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  1. If alliance system could make if nation own over 50% of port on map that alliances change (grand coalition) against nation until back to lower amount. Still no post from dev about this if coming or not.
  2. It will be ok or not, just enjoy game wait see what happens. I feel some people here not welcome at weddings, would tell bride and groom they look forward to divorce. 😂 Maybe all not perfect, but not enjoy game play other game. Go play Path of Exile, pokemon go or whatever get fun from. Being Jonah and predicting doom is fun? Also tried Path of Exile and was not as great as guy says, I thought was boring play perhaps 1 hour.
  3. Doh

    The Spanish Pioneers

    Biggest killer of South American tribes during Spanish conquest was smallpox, Typhoid and other diseases brought with European sailors. Local populations had no resistance. Not something that could be predicted at time. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/salmonella-aztec-epidemic-millions-killed-1545-dna-enteric-fever-typhoid-central-america-a8161421.html https://www.pastmedicalhistory.co.uk/smallpox-and-the-conquest-of-mexico/
  4. No does not worry me, isn't my game and money made. Free play weekend though would fill server at release, show game with good population. Perhaps even some would buy game as result.
  5. Is easy to get players on release, just make free play weekend. I see many games doing same on steam, and games i try buy quite often.
  6. No word from devs about release, feeling more like funeral. Only post about this game, new game.
  7. Thankyou for repair numbers, had feeling was less repair in open world but never knew how much less.
  8. Watching conversation is same as viewing animated GIF, same again and again 😂 . Also thankyou Wraith for description of Naval Action as ship screensaver, made me cough with coffee .
  9. Perhaps is language barrier that create illusion of lack of thought, also intelligence is relative to situation so for me avoid questioning intelligence of another. For example what use is rocket scientist when surviving in jungle or desert, local people may not know math but can survive and have knowledge critical for situation/survival. To be fair to yourself though he did start the negative slant with dismissing previous posts . Here i agree with what you say, should be more input from dev team and what future of game should/will be as move on past release. From player viewpoint appears perhaps dev team sick of time spent on Naval Action or out of resources to continue to advance game without income. Possible is reason for rushed release to gather more players and sell more DLC but devs i agree should be clear on position. Another possibility is that release and sales post release will seal fate and longevity of game overall, and so isn't mentioned due to this as people would not buy game that is on life support. One thing i would suggest is that we all stop bickering on forum, is open window to future potential playerbase to view situation before buying (not pointed at wraith but everyone from polarized positions). Perhaps is part of issue of player retention and new sales of game, can be percieved as being toxic as text lacks context and meant joke can be seen as much darker depending on readers position/perspective. I to was sad to find promises broken, but makes sense for wipe especially on PvP server (I also 90% sure devs said once no DLC for example). If I thought was a "battle" worth fighting i would also post and question devs, but decision been made and perhaps reasons are financial based to try hold new players joining on release (if there are any i am realist). Perhaps what all can agree on is Naval Action has something other games do not and is why we play whether Elite player/group or food for others. We should maybe focus on great things about NA (combat mechanics for example) and put aside other issues until release done and results of all realised by devs. Would be great pity for current players to be part of downfall of game, and we should all think more before posting (myself also - everyone) .
  10. Is good idea/plan. +1
  11. Perhaps you should read over what you type and then hopefully figure out why you have no social life and are obsessed with a game that matters not.
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