoS skirms isn't in combat power like their UGCW counterparts using scoped rifles. Ostensibly, one might expect the Baker and Ferguson rifles to have a longer range than smoothbores, but either that's just false or it's not implemented yet in EA state of the game. Your question about dedicated vs detached is a very good one. I guess I've been just assuming that detached skirmishers have the same stats as their parent unit as far as Spotting & Stealth...but that might well be an unfounded assumption. They do have the better Speed, so maybe they take on higher va
  3. I played around with this a bit last night. This is how much it cost me to recruit a 150-man unit from fresh recruits using Trade 22 muskets (which I had plenty in stock, so weapon costs were not a factor). Fusiliers 2729 Marines 3399 (25% higher than Fusiliers) Grenadiers 4485 (64% higher than Fusi's) Skirmishers 4511(65% higher) This was on Easy difficulty, and I did have several points in the crew-recruit-cost Career Point category. So actual numbers might vary, but I would expect that those percentages probably remain pretty constant. So, are Grenadiers bett
  4. Right around that stage of the Brit campaign, it's a transition from frigate-heavy gameplay to Ship-of-the-Line-dominated. There's a couple of battles like this; the enemy has a lot more SoL firepower than you do. Even on Easy. I got through it with fireships. Use them to take out a few ships and then overman your few SoLs for a boarding advantage and go for some quick enemy SoL captures rather than sinkings (captures count too). You don't really have to fully "win" these battles, as they have victory conditions like "Eliminate X enemy ships" rather than "Eliminate enemy fleet". You
  5. Is "No Adaptation" basically an extra level of difficulty, kinda like "Super Easy"? Or is it independent, so that it would be possible to play, say, Hard but also No Adapt? I have not opted into the Beta, but this seems to have been implemented into the main version already (am on 0.9.7 rev.35547). I see the "No Adaptation" option in a campaign start. I've also been seeing the regular "Follow Orders" default and an increased-rewards option available on sea battles (but not land battles). I have not, however, seen a no-adaptation option on individual battles, but I assume that's b
  6. Marines vs Fusiliers: Slightly higher Morale & Stamina, slightly worse Melee (which seems kinda weird). Same values in Spotting, Stealth, Accuracy, and Speed. Marines also cost about 600 more than Fusiliers for raising a 150-man unit from fresh recruits. TBH, I'm ambivalent that Marines are really worth the tech cost/reputation to research. For that matter, I'm not sure even Grenadiers are, either. Units ramp up pretty quick to 2 stars with good skills even with average officers; I'm kinda thinking that just sticking with Fusiliers is viable and more cost-effective. (Brit campai
  7. Am in late Brit campaign, the point where the bills start stacking up with all those SoLs. Last night looked closer to understand better what exactly all the costs are. Learned a few things which may be helpful: Ship Costs. Class specific, of course, but range from roughly 1200 for a 5th-rate up to 3500 for a 1st-rate. Ardent-class 3rd-rate (most numerous SoL) about 2100, while Bellona runs just below 2500. Merchant troopships run from about 500 for the small 2-slot to 1300 for the large one. (these are rounded ballpark numbers, not exact to the penny). Trophy ships cost half-
  8. Another thing I've wondered is how artillery is treated in scaling. Star quality aside, is a 24-gun battery seen simply as a 600-man unit, or equivalent to a 2500-man brigade?
  9. I'm sure Burnside would've been ecstatic to obtain such a result. :-)
  10. Really liked your usage of detached skirms in Perryville. The more I watch of your videos here, the more I see that our playstyles are quite similar in many ways.
  11. Just watched the Antietam & Iuka videos. Nicely done at Antietam, given your mostly 0/1-star infantry against roughly equal numbers of 2/3-star Rebels often in good defensive positions. One thing that struck me about your Antietam fight: Given the intensity, duration, and high casualty rate, it seems like your officer losses were surprisingly light. So there's another silver lining coming out of that bloodbath. At Iuka, the timer expired before you took the flag (although you were pretty close). That's pretty common, but then I noticed that your line was right up to the flag,
  12. Nice. I often do something like that to ensure units are firing at whom I want. But I hadn't thought about that particular method. Makes sense...have arty pile on to the guys who are already having a hot time of it. Good idea.
  13. Interesting; hadn't read this anywhere else that I recall. Anyone able to confirm/debunk? And if valid...what the nature of the "divisional proximity" bonus might be? Kinda in same general topic area (leaders' battlefield effects), does Corps commander provide anything other than the selected perks and the morale resistance/recovery bonus within command radius? And does XP have any effect on a Corps commander (I've read that he does not factor into the unit Command stat, like division/brigade commanders do). Right now, it appears to me that there's no difference between a full-XP LTG
  14. I've read multiple times that 100 is merely the max displayed value, and that the stats can indeed increase beyond that level. LAVA brings up a good point about the Command<Efficiency situation. What's not clear to me is whether Morale Stamina Firearms Melee ("MSFM") are affected. I know they're not directly limited by Command the way Efficiency is. But are MSFM influenced by Efficiency (and therefore indirectly by Command, "one step removed"?).
  15. Thanks so much for that link. I had the paperback version of it as a kid in the 70's, it was my introduction to the topic. I don't know what happened to it, hasn't been in the house my entire adult life. What I'd always remembered, and had never seen anything like it elsewhere, were those wonderful panoramic color drawings of the major battles. So much better than even the best of maps in terms of conveying the movements. Has always stuck with me, and have long wanted to restore to my library. Lol...all this time, however, I couldn't remember the actual title, and also didn't remember th
  16. I like both proposals, and would support implementation. Yes, they're not perfect. And no doubt some enterprising folks will find new ways to "break" the intended spirit of these changes. But I think they're both far better than what we have now. As far as the second proposal...I don't know that we need a 30-min lockout. There are some ports (St George's Town, as most obvious example) which take a long time to get to. I don't begrudge folks coming to attack us there the opportunity to make that multi-hour sail at a time which works best for them. What annoys defenders is the inabili
  17. Am having same problem as OP. I right-click on "Tow Request", and nothing happens. - Tried removing guns/upgrades. - Tried spawning into OW and back into port. - Restarted game & steam. Even tried rebooting my computer.
  18. You have just made a pretty enormous change to the entire shipbuilding aspect of this game. The fine woods requirements (and relative scarcity), regional bonuses, competing demands for LH (e.g., War Supplies), and re-introducing varying quality in captured AI ships, each on their own merits would've significantly altered the crafting environment. Taken all together at once, and you've shifted the trade/craft gameplay to such an extent that the playerbase hasn't yet fully adjusted to it; folks are still trying to figure out "the new normal". And I don't think we will fully reach that state u
  19. 2185 Started in late March; works out to almost exactly 10/day. I don't know whether to feel proud or disturbed about that.
  20. Why would that difficult to code? As far as I can tell, what you're describing is the way it was before the alliance patch (except for the clan-specific bit).
  21. I rather like the concept of the coming tag/ROE mechanic. I think the fundamental problem underlying all of the battle entry/exit issues has been the challenge of transitioning between highly compressed OW time/distance/speed and real-time/distance/speed battle instance. The large pull circle and no-join timer seem to me a pretty elegant way to address that on the entry end. Each battle initiation takes a "snapshot" of all vessels within visual range (i.e., all vessels which should realistically be able to participate anyway), and immediately transfers that entire tactical picture to the bat
  22. My hunch is that the new woods won't be used as main framing woods like Live Oak, etc. After all, we don't build ships with frames of Compass, Lignum, Pine, or Redwood either. Instead, I suspect these may be the "new resources" referred to in devs' statement: "New resources will be required to craft exceptional ships". http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/16751-important-october-patch-information/ Just a guess; could be wrong. Guess (hope?) we'll find out in a couple of days.
  23. I'm a PvP1 player, I have no dog in this particular PvP2 fight. Just wanted to throw out there, there's no indication that capturable national capitals are coming this patch. This came up over the summer as a hypothetical idea (in OP of the linked thread). The language was "Potential proposals for discussion: Capitals could become capturable". I've seen nothing since showing that this proposal is actually being implemented, in either this patch or a future one. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/15638-development-plans-for-conquest-mechanics-rvr/
  24. They said "10-15 days"...9 days ago. So tomorrow we're entering that projected window. I wouldn't expect it over the weekend, but am reasonably confident that it'll come during the Mon-Wed timeframe next week. If it slips again (and it might...pretty complex patch), they'll let us know. Just like they did last month when they decided not to do a September patch. How much more of a "slight heads up" are you looking for?
  25. Thank you for the clarification, I appreciate it. I think it could've come earlier, as the misconception of different mission types sprang up almost immediately last week. There was no explicit language in the OP to suggest such. But it was an unintended implication in your use of the term "hostility mission" in one bullet. Many of us took that as meaning something new and separate from the already-implemented "missions" with which we're familiar.
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